I finally got the pictures from Natalie and Vivien! so here’s my version with supposingly the same pictures but lesser from both of them.

they were ultimately AWESOME. I’ve not been to any (good)concerts because my mom have always been telling me what a waste of money it is to go watch idols which are to her, ordinary people too. well it might be different for her since she used to work with with some popular actors then on their closets and all. having famous actors calling her out for drinks as a normal friend was a common thing to her. so she have never understood why I IDOLIZE certain people so crazily. hmm. actually I wonder why too. =X. anyways, let’s begin =D!

by the way, this will be an incredulously long post so I will hide most of it under the link “read more”. 28 pictures will lag your comp really. kekeke.

I went with GinnyVeryPretty, NatalieKyute and Viwon. okay those names are so last minute. Natalie likes Kyu Hyun and Vivien, Siwon. I’m actually Siwon too but I am now very much into everybody T_T.

thank you Ginny again for the tickets! <3. saranghae!

our view of the stage. it’s pretty near. but not near enough to see their face clearly lah. but not bad haha.

one more for a clearer view!

I’m going to introduce most of my favourite bandmates so if you want to see them then click on the link below!

THE LIVING WORK OF ART SI WON. I have to agree. he looks like a living art sculpture. if David is alive he would probably want to carve Siwon out of stone too. =3.

Viwon and I drool like mad when we saw him. =P.

and Ryu Wook (or Ryeo Wook) is the most charming/pretty/perfect guy. he is that guy with the perfect skin, perfect teeth and all! because when he was singing his solo he was facing to our side and I made my careless way into the crowd in front just to testify how cute he is AND YES HE IS UTTERLY CUTE, I WANT TO MARRY HIM AT THAT VERY MOMENT. HE IS LIKE AN ANGEL!

NatalieKyute gets super duper happy and hyped up when Kyu Hyun is out =D.

Ye Sung look’s like Lin Jun Jie. really! =X.

FUWAHHH I love him. he is so cute and charming. <3. and funny. Lee Teuk is the leader of the band and he is so lame hahaha.

Sung Min should be the pretty boy instead of Hee Chul, don’t have an introduction picture of him but you’ll see. he is.. so pretty.

Dong Hae is one of the most handsome ones in the band, google him =D.

Shin Dong is probably the most.. not-you-see-and-you’d-drool kind. but he never fails to make the crowd laugh. the comedian in the group. and guess what? EVERYBODY LOVES HIM.

LEE TEUK! <3. <3. <3! he looks rather happy ALL THE TIME.

and NatalieKyute’s favourite Kyu. I can’t deny the fact that he IS the MOST HANDSOME one. =X. <3. and now I am adding him into the top 10 guys that I like list =D.

TADA! Hee Chul! NatalieKyute said that his nickname is Cinderella because he is all beautiful and he has long hair perhaps. but his girly clothes looks REALLY WEIRD. although he doesn’t look ugly even in those really ugly supposingly FEMALE clothing.

but I really like him, he is so funny and adorable. and is unbelievably random!

this is Eun Hyuk. one of the 10 that was there that day. he constantly pulls his “shorts” up a bit to look sexier. and damn, his legs ARE sexier than most girls!

GinnyVeryPretty said : I TOTALLY HAVE THAT TOP LOH.

they are so lame and funny they dressed up as f(x). with wigs. crazily funny. and the guy on the big screen is my favourite Ryeo Wook, I TOLD you he is DAMN PRETTY.

Super Junior-M. the M stands for mandarin. and this is the only picture I have on Henry Lau (he’s chinese) in the concert. he did his violin thing. his famous kneel down and suddenly stand up without using his hands thing. it’s VERY COOL whether you like it or not. some people think the way of him playing violin is a bit too much. BUT THEN, CAN YOU DO IT?

he isn’t really included in Super Junior, just in Super Junior M. =X.

http://www.youtube.com/v/uYyJrjrb7Jw?hl=en_US&fs=1 copy paste the link larh okay. even though you have to see Sue Son (very super good as well!) in front but this is the only one available now =(. and cannot embed it. WTH. PFFT.

enjoy his violin skills =D. he is REALLY GOOD. WATCH IT.

and such coincident, our Malaysia’s famous violinist, Dennis Lau, have the same surname. haha. Liew and Lau is the same too BY THE WAY. =D. in most cases. kekeke.

the song that I have the whole album for. Sorry Sorry! <3. their famous dance steps =3.

sorry sorry sorry sorry, naega naega naega munjeo, naega naega naega bajou bajou bajou bareo baby, shorty shorty shorty….” it’s way too addictive. and the lyrics are so catchy you’d easily memorize it =3.

SIWON AT OUR SIDE! <3. he constantly shows off his 6 pax. zomg. even it’s a bit of a show-off but he really do have what it takes to do so. kekeke. but I hope he could smirk more. it suits him like mad. *faints*. can anybody look so good while smirking?!

Hee Chul is disgustingly weird. he is smelling Shin Dong’s armpit OUT OF THE BLUES. I mean, it isn’t a nice thing to do. but at least it does look stupid and is funny kekekeke.

and look at Siwon. if you’re a guy, looking at a girl wearing a low cut shirt, you’d nosebleed. well, I guess it goes the same for girls on Siwon. JUST ON SIWON. <3.

Ye Sung. I was standing in front while he was fixing his thing and I saw how he spoils it and then miserably tries to fix it for a certain period of time and gets fed up and throws it on the floor, like a kid. hahaha!

Kyu Hyun is named the kangaroo. somehow it really DOES suit him. =X. but still, he is so hot T_T. HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT. he have those nice, kind, sweet, loving, rich, well-mannered, smart kind of look =D. those perfect boys lah. hehe.

HHAHAHA I cannot believe that they are so playful. even on stage. they seem like they are having loads of fun. well, sure lah one ticket costs like RM458, imagine how much they are earning =X.

my favourite Bunny Ryeo Wook. I love sissy boys if I have to say that.


a clearer view of all of them ; Ryeo Wook, Sung Min, Eun Hyuk, Kyu Hyun, Ye Sung, Dong Hae, Lee Teuk, Siwon and Hee Chul. whoo! I remember all of their names now! =3. the after-concert-hype. wait, Shin Dong is missing @@.

and an EVEN clearer view.

finally Shin Dong arrives. see that pig? =D.

also, you can read NatalieKyute‘s version and Viwon’s version part 1 and part 2 at their blog. =D.

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11 years ago

bimbooooo! but i love them tooo *swoooons*

eh can install subscribe to comments, i don’t know whether u replied me or not!

11 years ago

zomg how?! teach me! T_T.

ya they are fabulous <3. super suka them!

11 years ago

Whoa….this is a pretty long post…
oh the vid on youtube aint working by the way – the violin one