BEAST CONTINUES. the concert.

THE FANS. I was pretty lucky because as many as 35 people (welll, more and more after the first girl got the privileged to go in before other does) fainted being stuck there for more than 4 hours. those in front waited since 6am. crazy much? it is supposed to start at 7, but it really only started at 9. pity them. and being on top I saw all these crowd getting all hyped up even after being so exhausted. Continue reading “BEAST CONTINUES. the concert.”

B2ST/BEAST! press conference

at Nikko Hotel. it is AWESOME. I have heard their songs months back and fell in love with their songs instantly but if you know me well, my korean song list is so long, I won’t even bother looking up for their faces. UNTIL, I have this opportunity to go to their press conference and showcase (thank you Nigel), I looked up for their video. and I thought, they are not bad looking!

PS : this shall be a short post! MORE PRESS CON PIX TO COME!


but the thing was, THEY ALL LOOK BETTER THAN I THOUGHT. they were all so hot. SO SO SO HOT. Continue reading “B2ST/BEAST! press conference”