15th of August, my dads birthday, now I’m 16 and I don’t remember celebrating with him every year. I really want to, but can’t because he’s working far away in China.

this post is fully dedicated to my dad.

every year, we usually call him and wish him Happy Birthday and also send him an online E-card. but now I wonder, are E-cards really special? they’re all animated and all words and messages are usually written. sending a card there takes 2 weeks and it might not reach too sometimes, torn or wet too maybe. so the best way to keep it all right to me would be by posting it online.


*I am the one on my grandma’s hands* my daddy’s love could be seen in everything he’d done. since I am an infant, he love me so much, trying to give me the best of everything, and only one month old, he took me to Langkawi with an airplane. and I remember when I was a few years old, he took me to some helicopter too. also teaching me how to eat the expensive sushi and sashimi then, which was when I was around 5 or 6. training me how to eat spicy food, so I won’t be afraid of spicy-ness when I grow up. and now, also training me how to appreciate and consume wine, so that I won’t be drunk easily next time when I grow up.


he did all he can trying to support my family, giving us the best he could, always taking us to beautiful restaurants having us all dressed up nicely, just so we could be happy and live a comfortable life. even during the hard times, he would just let himself suffer without letting us know how difficult it is and cope into anything he can thought he could barely cope into, still giving the best to us, but only with one motivation, which is to make his family proud.


when I was at two, I grow up looking more and more like him, everybody thinks that I am just the female version of my dad. freatures, to the attitude, very alike. and I appreciate it because that’s what I am made of, my dad and my mom, just that I look a lot more alike with my dad. although he have no sons, but he don’t grumble and fret about it, and instead, he loves us more than those rich mans who craves for sons love their son.


he held me so close everytime it is his turn to take care of me, wanting me to be safe and have no problem with everything. I still remember that when I was younger, he used to teach my sister and me math by asking us to add up all the numbers in a car’s number plate. not only that, he used to drive my sister to school and asks her to say the maths table out loud and clear and said it is going to be my turn in a few years time.



unfortunately, in 1998, he went to China for his job. before that, I thought that it was okay and I wouldn’t miss him because when you were young, the dolls seem more important than your own parents, but as I grew up, I find it weird that I didn’t have a dad always being at home, even though he comes back once a few months, but it will only be for a short while. and I cherish the times when he’s here.


whenever he is back in Malaysia, we will go shopping and all. and when my dad used to buy me many things I want, I thought that my mom were being all evil by always not letting me have anything I want. but actually, it is because my dad is not always here and he wants to give what he could when he is with me. and I noticed what I want when I was young were nothing important nor useful. even so, he will still buy it for me even if it’s with an unreasonable price.


even if he can see me grow up just until I’m six, but I always thought that he saw me grow up because of these technologies. web camera’s, telephones, airplanes.. I don’t mind seeing my dad only on a flat screen eventhough it’d be better to see a 3D. I am not angry of him just because he couldn’t spend more time with me. I am actually happy to see my dad working so hard for the family, I felt proud to have such a good dad, and I feel blessed that he is my dad, not anybody else, because I know that nobody would suffer on their own just to let his or her family live a little more comfortable. not many people know what is it like to work alone in a foreign country, even your relatives can’t be trusted sometimes. he supported the whole family for so many years, and I am living very in a very comfortable surrounding, having a life that I think is perfect.


when I was young, nobody really liked me because I was so stupid, but my dad is the one that makes me feel not so stupid eventhough people think that I will fail in everything if I continue being lazy. instead, my dad told me that he have faith in me and thinks highly of me. and I like it that my father is proud of me. and no matter how lazy now, I want to and I will try my best to make him proud, even if it’s almost impossible as I’m very very lazy. but I will certainly do what I can. I guess to succeed is what every parent want to see from their children. unless that parent is not a parent.


and also when I think I am ugly, my dad will say that I am pretty and because of me looking like him, I look even prettier of course. no matter what, my dad will always think I am special and important even if I am not.


and no matter how busy, vacations are always provided, no matter near or far, it’s always so happy. it does mean that no matter how busy, he will make time for us whenever he can. even if he’s in China, he calls back often and talks to us. I really feel bad that he is the only one working. I hope when my sis is staying in China, she’ll help him out more and also let him feel loved too. I’ve been always taking from my dad, and never giving, or maybe because I am too young, I really really want to give him more, as much as I can.


I don’t think I’d ever get it why people will hate their own parents for caring for them and also budding into their lives, and for those who didn’t like taking pictures with their parents thinking it’s a shameful thing because they always treat you as a kid while taking pictures, I really don’t get them. I don’t get it why they don’t treasure the moment and the memories, and even if I look like a total mushroom head in that picture, but I still love it because it looks so happy and perfect. until now, I think that pictures taken with parents are really something we should appreciate. and no matter what, you’re their baby.


and until when I’m older, I finally get to go to China to see where my dad is living at and how is it like. I found out that it’s rather difficult to cope into mandarin when you’re a total banana, and my mandarin bases are actually better than my dad when he first when there, but for now, you could hardly even get to differentiate his mandarin with the China mans one. I can imagine how hard it was to learn mandarin just with the “speak mandarin today” books and how hardworking he was to finally learn it himself, not even with any tutors.

xia men

I understand that it is really tough to be in his position, but as he is, I felt that he is the wisest man I’ve ever known, because he isn’t all outdated or like any uncle you know, he is very in! like the boots I’m wearing in this picture, he choose it for me, and I think it’s gorgeous. and did you notice that he’s wearing a pair of converse? my dad is not only great, he’s fashionable. he have 4 times more clothes than me. surely a lot more pair of shoes, bags and pants. I am really proud to say, that my dad is a cool dad. and I will still love him as much even if he is not so cool.


in school, once there were this essay the teacher gave us entitled “the person you admire most”. many people wrote about Dr Mahathir, Tun Abdul Razak, some geniuses and some psychics. but for me, I wrote about my dad. no matter how smart others is, to me, my dad is still the best guy I can find on earth. he is funny, willing to sacrifice for his own family, hardworking, smart, tall, handsome!, loving, cute, etc. no guy is better than him, and I am keen with my thinking.


and today, I would like to wish daddy a Happy 56th Birthday. everybody in the family loves you daddy. we all do. thank you for everything. everything you’ve given to me, even the piece of durian you bought for mommy in the middle of the night just because she wants to eat it when she is having me. and thats no wonder why I love durian so so much. =D.

jamie liew

so hot right?! that’s me! all infants have a bulky tummy! I am quite sure you have it too when you were just 1-2 years old. =P.

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Chu King
Chu King
15 years ago

Fantastic post.

Very very well written and see how much love can do to a person.

He certainly love and care about the family very much.

Again, very very very well written Jamie !

15 years ago

splendid post darling Jamie
im sure ur dad wud be so touched to see this post.
not everyone can write a post this perfect like you did.

help me wish your dad a happy birthday ok?