I actually have no idea what this walk is called but it is situated at the highest part of Kyoto Station and it is BEAUTIFUL. I am pretty sure it looks just as beautiful in the day but tad bit more romantic at night ^^.

CIMG3935 copy

such amazing steel and glass architecture =3. alongside with the shooting stars which I guess are only available around Christmas. the sky walk is from the ramen floor and the whole right side of the walk has ramen exhibitions showing the many many many kinds of amazing ramen. but my favourite is still ABURA SOBA!!!

CIMG3934 copy

but it is pretty scary standing so high up and over-looking the tiny people below. but the view was sooooo pretty!

CIMG3948 copy

and the view from the sky walk is simply amazing. again, super romantic!

CIMG3936 copy

hence, I had to have a picture here! even though it was dark pfft.

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10 years ago

aww! (: super romantic indeed. thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.

10 years ago

In the first picture (the colorful one).. is that where people walk on??