[Jinhae] Korea’s most beautiful place in Spring: Jinhae Cherry Blossoms

it’s my 4th year here and I thought.. I might not be able to go to Jinhae next year since it’s going to be my last year and I might be busy. so.. I’ll just go there this year. some of my friends come here every single year but the jam and long hour bus ride is too tiring for me. unless I can afford a KTX ride, I don’t think I want to come to this festival again. 5 hour bus ride one way and the place’s pretty crowded. it wasn’t like super duper crowded. more of a bearable kind of crowded. but maybe because I went there at 630am in the morning and I left at 2pm.

but one thing for sure, the pictures came out really well. like, really really well. indeed the most beautiful place to be at during spring. the whole city’s filled with cherry blossoms as well! but I was too tired to explore it all… I only had 1 hour of sleep the night before hahaha.

IMG_0885 copy1 copy

here’s my favourite shot! Neoh told me to “PRETEND TO LOOK AT THE FLOWERS!” I looked like a robot in the first few pictures and then it became better. Continue reading “[Jinhae] Korea’s most beautiful place in Spring: Jinhae Cherry Blossoms”

Halal or not?

okay, to be honest, Korea is probably like.. one of the most difficult when it comes to Halal food; you don’t know the language and you would like to avoid food that’s against your religion. while you can still eat and dine at various halal restaurants in Seoul. Halal food is widely UNAVAILABLE. most shops sell pork. and most Muslims do not know what they can eat or not in Seoul and it made them refrain from trying many things especially when they are not with a guide. (most Muslim friends opt for seafood restaurants or seafood dishes, it may contain pork or non-halal meat sometimes) but through Halal in Korea, you can now know what is halal and what’s haram in Korea. and here’s the list.

I just thought I’d let my fellow Muslim readers know what can be or cannot be eaten in Korea with the list I found online since I find it difficult to come by a list as complete as this one. I tried googling for Halal food when I first came but I had to filter through blogs and websites which was a hassle.

hope this can help my Muslim friends and have a great time in Korea!

[Seoul: Hongdae] KAREÖ 카레오 홍대

the no.1 Japanese curry shop in Seoul?

that must be Kareo! a restaurant that I frequent a lot in Hongdae. I am not quite a fan of most curry shops in Korea because they are normally too sweet or just.. too bland for my Malaysian taste buds. but what’s good about Kareo you ask?

well.. it’s affordable! while 8,000 and up is the price of a plate of curry at other shops, the curry here has such a big portion that.. you should only order one portion for 2. since I eat a lot, I normally order the huge portion and share it with a friend. while many shops dislike the fact that you share your portion and insist on having each person ordering one portion, in Kareo, they told me that one portion is very huge and I should not order 2 for 2 of us in case we cannot finish it. kind staff yes? they care for their customers more than their profits =D.

가끔식 카레를 땡기신적 있죠? 저두 그런 마음이 있겠죠~ 그래서 카레를 땡길 때마다 홍대 카레오로 찾으러 갑니다!

카레오와 다른 카레집의 다른 점은 보통 달달한 카레와 달리 일본카레라 약간 더 매콤하고 스파이스의 맛이 조금 더 강합니다~ 카레 꼽빼기 하나만 시켜도 2사람 먹기엔 녹녹합니다~ 나누면 생각보다 가격이 되게 착해요!

KakaoTalk_20150326_212334756 copy

here’s an ugly picture of myself =D. I was extra hungry because I spent hours biking before that.

자전거 배운 후에 머리가 엉망진창이네요 @@. Continue reading “[Seoul: Hongdae] KAREÖ 카레오 홍대”

[Seoul: Samcheongdong] the 2nd best place in Seoul 서울서 둘째로 잘하는 집

the 2nd best place in Seoul is one of the oldest cafe/dabang around as they are open since 1976. although not as old as Hakrim Dabang, this is actually my.. 3rd time here? and my second post on it. the first post here.

ever since my good friend came with me 3 years ago and I’ve never once came here again since he passed away.. but it’s a cafe filled with our memories and the cafe stayed the same.

IMG_9971 copy

located at the end of Samcheongdong street, the cafe isn’t difficult to find. Continue reading “[Seoul: Samcheongdong] the 2nd best place in Seoul 서울서 둘째로 잘하는 집”

[Seoul: Bukchon] Keungiwajib Michelin Soy Crab 큰기와집 간장게장

there is this one thing which I didn’t enjoy at first because I thought it was weird– Ganjang Gejang. but as time passed I opened up my mind to all types of food and when I started to think raw food ain’t that disgusting, I begin to fall deeply in love with it. and because it’s raw in a way, you need to go to a restaurant that does it right. of course, there’s “PRO Ganjang Gejang” at Sinsa but because I live in Jongro, it’s very far for me hehehe.

IMG_3649 copy

Keun Giwa Jip is a famous restaurant for Ganjang Gejang in Seoul and I dare say, it’s one of the best Gejangs in Seoul although I hadn’t had too much of it (it’s expensive!). it even earned a Michelin Star! from reading Korean blogs, I heard that there are very few good gejang places in Seoul. so far, Pro ganjang gejang and Keungiwajip is the best. Continue reading “[Seoul: Bukchon] Keungiwajib Michelin Soy Crab 큰기와집 간장게장”

[Seoul: Anguk Station/Bukchon] Meet Market Steakhouse

I am not sure if I’ve ever said this on my blog before. but I am sure I’ve told my friends over and over again that.. I’ve never had any decent steak here and I personally do not recommend chain restaurants like TGIF for steak because they’re… not worth it.

but thanks to my friend who works nearby Anguk, my faith in Korean steaks is restored. =3.

IMG_2349 copy

Meet Market is a quaint little one story building along Bukchon-ro. this restaurant was modified from a Hanok and certain Hanok architecture remains in the restaurant so I thought it was really unique! there was a glass roof in the middle too so the lightings in the afternoon’s purrrrrfect. Continue reading “[Seoul: Anguk Station/Bukchon] Meet Market Steakhouse”

Honey Butter Chips and Christmas!

if you follow Korean news or some idols, or live in Korea, I bet you know about this recent craze over this bag of 1500won chips called the honey butter chips. how did it started becoming so famous? well I’m not sure. but one thing I’m sure of is that Calbee is doing a good job in persuading everyone to long for it by making it a sacred item at the moment.

CIMG6698 copy

but is this bag of chips really something new? well no it isn’t! guess what? it was on the Japanese shelves in 2012 as a limited edition item. it somehow got to Korea and that craze over it started. I have a feeling that it is just another marketing scheme made by the Koreans but yeah, it is successful every single time. they started selling these bags of glorious chips once again in Japan and I heard it will be on shelves only until.. March. so if you’re in Japan (these chips are just sitting there on the shelves. not very popular really. the Koreans are the ones buying most of them I guess haha.) you might want to try some and see what’s all that craze about. since getting it in Korea is nearly impossible for foreigners like us. Continue reading “Honey Butter Chips and Christmas!”

[Seoul: Yongsan] High Tea @ Sheraton D-cube Hotel Seoul

so not too long ago, I went to Sheraton to try that very unique looking tea set of theirs. since the.. name of the hotel is D-cube, the tea set’s pretty cubical and because it’s December, I get to order the CHRISTMAS SET!!!

I have never actually been high-tea-ing before because I am a cheapskate like that. but.. Sheraton’s prices is pretty reasonable. one glass of drink there would probably cost around 13,000won to 15,000won already but the tea set + the tea’s 17,500won. still pretty expensive I know T_T. but I guess it’s worth the experience!

SAM_3645 copy

when we arrived, the place was already full and we had to wait for a place. and for just 2 of us, they gave us a 6 person seat hahaha. Continue reading “[Seoul: Yongsan] High Tea @ Sheraton D-cube Hotel Seoul”

[Seoul: Sinsa] Remicone

HELLO MY DEAR READERS! I know it have been very long. I am still surviving. just done with my exams and I am here to introduce you a popular ice cream store in Seoul located at the “Paris” of Seoul; Garuso-gil, Sinsa-dong.

turn into the alley next to L’Occitane and you’d eventually find this unique ice cream store called REMICONE.

CIMG3555 copy

and apparently, it’s by no-name. reminds me of spirited away. hahahahaha.

CIMG3557 copy

so when you walk into the store you’d see pretty waitresses dressed in write. Continue reading “[Seoul: Sinsa] Remicone”

FOOD TOUR! by O’ngofood.

maybe it is a little weird that I am actually participating in a tour while actually being here for my 3rd year now.

it isn’t any tour though. it is a FOOD TOUR. wait.. what? does a tour like this even exist?


many people participate in this tour because their friends told them what a blast they had. and I was there to find out!

CIMG3494 copy

so for all the foodies like myself who love going for the local food and also cooking classes to learn how to make authentic Korean dishes! not just Kimchi, but something that’s actually filling. as for myself, I attended the night dining tour =3. I would love to try everything! given if I have time too. T_____T. see how much I am contributing to write all these posts for you people? Continue reading “FOOD TOUR! by O’ngofood.”