[Seoul: Hongdae] Gelati Gelati

there are tonnes of special ice cream shops around. but most of them will just give you a “it’s pretty not bad” feeling. but this one will just make you craving for more.

20140316_154719 copy

Gelati Gelati located at Hongdae was always packed with people whenever I go there. there’s always a long line and the weirdest thing is that the shop isn’t exactly located at a strategic spot. a spot where shops nearby aren’t really open in the day. Continue reading “[Seoul: Hongdae] Gelati Gelati”

[Seoul] Softree vs. Sweetruck

there’s always something new in Korea.


but I just have to tell you about this glorious invention



no, the ice cream itself isn’t made out of honey but it is more like milk ice cream topped with honey/a small comb of honey.

ever since the birth of Softree, there are many “similar” knockoffs. there are some stores which copied Softree’s entire concept. but as for today, I’ll be comparing Softree and sweet truck!

CIMG8652 copy

I love soft tree so much I tend/have the tendency to buy a cup every time I pass by. (the pic above is the Itaewon chain.) Continue reading “[Seoul] Softree vs. Sweetruck”

[Kyoto] Arashiyama – Togetsugyo Bridge

it is a little complicating to travel around Kyoto but it is definitely cheaper than many other cities as you can ride on the bus as much as you want for only 500yen.

note: the buses in Japan are quite different from Seoul and other places. you get on the bus from behind and pay in front. for the day pass, just get in front and tell the bus driver and make sure you prepare 500yen! I am not sure how to ride on it normally because apparently the fares are all different depending on where you’re riding. so if you’re riding for more than 2 bus rides or a far one, the day pass would be best. and later on you can just flash your card (showing the date) to the drivers and enjoy unlimited rides! will blog about that next time! and pay another 500yen and you can take unlimited subway/train as well! but we only opted for the bus as we don’t take the subway too much.

however, we took the train there!

CIMG3986 copy

the unique seating system in Japan. different in almost every line. amazing. Continue reading “[Kyoto] Arashiyama – Togetsugyo Bridge”