when it comes to Pasta. I am a glutton. I had once eaten 7 bowls of pasta. that only applies to Bolognese though. I can never seem to eat more than 1 portion of Carbonara.

so Mr. Mun once brought me to this awesome (and famous apparently) place that serves pasta during lunch but it was so full and there were so many people waiting AND I was very hungry we just went ahead to settle our tummies at Hans Deli (Korean Italian fastfood shop. not bad. pretty cheap too! best of all, they have tabasco too <3.). but I decided to come back to the shop to try it since it’s always so full.

IMG_8568 copy

so the place is CM’s Box. I was having a very bad addiction for pasta ever since I’ve been here since I’ve had rice EVERY SINGLE DAY! and other than Naengmyeon (which I am not adapted to yet), Jjambbong, Kalguksu, Jajangmyeon, Udon and Ramyeon, I don’t think I can state any other type of noodles anymore.

IMG_8547 copy

shock of my life when I saw the prices being 3,000won extra just because it was dinner. heck, 3,000won can buy me Sundubu Jjigae in Campus.

then another shock of my life when I saw CHOCOLATE PIZZA. wonder how it tastes like but too poor to risk it. haha.

IMG_8549 copy

the ambiance was very fine. loved how creative it was. very comfortable. the waiters (MOSTLY MEN) are really really hot. like, in style. and to my surprise, there were quite a lot of tables too!

IMG_8552 copy

every single restaurant (that’s not typically Korean) is always so creatively decorated. not like they display expensive stuff or use a lot of money to renovate the place. but it always look so good.

IMG_8548 copy

I mean, all they did was buy a rack and fill it in with bottles of drinks and some old stuff you can get from your grandparent’s inventory. =D.

IMG_8567 copy

hi. for your information, I permed my hair right before I came to Korea. look what my perm turned to. hahahaha. it’s pretty straight now. and spoilt. the hair stylist told me not to do any strong chemical treatments to my hair for 2 years. now I need to live with it for another 2 years =(.

IMG_8554 copy

pickled pickles. I forgot to eat them and they took it away D=. we ordered the set which costs 2man won. around RM60. it comes with pasta, pizza, dessert and refillable soft drinks. WHY YOU SO EXPENSIVE, ITALIAN FOOD? well, it’s Korea. T_T.. and DINNER.

IMG_8553 copy

went to take pictures of the Cherry Blossoms at Yonsei before this. and hence his huge bag. someone please tell him that that his cardigan is really gay. =P. if you could see, one of the hot pasta boy is behind.

IMG_8560 copy

my “YOU DON’T SAY?” face. and our Carbonara. they have a wide choices of Pastas but we have no choice for the set U_U.

the portion is pretty small for a big eater for me. but we both ended up really full though. must be the cheesy pizza!

IMG_8562 copy

it’s good too so I wouldn’t over eat. but yesssssss, it’s friggin’ awesome. and I thought Malaysia had awesome Pastas already. the ones here are more… bouncy? while the ones in Malaysia normally tends to feel more flourish and overcooked or.. undercooked. haha.

IMG_8563 copy

our cheesy prawn pizza. the prawns were really tiny. but the cheese were so……………… super………………. SATISFYING!!! AHHH!!!!!!! awesomeness.

IMG_8564 copy

but this is the weirdest pizza I’ve ever had. instead of having a crust they kind of used a super thin pita bread like a thin layer of roti canai as a base. but nevertheless, I super love it. and right, they put it on a tray thingy so you gotta scoop the pizza out to eat it. haha.

IMG_8570 copy

believe it or not this picture is taken at night hahaha. the awesomeness of slow shutter speed. this is that famous thick waffle in Sinchon I blogged about! 2,500won.

IMG_8485 copy

one more sneak peak of my Yonsei Cherry Blossom post. =3.


here’s a map showing how to get there in case you wanna go there. the V shaped turn is actually right outside U-Plex =).

the green is the route I used to get there. but I THINK the yellow is possible as well. just turn right when you see a road with some shops. =).

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Nostalgia Ninja
11 years ago

I love italian food too. Usually there’s a way to cook pasta but if you really know the tricks of the trade you can be really creative with it and turn it into something… DELICIOUS.

11 years ago

I was more intrigued to the choco pizza. I wanna try hahahah. His cardigan?? That’s how korean fashion for men is like lolz.

11 years ago

don’t lose weight already… You look so skinny~~~ o.0

11 years ago

HAHA you went there! My usual place for lunch time with my friends, i eat until knew the waiter or boss. LOL

11 years ago

the pizza looks super delishhh D; oh how I wish I was there. Anyway do take care jamie 😉

11 years ago

aha now i know y biscuits

11 years ago

Just wish to enquire if i were to travel free and easy , what are the must see location?
Any idea when were autumn start and any good cosmetics that we should buy from korea?

Ur blog is amazing

11 years ago

there is a branch in here Daegu too, I went there with my friends once, it was really really nice restaurant and as what you’ve mentioned those waiters look HOT lol

and, 1 more thing, I have RICE FOR EVERYDAY as well -.- OMG, like seriously!!!!
I need to diet @.@

11 years ago

there’s a spaghetti place somewhere near cm box. the name is nolita, i think it tastes better! also there’s a lot of spaghetti places in hongdae. search on naver i’m sure you’ll find some affordable restaurant 🙂

p/s: we’re studying in the same uni. i’m waiting for the chance to bump into you! even though you dunno me ///shyyyyyy