[Seoul: Sangsu/Hongdae] Gyeongju Sikdang 경주식당


Seoul’s trendy restaurants are slowly taking over instagram, and one of them where many famous Korean instagrammers frequent is this one; Gyeongju Sikdang, which means Gyeongju restaurant. Gyeongju, being the Kyoto of Korea, or in other words, the ancient city, I was expecting the food here to be as traditional as possible, but it was actually very much improvised!

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[Seoul: Hongdae] Gelati Gelati

there are tonnes of special ice cream shops around. but most of them will just give you a “it’s pretty not bad” feeling. but this one will just make you craving for more.

20140316_154719 copy

Gelati Gelati located at Hongdae was always packed with people whenever I go there. there’s always a long line and the weirdest thing is that the shop isn’t exactly located at a strategic spot. a spot where shops nearby aren’t really open in the day. Continue reading “[Seoul: Hongdae] Gelati Gelati”

[Seoul: Hongdae] 아뜰리에 데코아발림 Atelier Decoa Ballim

one of the best cheesecake they said. I read about this cafe on many blogs and they have all given awesome comments on their not-so-mainstream cheesecake.

IMG_3537 copy

located at Hongdae; or  near Sangsu Station exit 1. included a map at the bottom of the post =). this place look like they serve very nice brunch as well but I forgot to take a picture of their very cute menu. =D. I think I am losing the blogging sense =S. Continue reading “[Seoul: Hongdae] 아뜰리에 데코아발림 Atelier Decoa Ballim”

Clubbing in Seoul PART 2

this is actually a more organized version of the last post about clubs in Seoul. I’ve updated my last blog post which is listed on my “travel” page with the information below as well. this time, I’ve gathered much more information and I hope this answers some of your questions. note that every 10,000won is RM30. Continue reading “Clubbing in Seoul PART 2”

[Seoul: Hongdae] Bauhaus Dog Cafe/Hotel

if you have watched “Mary stayed out all night” before, you’d know where did Jang Guen Suk hang out at. Hongdae. it was pretty late when I reached there ( around 8 ) and I didn’t have much time left to explore the place. but I gotta say, it’s an artsy place. every cafe there is SPLENDID. actually, not only the cafe’s there, but pretty much ALL the cafe’s around Seoul. the cafe which looks normal is the abnormal one there. but the thing is, there are much more cafes here compared to anywhere else!

Hongdae is basically around the Hongik University area and hence, you’d find many students. furthermore, it’s near Sinchon and Ewha, where two of the most prestigious universities are located at. so this street caters the students nightlife and also where they would hang out for a drink.

IMG_2682 copy

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