initially, I thought that Cafe Pascucci is just another boring cafe or maybe a replica of Starbucks. but to my surprise, it has a huge variety of drinks and not everything is caffeinated!

IMG_9230 copy

they have a nice Starbucks-like environment and super huge coffee cups. =D! so huge you can just sit there for hours and probably won’t be able to finish it.

IMG_9231 copy

but I want to introduce you to their VERY DELICIOUS TIRAMISU CUBE CAKE! there’s 2 alright. I’ve tried both. cube and the cup. opt for the cube. the cup is pretty normal so….. =S. though one small little cake like this is probably priced around 5,000won, I guarantee you it’s worth a try. =D.

IMG_9229 copy

I like my strawberry yoghurt ice float as well. except I think that the yoghurt ice cream don’t go that well with the strawberry ice blended. awesome thing is that they taste very awesome separately. =D. unlike certain shops that serve artificial tasting strawberry blended the ones here tastes awesomely fresh!

IMG_9238 copy

I don’t know if I should warn you or what, but do not take CHEAP (6,000won, already considered cheap for sushi’s T_T. the moment when I miss Sushi Zanmai for their freshness and affordable price.) sushi’s randomly =S. they are really awful here (a shop in Edae). le sigh.

IMG_9240 copy

okay goodbye!

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12 years ago

sushi zanmai is always the best. ! take care at Korea! Update more ^^

12 years ago

i recommend cafe bene~

12 years ago

Keep up the good work with the updates! Really happy reading your posts in korea HEHE.

12 years ago

the tiramisu looks yummy! hahaha maybe because sushi is not from korea that’s why expensive? LOL

12 years ago