the last H-Artistry of 2010!

fuh. I loved it. the place was good, drinks were perfect, crowd? not sure about the other places but the ones at “O” were mad. =P. the O zone is for media, bloggers and stuff like that =D. I got tipsy on the 3rd glass and they said it is because I drank on an empty stomach. had about 7-8glasses only throughout the whole night =X. but is sane when I went home =D.


I have to admit that this is probably the biggest and nicest Hennessy Artistry I’ve ever been to. the set up was AMAZING! they initially said that 4000people will be there. but 6000 people ended up there! Continue reading “the last H-Artistry of 2010!”

JJ Lin <3. my love! =D.

I am guessing Vvens and Nat would sigh when they see this title. in fact, if I were them, I would too kekeke.


TADA!!! Vvens got so sad because she didn’t have her name written. but she got to stand next to him at the picture session! and he was standing SO CLOSE to her they looked like a couple in that picture pfft. Continue reading “JJ Lin <3. my love! =D.”

B2ST/BEAST! press conference

at Nikko Hotel. it is AWESOME. I have heard their songs months back and fell in love with their songs instantly but if you know me well, my korean song list is so long, I won’t even bother looking up for their faces. UNTIL, I have this opportunity to go to their press conference and showcase (thank you Nigel), I looked up for their video. and I thought, they are not bad looking!

PS : this shall be a short post! MORE PRESS CON PIX TO COME!


but the thing was, THEY ALL LOOK BETTER THAN I THOUGHT. they were all so hot. SO SO SO HOT. Continue reading “B2ST/BEAST! press conference”

Suju <3!

I finally got the pictures from Natalie and Vivien! so here’s my version with supposingly the same pictures but lesser from both of them.

they were ultimately AWESOME. I’ve not been to any (good)concerts because my mom have always been telling me what a waste of money it is to go watch idols which are to her, ordinary people too. well it might be different for her since she used to work with with some popular actors then on their closets and all. having famous actors calling her out for drinks as a normal friend was a common thing to her. so she have never understood why I IDOLIZE certain people so crazily. hmm. actually I wonder why too. =X. anyways, let’s begin =D!

by the way, this will be an incredulously long post so I will hide most of it under the link “read more”. 28 pictures will lag your comp really. kekeke.

I went with GinnyVeryPretty, NatalieKyute and Viwon. okay those names are so last minute. Natalie likes Kyu Hyun and Vivien, Siwon. I’m actually Siwon too but I am now very much into everybody T_T. Continue reading “Suju <3!”