[Seoul: Noksapyeong] Brunch at Little Neck 리틀넥



I mean, REALLY. if you TRIED looking for breakfast in Seoul, the only places you may stumble upon are probably the 24 hour places. there are absolutely no breakfast places in Seoul which I find very weird despite living here for the 6th year now. recently, there are many hip brunch places in Seoul but I haven’t found any that I liked yet. most were very basic; toast, scrambled eggs. nothing special. but not at Little Neck. not only are they visually pleasing, they are also very, very delicious.

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[Seoul: Hongdae] Bonita Di Cafe; a Raccoon Cafe


okay, I have to admit, I went to see Raccoons but I was more attracted to this cute little baby Corgi in the end.

IMG_9032 copy

anyways, here’s a baby Raccoon!

PS: this is a long post with a lot of cuteness overload pictures. so brace yourself for all that cuteness!

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[Seoul TIPS] Biking in Seoul


transportation in Seoul is probably one of the best in the world. it’s fast, affordable and easy. however, as a traveller, you may want to explore the narrower alleys and places trains and buses can’t reach and travel like a local. Seoul recently came up with the most brilliant idea, and that is to bike around in Seoul!

however, the website is really complicating and even with the Korean website, it took me and my friend over an hour to figure out how to use it.

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[Seoul: Banpo] Rainbow Fountain

if you ask me, I’d not recommend anybody who does not have extra time to spend to come here because.. it’s really nothing much.

unless you’re going there with your other half, then it might be quite romantic walking along Hangang river while watching the pretty rainbow fountain.

being here for over a year, it was my first time there.  I guess I was expecting it to be spectacular but it was well, just pretty.

Directions : Dongjak Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 1 or 2.

IMG_2303 copy

the bridge is really long. I always come by Banpo bridge when I take the bus without knowing that this long bridge is THE Banpo bridge. other than the fountain, I actually liked the reflections on the water more. Continue reading “[Seoul: Banpo] Rainbow Fountain”

[Seoul: Hongdae] Bauhaus Dog Cafe/Hotel

if you have watched “Mary stayed out all night” before, you’d know where did Jang Guen Suk hang out at. Hongdae. it was pretty late when I reached there ( around 8 ) and I didn’t have much time left to explore the place. but I gotta say, it’s an artsy place. every cafe there is SPLENDID. actually, not only the cafe’s there, but pretty much ALL the cafe’s around Seoul. the cafe which looks normal is the abnormal one there. but the thing is, there are much more cafes here compared to anywhere else!

Hongdae is basically around the Hongik University area and hence, you’d find many students. furthermore, it’s near Sinchon and Ewha, where two of the most prestigious universities are located at. so this street caters the students nightlife and also where they would hang out for a drink.

IMG_2682 copy

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