witnessing a love story.

2 days ago I was invited to a wedding of a close friend whom I’ve never met. for years we’ve been talking about “when he gets married” but the day already came so soon! I was so gobsmacked when I first found out last year because they were the first of all my friends to actually announce that they will get married! I felt that in marriage, age is nothing but a number, and starting a family with somebody you love is just so magical, it’s like.. a dream come true. previously, he had always had plans to marry her right after uni and no doubt he is a man of his words! Continue reading “witnessing a love story.”


it is so hard to believe. I turned 19. it’s like, way over sweet 16. T_T. I sound old now. I don’t understand how can I still feel so young and childish. I really need to grow! even though I don’t know how will I eventually grow hahahaha.

besides, it’s my last year of being a teenager T_T. oh my.


this is my Opera cake. Opera cakes are awesome. they taste fantastic! looks fantastic as well! Continue reading “NINETEENTH!”

Painin Fever.

painin is where you visit somebody’s home on the Chinese New Year period to gamble, chit chat and get angpows *if you’re single that is. I especially love this season — even if I don’t gamble and had to play angry birds at the corner of the house. okay, it’s not that bad, I actually love the fact that many people gather together after such a long time and actually have fun together. sometimes, it isn’t the angpow that matters, it’s how friends and family who had not meet for such a long time actually making an effort to gather together.

some busy people might think, ah.. it’s so troublesome, it is JUST another week anyway. but what’s different? you’d have to experience it to understand ba.

I just felt, everyone should at least get together on CNY. especially close friends and families. =).


barely even all the females on my mother’s side. we would need two school bus if we were to ever travel on a field trip together! Continue reading “Painin Fever.”

Say Seventeen <3.


a few more days to go =D. I am born on mothers day! but since mothers day changes every year, this year it isn’t on the exact day of mothers day, instead, it is one day earlier. =D! I prefer being sixteen I don’t know why. maybe because it sounds better =/. and why do I have exams near my birthday everytime it is so not fair pfft.

my white party where I will only allow everybody to either wear white (or pink) where I will wear something else =D.

my first camwhore =O. MrHumble bought me this dress for my birthday! I LOVE IT. okay I really got to say that he’ve got some better taste than me in clothing *sobs*. but THANKS! I appreciate it a lot =). Continue reading “Say Seventeen <3.”

To My Daddy.

15th of August, my dads birthday, now I’m 16 and I don’t remember celebrating with him every year. I really want to, but can’t because he’s working far away in China.

this post is fully dedicated to my dad.

every year, we usually call him and wish him Happy Birthday and also send him an online E-card. but now I wonder, are E-cards really special? they’re all animated and all words and messages are usually written. sending a card there takes 2 weeks and it might not reach too sometimes, torn or wet too maybe. so the best way to keep it all right to me would be by posting it online.

jamieliew Continue reading “To My Daddy.”