I am back, and is tan. T_T.

we were practically LOOKING for this.


the unique macdonald mannequin. doll. whatever you call it. but it looks damn bloody scary up close.


ain’t it dangerous? almost all thai people does this. it’s like so normal. and the wind kept blowing their shirts up. WOOT SO SEXAY! but I was a bit disappointed, I didn’t see any Nichkhun look alikes. perhaps they are all in Bangkok =(.


thai street. on the way to Patong =D. the amount of utility poles are madness. was wondering if they have like extra high risks of getting brain damage from all these radiation.


Patong beach! it’s really near the hotel I live in. my mom said if we were to travel at around May, the water would be BLUE. like, Phi Phi island blue. when I went there, it was a bit chalky. didn’t even want to swim there.


mom said that some angmohs would go fully naked at none peek season. without panties. =O.


“want a tuk tuk?” you’d get this at least about 100times in a day.


the first day there. I was all fair.


and this is what happened T_T. I got tan, sun burnt, bitten by fishes and sandflies. PFFT. but it was fun. and I had a whole lot of rashes from eating all those seafood! xD.

leaving for an art exhibition now! at whitebox/blackbox@MAP, near KLCC. =D. tata! will blog more about it!

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thailand wiki
13 years ago

I just love Thailand, such great people there.

I'm a Thai
I'm a Thai
6 years ago

Sawasdee krub or S-W-A-S-D-E-E–K-R-U-B not Sawadeekup. Actually, you should say “Sawasdee Ka” because you are female and “Sawasdee Krub” is for male.