[Malaysia: Malacca] Satay Celup

ever heard of Satay Celup? it’s basically lok-lok. but instead dipping it into boiling clear water, you dip them into boiling satay sauce!


the most famous Satay Celup Restaurant in Malacca, Capitol Satay Celup. EVERYBODY in Malacca knows about it. so to find it, just ask around =D. we reached the shop at approximately 6pm, and there was already a long queue. so we rushed over and look. Continue reading “[Malaysia: Malacca] Satay Celup”

[Malaysia: Johor] JOHOR BAHRU!

just last Friday, Nigel dragged me down to Johor Bahru (because he said I have NO LIFE.), the border line of Singapore. (so tempted to visit Singapore T_T). The best thing was, he only took 3 hours to reach. =D! highway is the best. especially with NO JAM at all. I had fun looking at all those cheap chocolates at Zone. =D. I envy all JB people because they can get a supply of cheap chocolates pfft.

Nigel and Michelle. Continue reading “[Malaysia: Johor] JOHOR BAHRU!”