[Kyoto] Ginkaku-ji, the Silver Pavilion

in Kyoto, the most iconic place would definitely be the Golden Pavilion– Kinkaku-ji. but it’s really sad how Ginkaku-ji’s so under rated. it is even more beautiful than Kinkaku-ji in my honest opinion. super beautiful. it isn’t just what pictures can express; you just have to go there yourself.

IMG_5655 copy

and the great thing about Kyoto, the buses. if you’re interested in traveling to Japan I bet you’d notice how crazy the transportation costs. like madness. but in Kyoto, you can purchase a bus card for 5o0yen and you can ride AS MUCH AS YOU WANT! in places like Fukuoka one way might cost you that much already >_>. Continue reading “[Kyoto] Ginkaku-ji, the Silver Pavilion”

Kyoto and Osaka in a day

I am back here in Kyoto. again.

after 4 months. right after midterms. but the only thing was, I had REALLY LIMITED TIME. so this was what I did for a day! it might even be a good reference on where to go from AM to PM =D. I returned to Osaka since I stayed there at around 6pm though =D.

IMG_7022 copy

ahhh. the streets of Gion. I actually like shopping here compared to other places because the OPA and some other malls here were actually pretty good! Continue reading “Kyoto and Osaka in a day”

[Kyoto: Gion] Izuju, the 100 year old Kyoto style sushi

my friend living in Kyoto didn’t even know about the existence of this fabulous small scaled restaurant. but once he had it, he said it’s amongst the top 10 sushi he had ever eaten. and guess what? he’s from Hokkaido; where all the amazing sushi are.

there’s also another place called Hanaore which is said to serve the best Sabazushi (came here for this!) in Kyoto but I placed my bet on Izuju as it has a longgg history plus it’s more affordable (main point!!!!)

IMG_5989 copy

opposite the shop is Yasaka Jinja  Shrine. a relatively famous shrine at the Gion area. we went near new years day so there were LOADDSSS of people. Continue reading “[Kyoto: Gion] Izuju, the 100 year old Kyoto style sushi”

[Kyoto] Arashiyama – Bamboo Grove

so upon exiting the garden, we found ourselves at the famous bamboo grove of Arashiyama!

this is another popular landmark of Kyoto other than Kinkakuji. Although I personally prefer Ginkakuji over Kinkakuji. I loved the bamboo grove though. and I felt it is really a must visit if you have at least 2 days in Kyoto. it isn’t number 1 on my list but it is more than just one-visit worthy.

IMG_4283 copy

somebody please tell me what they say hhahahaa. Continue reading “[Kyoto] Arashiyama – Bamboo Grove”

[Kyoto] Arashiyama – Togetsugyo Bridge

it is a little complicating to travel around Kyoto but it is definitely cheaper than many other cities as you can ride on the bus as much as you want for only 500yen.

note: the buses in Japan are quite different from Seoul and other places. you get on the bus from behind and pay in front. for the day pass, just get in front and tell the bus driver and make sure you prepare 500yen! I am not sure how to ride on it normally because apparently the fares are all different depending on where you’re riding. so if you’re riding for more than 2 bus rides or a far one, the day pass would be best. and later on you can just flash your card (showing the date) to the drivers and enjoy unlimited rides! will blog about that next time! and pay another 500yen and you can take unlimited subway/train as well! but we only opted for the bus as we don’t take the subway too much.

however, we took the train there!

CIMG3986 copy

the unique seating system in Japan. different in almost every line. amazing. Continue reading “[Kyoto] Arashiyama – Togetsugyo Bridge”

[Kyoto] Kyoto Station Sky Walk

I actually have no idea what this walk is called but it is situated at the highest part of Kyoto Station and it is BEAUTIFUL. I am pretty sure it looks just as beautiful in the day but tad bit more romantic at night ^^.

CIMG3935 copy

such amazing steel and glass architecture =3. alongside with the shooting stars which I guess are only available around Christmas. the sky walk is from the ramen floor and the whole right side of the walk has ramen exhibitions showing the many many many kinds of amazing ramen. but my favourite is still ABURA SOBA!!! Continue reading “[Kyoto] Kyoto Station Sky Walk”

[Kyoto] Shijo, Gion & Kyoto Station

first day in Kyoto was amazing because I went to so many places in just a few hours. basically the famous few hang out places are pretty cramped up in the middle of Kyoto and they are either of walking distance or just a bus ride away.

IMG_4143 copy

above’s Shijo. there are like rows of shops and I can say.. it’s awesome. I loved it there. and at the end of the street there’s my favourite Sabazushi shop as well. there are loads of shopping and also.. OPA!!! though the name is weird but there are plenty of pretty shops in there!!! Continue reading “[Kyoto] Shijo, Gion & Kyoto Station”