first day in Kyoto was amazing because I went to so many places in just a few hours. basically the famous few hang out places are pretty cramped up in the middle of Kyoto and they are either of walking distance or just a bus ride away.

IMG_4143 copy

above’s Shijo. there are like rows of shops and I can say.. it’s awesome. I loved it there. and at the end of the street there’s my favourite Sabazushi shop as well. there are loads of shopping and also.. OPA!!! though the name is weird but there are plenty of pretty shops in there!!!

CIMG3825 copy

have always seen pictures of this shop. not like it can represent Gion but taking pictures of this shop can be quite  stressful because the waiters will pressure you to eat there hahaha.

IMG_4152 copy

and not far from Gion’s the Kamogawa river!

IMG_4156 copy

the famous Opera house! where all the traditional shows are!

CIMG3812 copy

an Okashi shop. okashi means biscuits and sweets! basically food that aren’t considered a meal!

CIMG3814 copy

at Kamogawa river!

CIMG3817 copy

the opera house!

CIMG3821 copy


CIMG3822 copy

more Okashi shops. really love Japan U_U. everything’s so neat and tidy there. and so pretty!

CIMG3834 copy

and at Hanamikoji. also walking distance from Shijo. apparently this is one of the Geisha spotting sites.

CIMG3847 copy

and there are a lot of Kyoto-feel shops here but their price is pretty “nice” as well T_T.

CIMG3861 copy

the inner valleys~

CIMG3867 copy

Hanamikoji’s main street!

CIMG3873 copy

Hanamikoji’s mainstreet again!

CIMG3891 copy

Kyoto station’s illuminating steps! it was breath taking. very.. romantic actually.

CIMG3903 copy

I went at the right day it seems. the next time I went to Kyoto station the Chrismas tree was taken down.

CIMG3915 copy

Chasen’s desserts! it definitely isn’t cheap there but so good. located at the ramen floor (take the escalator up through the illuminating steps) with the widest range of ramen shops. 11th floor if I’m not wrong.

CIMG3921 copy

but after your ramen, remember to come here for your Matcha dessert! I am a big matcha fan so…

IMG_4190 copy

the biscuit was a little out of the place but the super soft mochi called the warabi mochi was phenomenal. the green tea ice cream too. so rich. I want more T_T.

IMG_4196 copy

all worn our but absolutely enjoyed the dessert!

CIMG3942 copy

the Kyoto Tower view. there’s a Salvatore Coumo restaurant here so make sure to check it out! it’s my favourite Japan based Italian restaurant back in Seoul!

CIMG3954 copy

I thought I was in a fairy tale.

IMG_4200 copy


IMG_4210 copy

you can basically walk through this really romantic bridge over-looking the Kyoto tower and you’ll end up on this side of the station.

CIMG3972 copy

and my really sweet Japanese friend gave me SK-II as a christmas present. U_U. 좀 부단스럽지만 좋아해요! I kept saying it is too expensive as a gift and he said it isn’t pfft. anyway I am really thankful!

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10 years ago

you’re so lucky

Nina Sakinah
10 years ago

omg! the Hanamikoji’s main street is so so so so so clean! licin licau jalan dia 😀

and the ice cream is tempting. I wish I could set my foot in Japan one day. thank you for updating about Japan. please keep writing. I really love to read your blog 😀

10 years ago

Hola jamie!! I had a friend of mine who has been to japan for graduate studies… she told me stories of it but not that much on people.. I wanted to know something from different people’s perspective, how do you find people in japan (socially and physically)?? I guess, you can say much:D 😀