so upon exiting the garden, we found ourselves at the famous bamboo grove of Arashiyama!

this is another popular landmark of Kyoto other than Kinkakuji. Although I personally prefer Ginkakuji over Kinkakuji. I loved the bamboo grove though. and I felt it is really a must visit if you have at least 2 days in Kyoto. it isn’t number 1 on my list but it is more than just one-visit worthy.

IMG_4283 copy

somebody please tell me what they say hhahahaa.

IMG_4285 copy

super pretty =3. it felt really peaceful here. and after a while, the rain stopped. thank goodness.

IMG_4288 copy

and the gloomy skies got brighter.

IMG_4290 copy

had to take a picture here!

IMG_4293 copy

and those fairy tale like… moss? love it. except I don’t want to touch it.

IMG_4299 copy

I guess I am not so good of a photographer anyways. I’ve seen amazing pictures of the bamboo grove but no matter how I try it doesn’t look as spectacular as the real view. so you get what I mean right? it’s beautiful. and for this and the bridge, you should never take Arashiyama out of your list if you’re in Kyoto! well unless you only have one day.

IMG_4319 copy

there are a lot of these pretty carts but they costs so much =S. around 3000yen for a decent journey le sigh. but pretty amazing how these guys can run so far.

IMG_4320 copy

and another shrine! there are hundreds of shrines and temples in Kyoto I heard. and even if you stay in Kyoto for a year you might not finish going to all the shrines and temples I heard.

IMG_4321 copy

so you are supposed to shake the long rope, throw in a coin and pray =D. and those cute amulets are sold everywhere. except you are supposed to take it back to the same shrine a year later. hence I did not buy it. =S. not even sure if I can return in a year!

IMG_4328 copy

I guess this is a shrine for the lovebirds. #nothingtodohere.

IMG_4330 copy

while most Japanese people are atheist, they go to shrines. especially during new years. that’s what my friend told me. more than belief, it is more like a tradition he said.

IMG_4331 copy

to be honest, I am very tempted to write one too =(.

IMG_4340 copy

herro. =P.

IMG_4341 copy

where’s the deer?! Bambi is supposed to pop out about.. now.

IMG_4346 copy

okay, I was pretending. but I am Buddhist. and I study in a Confusian University.

IMG_4349 copy

SH with his favourite chilled cucumber on a stick. not a big fan but he goes gaga over this stuff.

IMG_4351 copy

glorious bus rides of Kyoto. take the bus. I DARE YOU. ultimately complicating. but so cheap and fun to ride on =3.

IMG_4358 copy

some cafe where they have a clown to pass fliers around. oh-so-pretty.

IMG_4360 copy

if there’s no earthquake in Japan, I’d love to live in one of these houses when I retire. too young to think about retirement but oh well..

IMG_4363 copy

okay bye!

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10 years ago

wah love japan , thank 4 sharing.. i hope i will go there oneday

10 years ago

woahh!! is that where Kuala’s thrive??? 😀 😀

10 years ago

it is arashiyama not arashimaya…:D