so, what do you call the shaved ice you see people eating in dramas?


pat = red bean
bingsu = shaved ice.

my friend was telling me how awesome this shop is and how different it is compared to other shops. it’s located at Sinchon near the Jjambbong shop I wrote earlier. it’s exterior is in light brown wood and usually filled with people. corner shop so it’s easy to spot =3. will eat there again and this time take more pictures but just so you know how awesome these patbingsu’s are in Korea, here’s a post for you. hehe.

IMG_7850 copy

shaved ice here, unlike Malaysia, are pretty expensive. and hence, it’s quite like a luxury food pfft. because what you see above is the Stawberry Patbingsu. I like how they do not mix the pat into the bingsu because I felt it tastes better without the pat as the Stawberry tastes awesome already. this shop is different and famous because it’s shaved ice is really smooth and is made out of milk. and the price? 7,000won. that’s around RM20.

IMG_7853 copy

but let me tell you, that this RM20 would be the best RM20 you have spent out of all the shaved ice you have eaten. at least the strawberries already worth the price haha.


just look at the amount of strawberries. and they are really huge and sweet.

IMG_7855 copy

if you enter a shop that looks like this. you know you’re at the right place =). don’t be surprised if you’ll have to wait for 10minutes for your seat and another 20minutes for your patbingsu. =P.

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11 years ago

Hi Jamie!
Hope you’re fine!
…in Italy “shaved ice” is called “Granita”, but we don’t eat it with strawberries or fresh fruit. We eat it with syrups.

11 years ago

Hey what’s the best way to contact you? Do u have whatsapp on ur phone? Lol. Or email me. I would like to email u sometime maybe next month regarding our arrangement coz i have options of places or things to do and i want u go come. I prefer to meet u before i leave for Malaysia or whatever fits with our schedules

11 years ago

Hello! I’m a new reader of you and I really enjoy reading your blog. 🙂 Please continue to pose interesting stuff about your stay in Korea! <3

11 years ago

Strawberries. 🙂

11 years ago

JAMIE, thank you so much for all your posts! I’m gonna tailor made my stay in Korea based on your posts. I love you! Please stay healthy and keep blogging 🙂