[Kyoto] Kyoto Station Sky Walk

I actually have no idea what this walk is called but it is situated at the highest part of Kyoto Station and it is BEAUTIFUL. I am pretty sure it looks just as beautiful in the day but tad bit more romantic at night ^^.

CIMG3935 copy

such amazing steel and glass architecture =3. alongside with the shooting stars which I guess are only available around Christmas. the sky walk is from the ramen floor and the whole right side of the walk has ramen exhibitions showing the many many many kinds of amazing ramen. but my favourite is still ABURA SOBA!!! Continue reading “[Kyoto] Kyoto Station Sky Walk”

[Kyoto] Shijo, Gion & Kyoto Station

first day in Kyoto was amazing because I went to so many places in just a few hours. basically the famous few hang out places are pretty cramped up in the middle of Kyoto and they are either of walking distance or just a bus ride away.

IMG_4143 copy

above’s Shijo. there are like rows of shops and I can say.. it’s awesome. I loved it there. and at the end of the street there’s my favourite Sabazushi shop as well. there are loads of shopping and also.. OPA!!! though the name is weird but there are plenty of pretty shops in there!!! Continue reading “[Kyoto] Shijo, Gion & Kyoto Station”