food is one of the biggest reason why I want to live, is it to you too?

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YUM! I’m not saying this because my cousin owns it, it is because it is really good thats why I’m telling you about it. =D. Cha Wang Zi Jia (or something like that) is a place where those who loves tea used to hang out a decade ago. but in this 10 years, it have changed from an small little restaurant that is built out of aluminum pieces to a cozy and pretty restaurant now in Kuchai Lama. =D. I basically grew up always eating here. there are soooo many nice dishes that they invent and now there are new ones, it’s not like one original recipe and you can eat it everywhere, like maybe asam laksa which either taste good or bad but it’s still asam laksa, but these are a new stuffs! but of course, theres always sashimi! <3



Sashimi and Tempura BIG and fleshy Canadian Oysters! <3 not many people like raw oysters in Malaysia, but if you’re a raw oyster lover, it’s gooooood! and for those who doesn’t like raw oysters, the fried one should taste good for you. especially with sauce! many places even in Pizza Hut they don’t provide Tabasco sauce as it’s expensive. but for me, a seriously big fan of Tabasco, it’s a MUST HAVE for oysters, and I think this is the 2nd place I know which serve oysters with Tabasco xD.


Fuzhou Spring Rolls, who doesn’t love it, WHO?! and this one is extremely delicious xD. highly recommended! 5 stars!

and to something green!


some really expensive and rare vegetable, called organic chives. heard it’s 100+ per kg X_X. and it’s delicious. haha.


steamed angled luffa with garlic saucing! gosh I like the name Luffa. this ones coated with some pork stuff which made it extra yummy <3. non-halal obviously >_<.


warmly deep fried Sand Golby! (soon hok) lucky me xD. it taste a little like crab meat, all sweat and soft. really!


but it looks angry =X. *runs away*

AND NEXT! WAHAHHA RAHSIA DIBOCOR! SECRET EXPOSED! the person who created the alien in the movie “alien vs. predator” actually took his ideas from CRABS! observe and you’ll see how alike they are =P.



ok larh, I’m lame. SO WHAT! =D.

next are also crabbie pix. but totally OBSCENE.

strictly for people above the age of 18! opps, 16 I mean.










I know what you’re thinking right! they’re so totally hugging each other! xD. they’re snow crabs by the way =D.


another one that pleases me, braised beancurd with pumpkin cream (with prawns!). I love pumpkins, a lot. just try-lah if you’re there.


Crab vs. Jamie! Jamie wins! she ate up half of the crabbie xD.

not only it is a place where you eat and enjoy tea, it’s also an interesting place although it isn’t big.



there are live abalones on display! I initially thought abalones don’t move like clams. =/. BUT THEY MOVE! not fast, but not too slow either. and it looks a little gooie. it loves sticking onto walls and the ground. =P.

and also.. butt into somebody’s conversation =D.


oh gosh the doll speaks bad english! =O. fine larh it’s me. T_T.


see the old man doll on the side? it’s a teapot too!


loadddsssss of tea!

and don’t think that it’s an ordinary chinese restaurant which serves chinese food and tea ONLY, it also serves thai/jap/western food as well! but the only thing is it’s fusion. xD.


wine caps on chinese-style basket. =D. nice place for some shots too!

other than the photographer herself sucks. =(.


I shall have something like this in future! =P.

will update more after my exams! ugh, I HATE LOGS!


something for your nightmare. =D.

refer CWZJ Cuisine.

psst! : scanned namecard!


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eric thor
15 years ago

ehhh…. just kaypoh-ing…..
how many of you had dinner? there seems to be a LOT of food and it seems that you are the only one eating…. hahaha… how many days did you starve yourself before you went there?

Also, where exactly in Kuchai Lama ah? Is it near the Chicken Hot Pot? I just went to Kuchai Lama first time in my life last week to eat at Chicken Hot Pot so that is the only landmark I know. Grrr… you lar… tempt me with all the nice food AND description… I feel like want to go eat tonight itself…. grrr… hahaha.

15 years ago

haha only 4 of us. =D. there are sure loads of food but can finish wannn. and I think I didn’t starve myself at all before that. I didn’t have any rice also maybe, so finishing it is totally not impossible =P.

this is the only directory I can give
you should really try it out. its YUMM!

eric thor
15 years ago

thanks! I intend to try…. just hope I can find my way there…. hehe….

if only I had one of those GPS maps….. 🙂

Alan Tan
15 years ago

Hmm..yummy yummy. You should try their Pork Lard’s claypot rice…fried Kangkung Tempura too !~!

Robert S.
14 years ago

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Frances Poyneer
13 years ago

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