today I would like to introduce you to this sushi which is not very known outside Japan. as usual, I always try my best to look for some interesting food in a country that I am going to visit through google and I found Shirako.


it wasn’t available in the small-bar-type sushi shop so I went ahead and look for a conveyor belt sushi shop; or what some people will call sushi from a hole. hole in the wall sushi?

the prices could be seen above. just so if you can’t see, it is : 525yen, 399yen, 262yen, 210yen and 168yen. what odd prices. right?

unlike the bar-type ones, they serve sushi’s in pairs. I had always had my sushi’s in pairs ever since I first started eating sushi, but it wasn’t so much of a popular thing in Japan. in fact, they only have sushi in pairs when it’s on a conveyor belt. of course, sushi served this way are less fresh compared to those where the sushi professional makes it on the spot for you. but the prices are always more reasonable.


the prices of a plate of sushi can go up to 700+yen for a set of 3 pricey sushi (sea urchin, toro/tuna belly and salmon roe). and do you know how much is 1000yen? RM37. but it’s really cheap compared to what we can find here. the only sea urchin sushi I saw on the menu is in Hokkaido Ichiba which costs RM18 for ONE piece. T_T.


the plates there are really pretty. and in some places, there are GLITTER plates of gold or silver even. and also, I had my first sushi culture shock. SALMON sushi is the most famous sushi here in Malaysia. but in Japan? it’s about the same price with.. tamago sushi (egg omelette). or at some places, even cheaper.

and oh! these plates (at higher end restaurants) have some sort of chip in it? because the waiters does not count your plate. instead, he’ll use a machine to swab vertically along your plates to check the total of your bill. I get why it’s essential, though. because the plates are all so.. fancy and difficult to differentiate when it’s all stacked up.


back to Shirako. that sushi IS Shirako.

have you heard of it?

it is a VERY famous sushi in my opinion because the middle aged Japanese woman who sat beside me ate ONLY Shirako.


Shirako is DELICIOUS I have to say. I am pretty sure I ate the cooked version somewhere in China before and it tasted like.. smooth goose liver/foie gras. to have it raw, it’s very creamy. something like Mayo. but much more fragrant =D.

and you wouldn’t believe what that is.



peach ice cream is YUM. 200yen. RM8! U_______U. or was it 300yen. in Japan, you’d spend money without knowing because even a 500yen is a coin.

Shirako is the fish’s male organ.

yeap. fish testicle. would you like some fish testicle? seriously, it’s delicious. ;).


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Alwyn Chan
Alwyn Chan
10 years ago

Shirako is not fish testicles, it’s fish milt (semen) that is harvested from Cod or puffer fish mostly during the winter time.