SO, here’s 100 random things about me to blow that misconception people have about me.

  1. I may look like I am not so approachable sometimes, but I am really really REALLY friendly.
  2. I have never done drugs nor took a puff on a cigg.
  3. ramen is like the yummiest food. ever. don’t fancy steak. unless they are Hanwoo or Kobe xD.
  4. I am a thrift queen. everyone close to me knows that. poor student need to thrift!
  5. spicy food is my thang.
  6. food will put a smile on my face.
  7. unlike my pictures, the real me is very animated.
  8. I’m a couch potato. I love watching K/J-dramas during my free time.
  9. not really into K-pop. more into K-food =D.
  10. in contrast to many’s beliefs, I do not own a single LV bag. nor Gucci, or anything over 200USD. T_T.
  11. my GPA is over 4.0. 4.11 to be exact. (of 4.5)
  12. I enjoy being the photographer. not just the one being taken.
  13. I enjoy watching Dr.PimplePopper. yeap. so satisfying.
  14. I’m into Oogui Eating videos and also miniature cooking videos.
  15. I’ve never gotten my nails done in a nail salon in the past 10 years.
  16. I’ve only been on low-cost airlines for the past 6 years.
  17. my favourite colour is blue.
  18. I have OCD but I rarely wash my bed sheets =X. well, that’s because I must shower every night before I touch my bed. my logic lol.
  19. when I sleep in the bus my head fall back and my mouth opens wide. T_T.
  20. I don’t like sweet drinks.
  21. but I love sweets.
  22. I own so many boxes of anime’s, I think I could open a mini rental shop.
  23. if you’re younger than me, make sure you treat me with respect. (Koreanfied.)
  24. I do not mind if you need help from me. provided if it’s not too much to ask for.
  25. I am ridiculously lazy when it comes to skincare.
  26. hair care too.
  27. believe it or not, but makeup too!
  28. JKnews is my source of news.
  29. I always forget to shave.
  30. and put on perfume.
  31. I hate being late.
  32. I show up early in class most of the time.
  33. just to get the front seat. I always sit in front. but it is because I can’t see.
  34. I am too lazy to wear contact lenses.
  35. glasses look stupid on me. I know.
  36. I can’t afford to buy cooler glasses. :(.
  37. during my free time in Uni, if I am not studying in the library, I will be sleeping on the bench. like diagonally.
  38. no, I do not enjoy clubs that much. my last time there was, what? a year ago?
  39. but I love clubbing music.
  40. I listen to clubbing music at home. but I love other music too.
  41. I love French songs.
  42. I took French classes for a year. but I can barely understand or speak it. reading only maybe.
  43. my boyfriend did not give me anything for my birthday because he claims that he’s the gift. oTL.
  44. no, I’ve never gotten surgery.
  45. I enjoy cycling.
  46. and hiking.
  47. not a fan of classical music.
  48. but I love jazz.
  49. one of my dreams is to be an investment banker. (but I may be far from my dream. T_T. refer me anyone?)
  50. but I love too many things. therefore I want to be many things. haha.
  51. I love fashion. but I am too poor to be fashionable T_T. therefore I wear my mom and grandmother’s clothes. #truestory.
  52. my best friend thinks that I should be a food tour guide.
  53. whenever I come back to Korea from Malaysia, half of my bag is filled with food and chocolates.
  54. I can survive with only 10 dollars per day.
  55. I can eat the same thing everyday and not get sick of it.
  56. but I cannot drink the same thing everyday. :(. except for H2O.
  57. I was at one point heavier than my boyfriend T_T.
  58. I pick my nose.
  59. I poop too.
  60. I fart as well.
  61. like really smelly farts too. haha.
  62. I enjoy watching videos of people getting their ears cleaned professionally. so I went to clean my ears too. but there weren’t as much wax and I was so disappointed. it was so expensive too!
  63. yes, I am extremely open about disgusting things.
  64. but I will get upset if you talk about disgusting things when I am having my meal.
  65. I believe in aliens.
  66. my skin ain’t that smooth.
  67. I believe in male and female friendship.
  68. I am jealous of my boyfriend’s thighs.
  69. I am terrible in yoga. but I still do it.
  70. I have a lot of respect for people older than me. except if they are not worth my respect.
  71. I am extremely tolerant with people. if you get on my nerves, there’s something seriously wrong with you.
  72. I enjoy extracting whiteheads off other people’s noses.
  73. I’ve never been out of Asia.
  74. I listen to oldies. ABBA, Carpenters, Earth Wind and Fire….. etc.
  75. I am into Korean oldies too. lol.
  76. I am a very considerate person.
  77. the reason why I hang out with boys more is because they are less drama.
  78. but I love my girlfriends a lot too because they cool. except I only have a few of them. #goodenough.
  79. I think smart men are sexy.
  80. if a guy has everything but brains, then uhhhh……
  81. height isn’t an issue for me.
  82. I admire people who can cook and bake. because I can’t.
  83. but I make bomb spaghetti though. =D. but only spaghetti….
  84. I used to spend hours in the library every day.
  85. when I am in the library, I remove my shoes and sit comfortably with my legs crossed on the chair.
  86. I read more travel and food books than academic books/novels.
  87. I was from science stream.
  88. and my favourite subject is Biology.
  89. I hate Chemistry though.
  90. I surprisingly got an A for History and Add Maths.
  91. I’d rather people to ask me straight rather than to assume things about me.
  92. I am willing to change myself to accommodate others. (not in a bad way)
  93. I am not really materialistic at all. really.
  94. Uniqlo, Zara and GAP is my favourite brand. almost all my clothes are from them.
  95. I used to work part-time for American Apparel. there’s where all my crop top and short skirts are from.
  96. I like to observe and study about a business’s strategy, marketing tactics and psychological tactics.
  97. I am not as confident as you think. :/.
  98. I have a lot of insecurities.
  99. I like being creative and thinking out of the box. except I am not sure if I am that creative compared to others. hah.
  100. I can’t think of anthing else at the moment. but hey! I thought about 99 things already!

hope you enjoyed knowing a little bit more about me!

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7 years ago

Olah Jamie! I had a laugh with this post. One, some of the things you mentioned resemble those that I do and like. Two, it makes me want to meet you in person hahaha to know how animated you are! lol

I’m no surprised that you are a sapiosexual, bec your looks intelligent lo ( is he?), and that you love to watch K and J dramas. Since you’ve got a collection of animes, perhaps you can suggest a good anime in romcom genre? if you don’t mind 🙂

What surprised me is:
1) I think you are fashionable enough, your instagram posts say so 🙂
2) You like food but how come you are slim?
3) Not materialistic? uhhhmmmm in what aspect? hehehehe
4) Skincare and hair? srsly? hihihi