so on Christmas Day, we went on a campus tour! to Doshisha University! SH’s Uni. it’s really…….. pretty!

CIMG3785 copy

very European style. well it is a Christian university.

CIMG3786 copy

and their cafeteria is also super pretty! and huge.

CIMG3789 copy

can you even believe it is Japan? D=.

CIMG3791 copy

a memorial for a famous Korean… novelist/poet or something and there is a guestbook filled with Korean words and dedications in Korean. seems more like a tourist attraction for Koreans D=. pretty amazing.

CIMG3799 copy

must take picture with this beautiful school! =3. it is prettier than Korean schools. really. overall.

CIMG3800 copy

and my first meal in Japan.. RAMEN! not really ramen because what we ate is called soba but this is a ramen shop =D. and ramen shops in Japan are pretty darn cool. they have everything. from vinegar to many types of sauces to garlic and onions to 2 kinds of chilli pepper powder. amaaaazing. but what shocks me the most is…

CIMG3801 copy

RUBBER BANDS!!! for girls to tie their hair. pretty amazing no?

CIMG3805 copy

and… ABURA SOBA!!! literally the best soba I’ve ever eaten in my life. it felt more like ramen. a type of ramen in my opinion because it tastes nothing like soba. =S. but it is so darn good. the yolk is pretty damn amazing. when I broke it it looked super incredulous.

CIMG3807 copy

hair up!

CIMG3809 copy

baskets can be found at every restaurants for you to put your bags! always space for you to put your stuff!

IMG_4128 copy

abura soba ready to eat!

IMG_4131 copy

shows how good it was. I went there again after new years and it is off the menu T_T, maybe because it is not a warm dish it is removed for the winter T_T. le sigh. I WILL BE BACK!

IMG_4132 copy

I was happy. very happy.

IMG_4111 copy

and my favourite place for snacks. ALL THE CONVENIENCE STORES!!! well the marts are cheaper for sashimi. it was only like 3USD for salmon sashimi! super cheap. even (malt) beer was cheap around 1USD per can. I can literally be drunk every night with sashimi to go with it there without getting broke. but I didn’t have time for that every night but I still ate a lot every single day T_T. I am pretty sure I gained weight. D=.

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10 years ago

Hi Jamie! I’ve been reading your blog for a while & was super surprised to see my old school there today! I was an exchange student at Doshisha a couple of years ago; I’m glad you got to go there cos it is a really beautiful place :”) If you have time be sure to check out Nijo Castle in Kyoto too! It’s my favourite castle out of all the ones I’ve been to in Japan!