I really have no idea which is the correct spelling.

bak kut teh?



whatever it is, IT’S STILL DELICIOUS. for a Cheras girl like me, travelling all the way down Klang IS A HASSLE. so to you other people who seldom make it to Klang, let me introduce you (my uncle said it’s one of the best and judging by how crowded it is I guess he’s right!) one of the most delicious Bakuteh in Klang.

IMG_4886 copy

the shop’s name is Restoran Kee Heong. [map at the end of the post]

IMG_4888 copy

for you foreigners who might not know what Bakuteh is, Bakuteh is actually a type of pork stew in herbal soup originated from Klang, Malaysia by the Hokkien Chinese people(I may be wrong but this is all I know). so, HERBAL SOUP? sounds disgusting. it ain’t bitter? NO. in fact, very sweet because of the pork.

and it has became so famous among us Malaysians, it’s sold almost everywhere here. so please don’t doubt it’s flavour; it’s the best pork creation to me! (I believe, to many others too.)

IMG_4890 copy

12 choices of dish to choose from. sadly, they do not serve pork tendon which I love the most. some shabby Bakuteh shops in KL serves them and it’s absolutely the best.

IMG_4901 copy

huge pork bone, some ribs and yau char kuai.


why is yaucharkuai called yaucharkuai anyway? it litereally translates into oil fry ghost. HMM? truthfully, it isn’t that great to me but my whole family lovessss dipping it in the Bakuteh soup. is it just me?

anyway I love it here because they are not stingy over their delicious soup. best thing is YOU CAN REQUEST FOR EXTRA SOUP!!! *salivates*

IMG_4893 copy

the first time trying DRY BAKUTEH!

it’s delicious.

those ladies finger is a bomb. just that I don’t understand why it’s called Dry Bakuteh when it doesn’t taste like Bakuteh at all. pfft. more like stir fried pork in awesome black sauce.

IMG_4896 copy

finally, THE TRADITIONAL BAKUTEH! to tell the truth, it only tastes A BITTTTTTTT better than the famous ones in KL because to me, ALL BAKUTEHS ARE AWESOME!!! (just not those in the foodcourt, okay?) INCLUDING MY DADS! oh well, I guess it’s really just me not being picky on Bakuteh.

EAT ALL THE BAKUTEH! *that pink shirt meme*

IMG_4898 copy

how I look when I woke up from the long hour drive. pfft. habit of sleeping in the car whenever I sit behind haha.

IMG_4892 copy

here’s the map! hopefully you can find it too hehe.

Restoran Kee Heong
7, Lorong Kasawari 4A,
Taman Eng Ann,
41150 Klang, Selangor D.E.

Johnny Lee
012-324 3838
016-331 9851

Business Hour : 7.00AM – 8.30PM

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Michelle chin
12 years ago

i am deprived from the goodness of klang bkt too. living in cheras as well. but at least, i still have yu yi (used to be called yoke yat) to get my bkt cravings fixed – not klang style though.

12 years ago

Have you tried the one at PJ Old Town?

Ginny Hana
12 years ago

omg Jamie, I never been to Klang. They all look yummy!! I should go and try out some other time.

11 years ago

hungry now…T.T

11 years ago

I’m from klang. Guess this is not the most famous bah kut teh shop. I have tried others who are better.