summer vacation back home

warning! this is quite a personal post. travel post readers might find this boring =X.

my first summer vacation in Malaysia after 3 years. no doubt many things has changed. the crazy jam all over because of the MRT, inflation of almost everything, friends all started to work and the worst thing was, it is the busiest month for all. but nevertheless I am really grateful for those who had to travel all the way to see me because my license expired.. too long ago to be renewed. it is actually a good thing that I can’t drive. I don’t want to hurt anybody =X. I admit, I’m a lousy driver hahahahah. I’ve been told that I’m multi talented. but I can’t drive well and I have not mastered the basic skill to cycling, skating and anything involving balance with ANOTHER object. okay except high heels.

CIMG3340 copy

so as soon as I’m back, Pavilion was my first destination. and coincidentally, there was a K-festival thingy going on. my mom didn’t believe that those behind those costumes are Malaysian she had to ask them. I AM RIGHT! Continue reading “summer vacation back home”

[Malaysia: Klang] one of the BEST BAKUTEH in Klang!

I really have no idea which is the correct spelling.

bak kut teh?



whatever it is, IT’S STILL DELICIOUS. for a Cheras girl like me, travelling all the way down Klang IS A HASSLE. so to you other people who seldom make it to Klang, let me introduce you (my uncle said it’s one of the best and judging by how crowded it is I guess he’s right!) one of the most delicious Bakuteh in Klang.

IMG_4886 copy

the shop’s name is Restoran Kee Heong. [map at the end of the post] Continue reading “[Malaysia: Klang] one of the BEST BAKUTEH in Klang!”

[Malaysia: Malacca] Satay Celup

ever heard of Satay Celup? it’s basically lok-lok. but instead dipping it into boiling clear water, you dip them into boiling satay sauce!


the most famous Satay Celup Restaurant in Malacca, Capitol Satay Celup. EVERYBODY in Malacca knows about it. so to find it, just ask around =D. we reached the shop at approximately 6pm, and there was already a long queue. so we rushed over and look. Continue reading “[Malaysia: Malacca] Satay Celup”

[Malaysia: Malacca] Chicken Rice Ball

this is one of the more famous restaurant, called the “Famosa Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant”. it is located at Jonker Street but the one I had was.. where my GPS took me. it’s at the shop lots. =D. pretty near to Tan Kim Hock’s branched out shop. =D.

it’s basically the ordinary chicken rice RICE, squeezed into a ball — looks special, doesn’t taste special. it just makes me eat more rice because the rice became so compact. equivalent to : fatter. Continue reading “[Malaysia: Malacca] Chicken Rice Ball”

[Malaysia: Malacca] Jonker Food!

yes, yes, I know, I eat a lot. but it is irresistible. especially when I SMELL food. it’s just so good. thinking about durian makes me salivate. <3. so what’s famous at Malacca? DURIAN CENDOL OF COURSE!

the most famous durian cendol store at Jonker Street. it’s called the Jonger 88. it have been here for YEARS. I come here every time I am in Malacca! but that was pretty long ago. still, very good! Continue reading “[Malaysia: Malacca] Jonker Food!”

[Malaysia: Johor] JOHOR BAHRU!

just last Friday, Nigel dragged me down to Johor Bahru (because he said I have NO LIFE.), the border line of Singapore. (so tempted to visit Singapore T_T). The best thing was, he only took 3 hours to reach. =D! highway is the best. especially with NO JAM at all. I had fun looking at all those cheap chocolates at Zone. =D. I envy all JB people because they can get a supply of cheap chocolates pfft.

Nigel and Michelle. Continue reading “[Malaysia: Johor] JOHOR BAHRU!”

[Malaysia: KL] Wong Si Nai & Eiffel

Wong Si Nai @ Pudu. right opposite the Pudu LRT Station. =D. a cozy place suitable for people whom are still in secondary school/college. yummy budget place =P. and oh, you can see scribbles and papers all over the walls. you can do that too if you want! =D.

Yee Jin recommended me this place actually. and that is his favourite thai styled chicken rice. I won’t know Pudu would actually have food if it wasn’t for him anyway. =D.  it isn’t exactly near me you see. but I LOVE those drinks. Continue reading “[Malaysia: KL] Wong Si Nai & Eiffel”

[Malaysia: KL] Zang Toi

well of course not literally ZANG TOI. I mean the restaurant. =P. his restaurant. I have been in LOVE with Zang Toi’s food since I was young and knowing that many people doesn’t WHO Zang Toi is or even his restaurant is actually quite surprising =O.

well just to let you people from the kampung know, Zang Toi (or Toi See Zang, read your moral book!) is an international fashion designer; A MALAYSIAN!

and he have another new restaurant, now in Pavilion =D.

lavish, elegant, stylish ambiance =D. Continue reading “[Malaysia: KL] Zang Toi”