The AWESOME Photo Wall! And hence I wrote AWESOME on my bubble card. =P. there are Superman and woman, Catwoman, Mr and Mrs Incredible and many more! But the next one happening on the 1st of June at 7atenine, will be themed.. SUPER VILLAINS.


There are 4 specially invented cocktails (but I have yet to try all of it!) and here’s Juggernaut (tallest one), Captain Jack (the short one) and Red Sonja (the one I’m holding). There’s still Lady Luck for me to try in the upcoming event!

Juggernaut and Captain Jack is more of a man’s drink. I like how it tastes but it’s a bit strong for me while Red Sonja is really really nice for.. me. a girl. It’s sweet and yummy!


Thank you Heroca for the cocktail vouchers!


We had Superwoman and Superman to serve us that day =P. The guys were gawking at the superwoman and I on the other hand.. of COURSE I didn’t gawk at the superman! =X.


Do you remember me mentioning about the mixing your own cocktail event? Well, I had my shot! Even though I spilled SOMEEE juice on the table U_U but I still had fun!


Professional mixologist : you don’t shake it like that!!
Me : opps? =X.


But anyway, I PASSED! It tasted pretty good hehehe.

IMG_0146 copy

Shawn was absolutely like a pro T_T. His one tastes so fab I kept drinking his hahaha.


With the awesome Nuffies! NickSoVamp, MimiPie and MrGraphicDesigner!

IMG_0156 copy

One thing I like about Library is the ambience. It’s always so comfortable and the bands are always so awesome. Great vocals, great band, great everything!


I’m not sure if it is because this Library is new, but this Library is the one with the best decorations so far! It’s so English I feel like I’m in UK.


My two winners with the drinks we made ourselves! You know you want to learn how to make these drinks too. Hint : using strawberry as a mixer is super yummy.

But don’t fret if you missed this one. There’s another one coming up and the theme is Super Villains! It’ll be happening at 7atenine (Ascott), Kuala Lumpur on the 1st of June!

Have fun!

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13 years ago

I think I just saw MrGraphicDesigner in Uptown Starbucks. Haha!