the restaurant’s name IS I Love U.

attractive name no? hehe. they serve dim sum there too. =D. and also set lunches for you working people at a very reasonable price =P.

if you know where is IOI Mall you’d definitely find this place. the yellow sign is really huge in my opinion. I had to go farther away (opposite road) just to take this picture. haha.

it’s practically full. if I am not mistaken, it is pretty new and their business is already very good. =D. and no doubt I’d go back there hahaha. if only it was a little nearer to me I’d go there often.

there are everything on the belt. EVERYTHING. except meat like perhaps, chicken and lamb? and seafood.

the few stuffs (they’re my top picks! =P)  I got from the belt. top left is one of my personal favourite, greentea tofu! <3 <3. it doesn’t look very delicious right, but it tastes extremely yummy. <3. except it doesn’t taste much like green tea. it’s nice anyway haha.

then we got our japanese mushroom! I am some mushroom freak really.

and.. vegetable mee, healthy choice. and it tastes great.

bottom left’s very delicious meatballs. I couldn’t really differentiate those meatballs but some of them have a combination of many stuff’s stuffing.

NEXT, the LUCKY STAR! they are fishballs. or should I call them, starballs. no, sqashed stars, it’s to entertain little girls like me. =D.

and the last but not least, everybody’s favourite. I don’t know how many we ate, but we just kept having this one! it’s tofu with CHEESE STUFFINGSSSSS. <3. VERY VERY CHEESY.

so delicious that I HAVE TO take a picture with it! just joking I am not so free @@. well maybe I am.

you see, there are small shabu shabu pots individually for each person =D. which is great, because nobody will object having tom yum soup no more <3.

I must be really dumb because I don’t know how to on this thing. but no worries, if you are normal enough you should be able to notice that there is a “small” and “big” word in chinese. (I quickly judged that I couldn’t read those simple chinese words and didn’t bother to look at it T_T.) and the red button’s to on it =D.

be sure to keep it on small fire though, if not your soup will become.. rather concentrated.

tadhaa! seafood corner. PUT THE SI HAM THE LAST! because it’ll turn your soup into.. salt soup. not that we didn’t put it in last, but it is because I forgot it is inside and I drank the soup. T_T. remember not to repeat my silly mistake. T____T.

the squid’s really special, it looks very normal and err, squid like. but when you throw it into the hotpot, the head becomes incredibly big and legs become tiny. superbly incredulous.

those on the top right are chicken by the way, they look like.. japanese ginger somehow in the picture.

and the BEST OF THE BEST. <3. lamb! <3 <3 <3. they are very addictive. + it needs to be ordered =D.

looking at it makes me salivate. nyum nyum.

it is definitely NOT only steamboat. there are fried food and  ICE CREAM! and expensive fish’s for sale =D.

3 types of chilli. one’s malaysian style, then chinese style and thai. all’s great.

hahahahahaha. I couldn’t stop laughing. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

after meal is always camwhore time. =D. silly camwhore time.

it’s my first time being at Puchong, but I still remember how to get there. =D teehee.

the price is reasonable enough at RM26.80 per adult and RM13.80 per child. kids 3 and below’s free =D.

ps : the GSC cinema there is VERY AVAILABLE. if you want to watch a new movie and you couldn’t book them anymore, try IOI mall =D.

byebye =D.

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14 years ago

yay, i’m the background of a photo in a famous blog! lololol (this is hua min’s sister!)

mui hwa
mui hwa
13 years ago

Your blog is pretty good cz it is detail with the pictures..

12 years ago

Yummy.. Not yet try