[Seoul] Cafe Pascucci

initially, I thought that Cafe Pascucci is just another boring cafe or maybe a replica of Starbucks. but to my surprise, it has a huge variety of drinks and not everything is caffeinated!

IMG_9230 copy

they have a nice Starbucks-like environment and super huge coffee cups. =D! so huge you can just sit there for hours and probably won’t be able to finish it. Continue reading “[Seoul] Cafe Pascucci”


so, what do you call the shaved ice you see people eating in dramas?


pat = red bean
bingsu = shaved ice.

my friend was telling me how awesome this shop is and how different it is compared to other shops. it’s located at Sinchon near the Jjambbong shop I wrote earlier. it’s exterior is in light brown wood and usually filled with people. corner shop so it’s easy to spot =3. will eat there again and this time take more pictures but just so you know how awesome these patbingsu’s are in Korea, here’s a post for you. hehe.

IMG_7850 copy Continue reading “[Seoul] PATBINGSU!”

[Seoul: Edae] Kopitiam (CLOSED)

my eyes almost popped out when I saw a KOPITIAM in Edae. my friend told me that there is a Kopitiam nearby but I didn’t thought that the name itself was Kopitiam haha. it’s specialty is Kaya Toast. and apparently, from Singapore.

IMG_8022 copy

well Singapore and Malaysia is 99.99% similar in food so.. =D. it’s located right at the Edae street it was a wonder how I have never noticed it. Continue reading “[Seoul: Edae] Kopitiam (CLOSED)”

[Seoul: Hongdae] Toms Cat Cafe

honestly, I am not a big fan of cats. in fact, I am quite scared of them. especially the evil looking ones pfft. but since Jian (akiraceo a.k.a Miao) is very fond of cats I thought I would come here just blog to show him how the cat cafes here look like (there are more than 3 that I know of).

IMG_6587 copy

we wanted to find the Gio Cat Cafe but unfortunately we got lost and stumbled upon Tom Cat Cafe (which is located opposite ARTBOX Hongdae =)). there’s also a Garfield mascot in the middle of Sinchon Rotary (at the huge crossroad) that advertises for some Cat Cafe as well. Continue reading “[Seoul: Hongdae] Toms Cat Cafe”

[Seoul: Hongdae] Bauhaus Dog Cafe/Hotel

if you have watched “Mary stayed out all night” before, you’d know where did Jang Guen Suk hang out at. Hongdae. it was pretty late when I reached there ( around 8 ) and I didn’t have much time left to explore the place. but I gotta say, it’s an artsy place. every cafe there is SPLENDID. actually, not only the cafe’s there, but pretty much ALL the cafe’s around Seoul. the cafe which looks normal is the abnormal one there. but the thing is, there are much more cafes here compared to anywhere else!

Hongdae is basically around the Hongik University area and hence, you’d find many students. furthermore, it’s near Sinchon and Ewha, where two of the most prestigious universities are located at. so this street caters the students nightlife and also where they would hang out for a drink.

IMG_2682 copy

as you can see, this crowded street is not only a cafe, clubs and restaurant street but there’s also a WHOLE LOT OF SHOPPING. Continue reading “[Seoul: Hongdae] Bauhaus Dog Cafe/Hotel”