[Thailand: Phuket] PHUKET HOTELS! and Bangla Street.

one thing you should always prepare before going to Phuket is to look up for their hotels. for approximately RM200, your hotel could be very beautiful already. and for a spectacular one, RM400 should be able to wrap everything up. but if you’re on a budget and is looking for some place clean, comfortable, cheap and convenient (the 4C’s!), I’ll recommend you White Sands Hotel. it’s a 3 star. main entrance and the lobby looks a little dodgy and the lifts ridiculously slow. BUT, I must say the rooms are really comfortable. =D. and it is just for RM100. do note that booking IN the airport is much cheaper. but you’ll have to pay on the spot of course =D.

bargain if it’s over 100. =P. yes, buying travel packages and hotels in the airport COULD be bargained. =)).


located in between THREE massage parlors, you can enjoy good thai massage for only RM20 an hour! White Sands is walking distance from the famous Bangla Street =D!  just remember to bargain. I personally like the yellow uniform one. Continue reading “[Thailand: Phuket] PHUKET HOTELS! and Bangla Street.”

[Thailand: Phuket] FantaSea

there is so many reasons why you should love FantaSea.

1. it’s name is similar with my favourite orange carbonated drink, Fanta.
2. it’s carerfool.
3. it’s very famous in Phuket.

just joking. but it’s true.

the main reasons are :

1. the FantaSea show is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. you’d be so amazed by it, trust me.
2. their buffet serves VERY DELICIOUS food. I hated international buffet’s because they always sucked. I’m very picky. BUT I LOVED THIS ONE.
3. the place is BEAUTIFUL. 600million bhat was used to build this place. how can you not visit it? it’s spectacular. and I am being very honest. they say, you’ve not fully been to Phuket if you’ve not been to FantaSea. and if you have time, go for Simon (pronounced as Simone) Cabaret to see beautiful Ah Guas. heard that it’s very good too =D.

IMG_8786 copy

the entrance. Continue reading “[Thailand: Phuket] FantaSea”