honestly, I am not a big fan of cats. in fact, I am quite scared of them. especially the evil looking ones pfft. but since Jian (akiraceo a.k.a Miao) is very fond of cats I thought I would come here just blog to show him how the cat cafes here look like (there are more than 3 that I know of).

IMG_6587 copy

we wanted to find the Gio Cat Cafe but unfortunately we got lost and stumbled upon Tom Cat Cafe (which is located opposite ARTBOX Hongdae =)). there’s also a Garfield mascot in the middle of Sinchon Rotary (at the huge crossroad) that advertises for some Cat Cafe as well.

IMG_6588 copy

upon entry! you have to change into their pair of shoes and get your hands sanitized.  there are a couple of house rules you’d have to follow to but the lady in the shop will explain it in Korean or English if you can’t speak Korean. =D.

IMG_6589 copy

cute drawings to tell you what to upon entry =D.

the entrance fees are 8,000won that comes with a drink. you can also buy pet treats at the shop because once you have it you will find more than 50% of all the cats in the shop surrounding your table. =P.

I ordered the Passion something which tasted really good. friends Latte is not bad too he said. =D.

IMG_6652 copy

I think cats look most adorable while sleeping. they shut their evil looking eyes if they have any. haha.

IMG_6639 copy

the puss in boots eyed cat.

IMG_6592 copy

evil eyed cat.

IMG_6604 copy

but she’s such a beautiful little tiger! <3.

IMG_6655 copy

Wai Kit’s favourite cat. small cats are so fond of small things that moves. but the fat ones.. mehhh…….

IMG_6662 copy

translates to “don’t fool around with straws, it’s painful”.

IMG_6614 copy

playtools are available. a bucket of them.

IMG_6613 copy

my proof of touching a cat. I am a very pro-dog person. =S.

IMG_6611 copy

the guy next to me was feeding the cats so there were a lot of cats around me hahaha. what a sight.

IMG_6620 copy


IMG_6638 copy

my cat face. hehehe.

cats are still too prideful for me. they are the king and you’re the servant =P.

IMG_6646 copy

you just want to call her “PRINCESS!”

IMG_6648 copy

filthy humans. hmph.

and this is one FATTTTTTT cat. with a grumpy face. like dulan 24/7.

IMG_6666 copy

miang face.

IMG_6608 copy


IMG_6621 copy

the Wai Kit’s favourite green eyed cat.

IMG_6625 copy

I’m looking at you looking at me~

IMG_6622 copy

fierce cat is fierce.

IMG_6630 copy

adorable sad eyed cat is adorable.



IMG_6669 copy

was freezing after getting out of that heated room. U_U.

IMG_6670 copy

hello Einstein!

DIRECTION : it’s opposite Artbox (and a few shops away). so FIND ARTBOX. FIND TOMSCAT =D.

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kucing dengan tikus
9 years ago


thanks for the post!!! enjoy it very much 😀

9 years ago

seriously??? cats cafe??? interesting!! XD

9 years ago

they're all so gorgeous!! the grey one with the forever tulan face is actually my favourite breed of cat hahahaha

9 years ago

I’m wearing sterling grey too but I don’t like it coz it looks a bit blue haha. Korea’s shops and cafes are all so pretty and the cats are so cute

8 years ago

haha i rike the caption so much dulan 24/7 and the fat cat face omg xD , it’s so enjoyable reading ur blog abt the cafes and places, envy much !

8 years ago

OMG, I love the nyan nyan~

6 years ago

Hey! I’m going to Korea soon and I really, really wanna go to this Cat Cafe, but I wonder what time does it open and what time does it close? Thanks thanks thanks sooo much! Btw the cats in your photo are so cute!