Wong Si Nai @ Pudu. right opposite the Pudu LRT Station. =D. a cozy place suitable for people whom are still in secondary school/college. yummy budget place =P. and oh, you can see scribbles and papers all over the walls. you can do that too if you want! =D.

Yee Jin recommended me this place actually. and that is his favourite thai styled chicken rice. I won’t know Pudu would actually have food if it wasn’t for him anyway. =D.  it isn’t exactly near me you see. but I LOVE those drinks.

remember these? I’ve posted them before. trust me, their “One Night Stand” is really good. kekeke. yes I’ve tried. as in the drink doh! =/.

every one of them are rather unique. you should really give it a try =P. their chef, Wong Si Nai is pretty much awarded somehow too =D.

this is called the salad bun or something. should be the Salad Bun if I am not mistaken. I saw many tables ordering so I decided to try too =P. and YESS it turned out to be pretty good! REALLY! the fillings of the bun is chicken by the way. how it looks like, I won’t tell you. GO TRY IT YOURSELF. it’s really yummy. at RM3.50 only! =D.

and for dinner, we had Pan Mee over at Eiffel, Taman Midah. you know the Old Town at Taman Midah? it’s at the shop lots next to it =D=D=D. they serve very unique dishes but their business wasn’t so great the day I went. hmm, because it’s a thursday I guess? =S.

waiting impatiently for the yummy pan mee!

their pan mee is really special because instead of cooking it the normal way, they have all sorts like Yam Pan Mee, Sambal, Dried Chilli (picture), Hokkien… you name it.and their chilli is crazily spicy. I LIKE =3.

their sour sop ice blended. used to be nicer with all those real sour sop fillings in it but I don’t know if they cut the budget or they are out of stock, they replaced mine this time with jelly =S. still tastes good for those who haven’t had the one before yet though =D!

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