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being too free at Patong Beach =D. I’ve never done these sort of things before– writing on sand, mainly because I don’t really like going to the beach. but it looks fun. writing on sand ain’t as easy as I thought pfft.


when you visit Thailand, MAKE SURE you tried the sour and spicy steam fish! siakap I think? but it’s DELICIOUS!


that is how you saw “STOP” in thai. hahaha. it’s so unique.


they say you must visit these places when you go to Phuket. I agree for the BIGGEST picture. I wanted to try the Sea Walking one very much though T_T. and James Bond Island is very very far.

this board looks so Malaysian because of the Selamat Datang word. but it is taken in Phuket aite!

PS : my mom said you MUST watch the Simon (pronounced as Simone) Cabaret. the show filled with.. ehems, aquas.

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Patong Beach. Nic (in red) looks like he is a local HAHAHAHA.


it drizzles a lot. so DO REMEMBER to bring an umbrella where ever you go. two purposes.

1. it drizzles a lot
2. if it’s not drizzling, it’s SHINING.

hats are pretty essential too. but don’t buy them there, it’s madcow expensive. though there are tonnes of beautiful bikini’s for sale. I forgot to take a picture. AHHH T_T. but they are really very unique.


I just like this picture =D. and THAT must be heavy.

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one thing you must love about Patong is, HAWKERS ARE EVERYWHERE. and they are (almost) all DELICIOUS.

count the bottles of nutella. yum yum.


chocolate + banana. it is AWESOME. I hope Malaysia had these. as in, in the streets. or perhaps at the same price would be nice enough. even the one at pasar malam is about 5bucks. T_T.


when you see alleys like these, DO NOT go in unless you want to experience being DRAGGED to a stall.

“come and have a look! look no need money!”

“this one is very nice!”

“I can show you more!”

“I give you good price!”

“only 800 bhat!”

ONLY? HAHAHA. super expensive. usually, you can cut their price by at least 70 percent. I bought stuff that costs 250 bhat for 60 bhat. heh. but do be sure to buy more. if you buy only one, it’s pretty unlikely to get huge discounts.


“umbrella free, table free! you just have to pay for the chair! 150 bhat!”

oh my.


I like how they were so carefree and happy =X. foreigners playing football(?) with the locals. =D.

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Justin Lim
13 years ago

umbrella free, table free but chair need to pay…lolololol
whattt bawak your own chair there laaa

Surin Beach Phuket
12 years ago

Nice post & Nice picture, Patong Beach is the center of entertainment for tourist in Phuket Island.
I am sure, i will come back. SEE YOU PHUKET 🙂