Korea’s Spring is….. well, almost non existence. it is so bloody hot.

the moment it started getting warmer… oh wait, the moment it just suddenly got hot, the flowers all bloom and they weren’t very pretty this year because of the constant hot and cold. and now it is completely hot.

it’s only like 25-28degrees in the day while it’s 34degrees in Malaysia but it feels SO MUCH HOTTER here. almost like hell. your sweat will be oozing out from your pores and even if you do not move, you’d sweat. apparently some Malaysians who came here for their holidays told me that it’s pretty much the same in Malaysia but I refuse to believe so. it is DEFINITELY MUCH HOTTER HERE. their humidity is so crazy that molds are starting to grow in my room. no joke. and there’s no water inside my room.

943530_10151475523083380_2080533528_n copy1

can you imagine, I was wearing a dress like above and was sweating like.. as if I just got out of shower. anyway, that picture is from my latest photoshoot with Azri. was a last minute one =D. as you can see, it’s totally like summer now despite it still being spring. anyway, in July it’ll be like hell. there would be 3 full weeks where it’ll be like hell on earth. bad weather to do any sort of outdoor activities because the moment you step out of the shower, you’d start sweating. and it’s so disgusting like that.

enough of my rants. my camera lens’ focus broke down so now I get really lazy to take pictures. will need to wait until finals are over until I have time to shop for a new one =((. or, if anybody would like to donate it to me I’d be glad to accept it =D.

until the next time. =(. have a good one.

while I live in the oven.

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11 years ago

omg~~i cant imagine when it comes to summer~~how is the weather there !! i going to seoul on aug!! must be very hot!! >.<

11 years ago

Hi Jamie, May I ask u, is there any difference between samsung phone in korea and other countries? Cause I heard that the SIM card is somewhat different from international version so we foreigners couldn’t buy a phone in korea and use it in our home country…. But I couldn’t get info from the internet… If the answer is yes, are we allowed to buy and is it cheaper than Malaysia?

Oh dear…. I am going to korea during July for one month duration and it will be in hell!! My gosh…. from what i have researched, it will also be rainy season so it is both very hot and humid? Please correct me if i am wrong….
Thanks a lot!! ^_^

11 years ago

…. never thought that it would be really hot there.. 😀 However, you definitely need to replace your camera lens.. hehehehehe.. we always want to see your picture posts more often.. 😀

Though it is really hot there… it is hot hot hot here in the tropics.. ;D but we can manage to survive though.. 😀

11 years ago

Oh crap! I really chose the wrong time to visit. TT_TT but then I live in a tropical country so I should get adapted to it within 2-3 days? 🙁