[Seoul: Bukchon] Keungiwajib Michelin Soy Crab 큰기와집 간장게장

there is this one thing which I didn’t enjoy at first because I thought it was weird– Ganjang Gejang. but as time passed I opened up my mind to all types of food and when I started to think raw food ain’t that disgusting, I begin to fall deeply in love with it. and because it’s raw in a way, you need to go to a restaurant that does it right. of course, there’s “PRO Ganjang Gejang” at Sinsa but because I live in Jongro, it’s very far for me hehehe.

IMG_3649 copy

Keun Giwa Jip is a famous restaurant for Ganjang Gejang in Seoul and I dare say, it’s one of the best Gejangs in Seoul although I hadn’t had too much of it (it’s expensive!). it even earned a Michelin Star! from reading Korean blogs, I heard that there are very few good gejang places in Seoul. so far, Pro ganjang gejang and Keungiwajip is the best. Continue reading “[Seoul: Bukchon] Keungiwajib Michelin Soy Crab 큰기와집 간장게장”