in Kyoto, the most iconic place would definitely be the Golden Pavilion– Kinkaku-ji. but it’s really sad how Ginkaku-ji’s so under rated. it is even more beautiful than Kinkaku-ji in my honest opinion. super beautiful. it isn’t just what pictures can express; you just have to go there yourself.

IMG_5655 copy

and the great thing about Kyoto, the buses. if you’re interested in traveling to Japan I bet you’d notice how crazy the transportation costs. like madness. but in Kyoto, you can purchase a bus card for 5o0yen and you can ride AS MUCH AS YOU WANT! in places like Fukuoka one way might cost you that much already >_>.

IMG_5657 copy


IMG_5664 copy

entrance tickets to Ginkaku-ji. it costs 500yen!

IMG_5669 copy

apparently they wanted to paint the pavilion silver but they ran out of money so they left it like that. but I felt it’s just beautiful the way it is. even though less photogenic compared to the golden pavilion, it’s really more beautiful.

IMG_5675 copy

looked so yummy ahhh.

IMG_5685 copy

it’s about time a beautiful white dotted deer pop out. T________T it was literally like I was in a fairy tale. the setting. ahhhhhh.

IMG_5699 copy

another view.

IMG_5701 copy

proof that I was there!

CIMG5979 copy

really hope nobody traveling to Kyoto would put this off their list just because it ain’t really silver. it’s one of my top recommendation while traveling to Kyoto!

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