be nice.

those who’s a close follower of my blog will know how much I’ve been through especially the past few months. these past few months got me thinking even harder about who I really am, my purpose in life and how I want to live it. and trust me, after you go through some real hardships, life seem to be so much brighter and easier. what I went through made me realize how lucky I am to be able to have freedom, to make my own choices, and therefore I shall not take my freedom for granted.

but most importantly, it also taught me to be nicer to others. I mean, it doesn’t hurt to be nice, really.

I used to be really competitive and I also had a lot of resentment and hate, being jealous and upset at people whom are better than me (especially academically), resenting people who mistreated me, ignoring people whom I think are bad, and I may also have been mean to people whom actions I am not too fond of, but I am trying harder to find out more about why they do the things they do and try to respect that; and be nice. Continue reading “be nice.”

[Seoul: Buam-dong] My 23rd Birthday @ Prep 프렙 부암동

먼저 내 생일 디너 와준 친구들에게 와줘서 고맙고 초대 받고 못 오는 친구들은 담에 나한테 밥 쏜다!!! 일어나서 메세지 미치게 들어오는 것도 고맙고 페복에서 글 남긴 사람들에게도 고마워욤.

프렙은 원래 홍대에 있었던 페페로니입니다. 작은 가게였지만 음식은 제가 한국에서 외국음식 중에서 제일 맛있다고 생각하는 가게이고 여기의 음식은 대부분 와인과 잘 어울리게 만든 음식입니다. 프렙은 이제 부암동에 있습니다. 가격은.. 저같은 학생에겐 그렇게 착하진 않고요 대신 음식질도 보장할 수 있는 거죠. 가격에 따라 품질도 다르는것과 똑같은거죠~. 여기는 넘 맛있어서 돈 모아서 올 수 있는 정도입니다 ㅋㅋㅋ.

so exactly one week ago, I celebrated my 19th 23rd (ㅠㅠ) Birthday with a small group of close friends and I am really really glad everyone made time to come despite living far, busy schedules etc.

Prep used to be called Peperoni, a small and cozy restaurant located at the convenient Hongdae (or Hapjeong) but after it had moved to Buam-dong, it was pretty difficult to access but since I was a big fan of it since its early days, I decided to hold my birthday dinner here! it’s pretty pricey but the price we paid for that night was pretty decent.

IMG_4151 copy

happy birthday to me! =D. Continue reading “[Seoul: Buam-dong] My 23rd Birthday @ Prep 프렙 부암동”

How I learned Korean + Japanese books giveaway!

this is probably one of the most frequently asked questions by not only my readers, but friends, acquaintances and people (foreigners) whom I’ve met in Korea especially.

I’ve studied Korean for 1 year in Yonsei University and I am of level 6. graduated. Continue reading “How I learned Korean + Japanese books giveaway!”

Filial Piety

have you ever questioned yourself, how would your perfect family be?

of course you have.

but from what I see, as people move on to their later stages in life, most tend to forget about their old ones.

as you get busier and busier with your life, your old parents sitting at home calling you would be such a bothersome thing. you just DO NOT have time for them. but heck, you have time for your friends and your kids. first ask yourself why do you not have time for them. well, stop giving excuses because what they talk about is just plain annoying to you. Continue reading “Filial Piety”

my awesome 20th.

or my 21st, like how they say it here. in Korea, you are 1 years old as soon as you’re born =D. because they count the 9 months of you being in your mom’s womb. I was already so devastated to know that I am no longer a teenager and the next thing they told me is that I am 21. haha. it’s like as if I skipped 20 years old haha. oh well.

hence there were 3 candles on my cake. =P.

so shall we start on how I celebrated my birthday (for the first time overseas and without my mom’s famous pasta) here?

IMG_9391 copy1

but traditions will always be traditions, I MUST HAVE PASTAS ON MY BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION WITH FRIENDS! Continue reading “my awesome 20th.”


just in case you’re not a follower of my blog, I am now in Korea for my language studies.

the plane landed 5minutes earlier but then the immigration was taking such a long time so I missed the last bus to take to my friends place (they usually have bus till late for places like Myeongdong). I sneaked 8kg (oh well laptop doesn’t count as a baggage for AirAsiaX apparently) and my shoulders are aching even until now T____________T. 3 baggage handcarry and 3 checked in. if I were to total everything up it would be more than 50kg. no kidding. but I’m here for my studies! no choice. the other choices would be expensive. I have a friend’s friend whose bag is so heavy she brought her mom with her so that she can have extra weight and it’s cheaper like that haha.

Picture 955 copy

HII!! from the first day in Seoul. today’s my 2nd. but my friend said it’s 3rd. BUT I LANDED LATE! Continue reading “I’VE ARRIVED IN KOREA!”

witnessing a love story.

2 days ago I was invited to a wedding of a close friend whom I’ve never met. for years we’ve been talking about “when he gets married” but the day already came so soon! I was so gobsmacked when I first found out last year because they were the first of all my friends to actually announce that they will get married! I felt that in marriage, age is nothing but a number, and starting a family with somebody you love is just so magical, it’s like.. a dream come true. previously, he had always had plans to marry her right after uni and no doubt he is a man of his words! Continue reading “witnessing a love story.”


it is so hard to believe. I turned 19. it’s like, way over sweet 16. T_T. I sound old now. I don’t understand how can I still feel so young and childish. I really need to grow! even though I don’t know how will I eventually grow hahahaha.

besides, it’s my last year of being a teenager T_T. oh my.


this is my Opera cake. Opera cakes are awesome. they taste fantastic! looks fantastic as well! Continue reading “NINETEENTH!”