[Seoul: Apgujeong] tastingroom

was recommended to come here by a friend and so I did. apparently this chain of restaurant is opened by a married couple where the husband’s an architect and the wife’s a lighting designer.

CIMG0147 copy

went to the one at Sinsa located at the roof top of Galleria Shopping Mall. Continue reading “[Seoul: Apgujeong] tastingroom”

[Osaka: Namba] MOULiN

how ironic. I told myself to devour all the Korean food since I wouldn’t be back in Korea in 2 months, but there I was, drinking Kirin. (and I also had CHINESE food for my last dinner in Korea) with a frozen poop on top. =D. yummay.

CIMG0208 copy

met up with David but that good looking American Korean friend of mine refused to let me take a picture of him so one less eye candy for you. had the Kirin beer at a place called Bee located at Itaewon if you’re wondering. great interior and ambiance by the way. Continue reading “[Osaka: Namba] MOULiN”

Korean Food 101

HI! I’ve been wanting to write this post forever but I hadn’t collected enough pictures to do so. even now, too, actually. but at least I’ve gathered up enough pictures for post number 1! ^^

IMG_0038 copy

#1 Belgian waffle. sometimes it’s really costly but sometimes it can be rather fair.  but the one above costed around 16,000won (that is RM48 holyyyyyy). friend bought it but still it was T________T. we had it in a nice cafe at Samcheongdong. the cheaper ones would cost around 3,000won ^^. but of course much smaller and.. there’s no fruits and ice cream haha. and view. Continue reading “Korean Food 101”

[Malaysia: Johor] JOHOR BAHRU!

just last Friday, Nigel dragged me down to Johor Bahru (because he said I have NO LIFE.), the border line of Singapore. (so tempted to visit Singapore T_T). The best thing was, he only took 3 hours to reach. =D! highway is the best. especially with NO JAM at all. I had fun looking at all those cheap chocolates at Zone. =D. I envy all JB people because they can get a supply of cheap chocolates pfft.

Nigel and Michelle. Continue reading “[Malaysia: Johor] JOHOR BAHRU!”