[Tokyo: Tsukiji] Sushi Dai vs. Sushi Daiwa

Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo.

if you’re planning a trip to Tokyo, Tsukiji Fish Market shouldn’t be unfamiliar to you. especially half of this world renowned market is going to be relocated in 2016 so this year is the only last chance you have to enjoy Tsukiji as it is. and if you’re planning on a trip there already.. you might probably have heard of the most famous sushi restaurant bar in Tsukiji, Sushi Dai. BUT, you might’ve also heard of the sushi bar a few shops away, called Sushi Daiwa. and as a sushi enthusiast as myself, I went to both.

okay, actually because of my budget, I could barely afford such luxury but I skimped throughout my whole Tokyo trip for it. so it better be worth it. so at first, I was dying to look for someone to be kind enough to go with me to Tsukiji as NOBODY wanted to wake up early and queue for hours just for good sushi.

sushi dai queue

I started queuing for Sushi Dai from 6:15AM as soon as I’ve reached (my friends told me how it was complicating to find bla bla but I found it ridiculously easy to find. just google for the directions from Tsukijishijo Station to Sushi Dai and screen cap it. then use it as your guide there. =). that’s what I did for EVERYTHINGGG hahaha.) Continue reading “[Tokyo: Tsukiji] Sushi Dai vs. Sushi Daiwa”

[Thailand: Phuket] FantaSea

there is so many reasons why you should love FantaSea.

1. it’s name is similar with my favourite orange carbonated drink, Fanta.
2. it’s carerfool.
3. it’s very famous in Phuket.

just joking. but it’s true.

the main reasons are :

1. the FantaSea show is one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. you’d be so amazed by it, trust me.
2. their buffet serves VERY DELICIOUS food. I hated international buffet’s because they always sucked. I’m very picky. BUT I LOVED THIS ONE.
3. the place is BEAUTIFUL. 600million bhat was used to build this place. how can you not visit it? it’s spectacular. and I am being very honest. they say, you’ve not fully been to Phuket if you’ve not been to FantaSea. and if you have time, go for Simon (pronounced as Simone) Cabaret to see beautiful Ah Guas. heard that it’s very good too =D.

IMG_8786 copy

the entrance. Continue reading “[Thailand: Phuket] FantaSea”