everybody should visit this place. unless you are muslim or you don’t eat pork and beef.

just around the corner behind Sungei Wang Plaza! some road. I don’t know where exactly the road is, just drive around. Jalan Tung Shin Simon says.

and trust me on this, it’s SUPER DUPER VERY GOOD!

Simon had pork nooodles. and me, beef. =3.

that’s the minced pork noodles and my beef soup with beef stuff in it. very very nice. don’t know if I am hungry or what but it’s the nicest beef noodle I’ve ever had in Malaysia!

the yummy pot of chili. but look kind of unhygienic as nothing covers it. but it is BLOODY GOOD!

the sleepy Zlwin had 1 bowl and a quater! (of mine.) he suddenly became crazily awake when the food came and then he went back into the car and dozed off again. HAHAHA. it’s pretty cute seeing friends tipsy sometimes? heh.

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14 years ago

eh i been here b4 with zlwin and simon and leonard nice pork noodle !!!
is this after zouk??? damn syok ah u clubbing 😛