Yonsei’s University Festival

feels so good to revisit my old school. U.U.. spent one year here so I still have love with it. my favourite canteen and my favourite statue pfft.

IMG_2930 copy

so this time I am back for the festival despite having exams. I MUST  come for their awesome festival which is 2 days before Akaraka was held. Continue reading “Yonsei’s University Festival”

Akaraka 2013

So I am 1 month late.

but it’s better late than never hahaha. even though I am not studying in Yonsei anymore, I still love all Yonsei events. and my favourite? Akaraka. if you’ve read my post last year, you would probably know how fun it is already. this year is no exception. but I still preferred last year. not sure if it was because they had students from Korea University and we sang songs to diss them. this year was.. all new freshmens and usual with a new lousy song which I didn’t like.
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this year’s title : My Name Is Yonsei. Continue reading “Akaraka 2013”

Graduation Trip

the great thing about studying in Yonsei is their graduation vacation. (even though I heard that other schools like Kyunghee provide FREE vacation every level). although the location is always the same; Seorak Mountain, but this mountain is known to be beautiful at all 4 seasons. and a little update for the friend’s I made in Korea ^^.

드디어 우리 우아한 학교의 졸업 여행 사진을 정리했네요~ 요즘 너무나 바빠서 업데이트 못했다 힝힝힝. 이젠 성균관대 다니고 있지만 연대의 추억들을 안 잊을건다. 친구들이랑 곧 해어져서 좀 아쉽지만 새로운 생활이 시작하는 표시다. 우리 6급 6반의 공공칠 쎔은 매일 밝게 가르쳤음에도 불구하고 우리 잘 했 때엔 막 초코나 과자를 사준다. 그래서 연대 6급 다니면 (이 쎔은 6급을 2년동안 가르쳤어요~) 공공칠 쎔의 반에 들어갈 수 있다면 좋겠어요 ^^. 이젠 발표들 다 했고 논문도 했고.. 졸업좌담회 까지 했다. 어려운 산들이 곧 다 넘어져서 보람이 느낀다 정말. 그러나 이젠 성대에 다니다가 연대의 출석시간을 주의해야겠다. 운이 안 좋으면 내일 친절하지 않은 성대 쎔을 만나면 졸업식과 시험을 못 갈 수도 있다. 내말은 연대의 시험과 졸업식은 둘다 금요일에 있단말이에요. 그래서 무저건 연대에 가야되거든요. 그러나 만약에 진짜 재수없게 나쁜 성대 교수를 만나면 금요일의 반은 절때 못 빠진다고 하면 성대에 가야죠? 어차피 대학교는 더 중요하니깐. 아무래도.. 6급에 들어간이상 졸업해야죠? 비싼 학비도 한 이유중이지만. 아.. 난 본래 좀 금한 성격이라서 걱정 많이 하고 있다. 수업을 갈때마다 좀 어려움을 느껴지면 막 조마조마할 듯? 성대에 좋은 반에 들어갔으니 매우 행복하다만 자꾸 애들이랑 놀러갈 수 못해서 정말로 진심으로 미안한다. 애들이 정말 많이 도와주시고 노력해서 소통 잘 못해도 많이 대화하고 있다. 이젠 대학생활도 시작하고 그런 미팅이나 소개팅 같은 것도 해보고 싶고 술 게임도 많이 배우고 싶다. ㅋㅋ 걍 뭐 웬만하는 남자를 만날 수 있다면 좋겠고 없다면 공부에 더 집중할 수 있지 뭐. 우리 나라의 문화와 큰 차이가 나지만 한국학생들 하는 것은 한번이라도 해보고 싶다. 대학생활은 아주 어려워질 거고 힘들지만 이층에 왔으니 최선을 다 할게요~

IMG_0631 copy2

my all-girls class picture! well there’s only 3 guys in my class and 2 didn’t attend. =S. but I love my girls =3. all nice people. Continue reading “Graduation Trip”

Yonsei’s Winter Sonata II

우리의 우아한 선생님 박연경이에요~ 귀엽고 웃기는 쌤이다. 수업을 잘 가르쳐서 우리도 끄덕끄덕기만 했다. 넘 사랑해서 뭐 해주면 좋을 까? 그래서… 케이크를 해줬다.

IMG_9537 copy

we all love our teacher a lot and we wanted to give her a memorable last day with us. so we gathered and made her a cake (decorating it only, actually.) and she was really touched =3. she went around boasting it to other teachers it was so funny hahaha. Continue reading “Yonsei’s Winter Sonata II”

Yonsei’s Winter Sonata I

these pictures are from the 2nd last day of school. where we were already feeling blue. we left school and headed for a really nice Chinese restaurant (and bloody ex T_____T) for our class gathering. but before that we took the long road to the restaurant and hence passed by the beautiful park from the language school to the main gate.

IMG_9413 copy

it was my first time seeing snow. and to be honest I was very amazed by how beautiful it is. gobsmacked that it wasn’t as cold as usual too. Continue reading “Yonsei’s Winter Sonata I”


I’ve always thought about what to do when it snows…

should I make a snow angel

should I participate in a snow fight

should I get a boyfriend just to feel like I am in the movies

but no. none of these. because when it really did snow today, all I want to do is just look at it. it’s so beautiful. it’s the first (heavy) snow I’ve ever seen. it feels so amazing. even though I have been slipping and falling hurting my knees and hands from all those unnoticeable ice on the floor. it’s just so slippery and I have no proper shoes to accommodate the weather. I need new shoes =S. now I get why people say living in a 4 season country is expensive. it’s true. sigh especially winter clothes they are madness. but that’s not the point of this post. just want to show you how pretty it is!


we were in the middle of a lecture (pansori, the most boring traditional story song ever to listen to but fun learning it) and came out during out 10 minutes break time because we were already admiring the snow from the inside. and that is my cute Japanese classmate, Megumi! Continue reading “IT IS SNOWING HERE!”

Akaraka 2012

super 5 months late post. because I just retrieved the pictures from Leo. most of the pictures below were taken by Leo ^^.

DSC_8844 copy

after class I went to meet up with Leo. it was the 2nd day of Akaraka (of 3 days) and on the first day you can see students sitting on both sides of the road with little box tables on nice cozy mats (even on grass) with bottles of alcohol (soju, beer..) and chicken. but I guess I love the 2nd day the most. because they have FREE GIFTS!! the one above is a Loacker booth. basically just wait in the line and you’d get a free bar of Loacker. which I absolutely love but its absolutely expensive U_U. Continue reading “Akaraka 2012”

Graduation Ceremony @ Yonsei

it isn’t me who’s graduating of course! I will be level 5 next semester and my graduation ceremony? end of March if I do not have to resit level 5 which was told to be the hardest.


so looking at how my seniors graduate, giving speeches until I want to cry myself wth. I can’t imagine how it would be like having to leave our friends. even now our friends have left us one by one. =S. but when we leave.. we would really miss each other. Continue reading “Graduation Ceremony @ Yonsei”

Akaraka Concert!

have heard a lot about this yearly concert. but Akaraka is not just a concert name but actually the name of the team that cheers for Yonsei. Akaraka is also like a festival in Yonsei where every faculty does something and sell along that longgggggggggg Yonsei road. from morning till night. at night, it kind of becomes an alcoholic place. but I will talk about that later, for now, lets focus on the concert!

IMG_9708 copy

sadly to say that for outsiders and students in the Language School it is almost impossible to join just like that unless you join a certain club for foreigners in the Global Lounge called “Mentors Club” where all foreigners gather. so everyone could speak very good english, shouldn’t be a problem =D. if not, you can see who wants to sell theirs. 1 Yonsei student can only buy 1. but not everyone wants to go. some have class, some are just sick of it already. Continue reading “Akaraka Concert!”