firstly, I have never understood why people would aim at me. I remembered the times where I really care about people using my pictures. but it seems like now I find it more like a joke. it’s just super funny.

growing up I had tonnes of haters. especially people who do not know me personally. they often said that they just hated how I look. well, I guess my face isn’t very well liked. but yet there are people who like my unfriendly look. a few years ago this girl used my pictures and turned me into a lesbian. I messaged her and she said she would remove my pictures if I send her a naked picture of myself. =___=. well, I was young and naive. I didn’t even know why I would talk to an identity theft. anyways, that isn’t very interesting.


my imposter is WAYYYYYYY more popular than myself.

in Japan! (can guarantee that she’s Japanese because some pictures had that geo tagging thing which revealed that the posts were posted at Tokyo.)

screenshot 1 copy

hello my name is Yui. hahahaha. thanks to this, Yui is now my nickname. even if I beg or ask my friends 1 by 1 for likes for a picture, I DOUBT that I can even get more than 300. and whaaaaaaa?? 700?! and over 100 comments. wow. I remembered I joined some contest a few years ago which required me to get the most likes but I failed because my friends would just ignore my message. well, I am like that too. which is why I hate these type of stupid, time-wasting contests. only did it because I really wanted the prize lol. got it anyway.

screenshot 2 copy

fuiyoh even watermarked so well like as if it’s her own picture! she stole all my pictures from my blog. which means, she had to crop out my watermark for each and every picture. which she did.

screenshot 3 copy

fulamak I hope I had skinny legs like those. asked my Japanese friend about what she wrote about and apparently it was all innocent positive words which every Japanese guy would fall for. tsk. okay.

ps9 copy

she/he/it speaks English too! almost every picture she posted has shares, over 600 likes and loads of comments.

the guy who informed me was Japanese too. I had a Japanese friend read the message and hence I found out about this imposter profile. I didn’t want it to be deleted actually. because I wanted to see how popular can “Yui” be. but sadly when I shared this funny incident on facebook all my friends reported and it got deleted like in almost an hour. I didn’t know facebook became so efficient. I really want to thank the guy who informed me because this made my day. but the thing was, I went into his profile and I saw my own pictures (with watermark) posted all over his wall. I do not know if I should be happy. D=. I guess Japanese people like my unlikable (in Malaysia) face. I should move to Japan.

on the very same day I went for Sundae (Korean blood japchae sausage roll thingy) with Wai Kit and he got so engrossed with the funny comments my friends posted but later found out that the post was somewhat deleted before we could read all the comments. I do not get it. I posted about the profile and much more but how did me posting the LINK result in the loss of the WHOLE post. =S. oh well. I did not get to see the 40+ comments because I went out. Wai Kit was curious if I had any more imposters so he facebooked my name. and guess what he found?

Untitled-1 copyq

hello, I am a beautician. and I am such an illiterate I can’t spell college. hahahahahahahhahaha. and with MY name. awesome man. totally awesome. except this Jamie Liew has only 1 friend. still amusing anyway.

PS : I should really learn how to market myself like Yui. crap I really want to know! nobody even likes my facebook page even though it is open. I guess I should aim at the Japanese market. HAHAHAHA. first step to gaining popularity : learn Japanese.

anyways, I thought you’d find these amusing too.

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