don’t mean to cheat you on reading this post. but I am super duper busy and is going for a school organized trip tomorrow to see bullfight at Cheongdo. 3 hours ride. will be staying over for the night and will be back late on Sunday! so I am blogging here and now at 1:50 just yo show you a littttttle of Korea’s awesome Cherry Blossoms. I think my university have the best view. apparently Kyunghee has awesome view as well but it’s too far for me to go to T_T. and the green leaves have grown out now….. so it wouldn’t be nice anymore

IMG_8245 copy

can you guess what that paper is for? hehe. CANZ YOU SEE THE AWESOMEZ CHERRY BLOSSOMS BEHIND?! yes this was taken in Yonsei. =D.

I have a lotttttt of pictures but will blog about them later on =D. here’s a few pictures of my in case you do not follow me (id : jamieliew).


awesome awesome spring U_U but spring is a little too short. =(. the cherry blossoms barely even lasted a week and the greens are out.


camho 1


camho 2


camho 3


went to Baskin Robbins again hence the yellow lighting. this is all for now. GOODNIGHT! =D.


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8 years ago

Oh I wish I’m at Korea too 😀

8 years ago

It’s rly beautiful! Enjoy your trip

Nostalgia Ninja
8 years ago

Nice, hope you enjoy the bullfight and have fun on the way back

8 years ago

oh they have bullfight in korea? amazing. and u look tall in the first pic. like really tall. haha

8 years ago

you are studying in Yonsei University.
Wao.. so rich …

8 years ago

I heard Yonsei is quite hard to get it. Is there any criteria for foreigners? I am planning to enroll to a Korean university actually…

7 years ago

Hey Jamie, Im planning to take korean courses at ICLS too! I have been self studying for years and now I finally decided to take this interest of mine seriously. But im still considering whether I shud take group or private lessons. How did you manage to jump levels?