painin is where you visit somebody’s home on the Chinese New Year period to gamble, chit chat and get angpows *if you’re single that is. I especially love this season — even if I don’t gamble and had to play angry birds at the corner of the house. okay, it’s not that bad, I actually love the fact that many people gather together after such a long time and actually have fun together. sometimes, it isn’t the angpow that matters, it’s how friends and family who had not meet for such a long time actually making an effort to gather together.

some busy people might think, ah.. it’s so troublesome, it is JUST another week anyway. but what’s different? you’d have to experience it to understand ba.

I just felt, everyone should at least get together on CNY. especially close friends and families. =).


barely even all the females on my mother’s side. we would need two school bus if we were to ever travel on a field trip together!

yes I know, my hair is totally dominating the entire picture PFFT. didn’t have time to cut it before CNY and now I cannot cut it until CNY is over. CNY taboo. haha.

just to name a few superstitions of CNY’s DON’Ts :
– cut your hair
– cut your nails (fml my nail broke vertically and I still don’t dare to cut it!)
– sweep the floor (esp on 1st day)
– say anything bad
– buy shoes (because shoes in cantonese is HAI which sounds very much like sighing)

IMG_41282 copy

the rabbit gesture he is doing for this rabbit year! =D. and that’s a mandarin orange I am holding!

currently the only kawan baik who came to visit me. such a good friend Jeremy is. *wipes tears*.


the people I love hanging out with.

tsk tsk tsk everybody’s so busy nowadays and this is like the first time we gathered together this year. which gives an extra reason on why we need CNY! heh.

who’s having an open house soon? =D.

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