[Ikebukuro] Sailormoon Cafe! at Namja Town

November 12th, 2015

to everyone who knows what Namja is in Korean.. you might have the same first reaction as I did. WHAT? BOY TOWN?

CIMG7688 copy

that’s not the point. the point is. SAILORMOON food!

CIMG7635 copy

nobody knows why it’s called the Namja Town but.. it’s filled with cat characters.

CIMG7636 copy

the entrance to the “town” itself costs 500yen and then you will see many stalls selling Sailormoon stuff. I don’t know if I should call it a cafe or not since.. it’s quite an unusual concept. the Sailormoon food are quite overpriced but hey! if you’re a fan.. you get a postcard with it! so it’s worth it!

CIMG7637 copy

these macaroons costs a bomb. but I wanted them so bad T_T. Sailormoon macs anyone? there’s one with a jewelry box too T_____T <3. #timeswheniwishimrich



CIMG7638 copy

and Sailormoon candy!

CIMG7641 copy

I forgot to take pictures of the Sailormoon goods but I wanted to buy everything! there were a lot of Namjatown goodies too!

CIMG7648 copy

basically.. the “town” is cool but awkward. maybe because I went there on a weekday.. it was really empty but the place is like.. an amusement park. with really cute stuff all around. super Japanesey.

CIMG7652 copy

I mean, it looks really nice!

CIMG7662 copy

you can also buy food from the stalls and eat them at places like these! there are some other small enclosed area which looks really cool. it’s pretty old school so if you’re interested in the old school Japan, this is the place!

CIMG7669 copy

they have this Gyoza town inside. at first I thought the prices were reasonable, but the Gyoza’s were really tiny. =S. it tasted good at least. but I felt cheated because I paid so much for so little food T___T. the multicoloured Sailormoon Gyoza’s looked dangerous for consumption too lol.

CIMG7671 copy

so in the end, we got ourselves some drinks. they were really yummy and reasonably priced! plus the postcards were soooooooooooooooo cool <3. I love Sailor Mars!

CIMG7674 copy

my date, Eileen.

CIMG7680 copy

who’s really good in photobombing.

CIMG7692 copy

here’s the really tiny Gyoza which tasted really good hahahah. I probably need to eat 50 of these if I want to feel full.

anyways, that’s all for the Sailormoon place. =X. there were other sections where it’s more like a “theme park” but gaijins like us would probably not know what to do. so just head to the stalls for the Sailormoon food and take a stroll around the really cool “town”. it was really dark and my compact camera didn’t work nicely there so.. ><“.

ANYWAYS! the great thing about going there’s because.. THE POKEMON CENTER IS RIGHT BESIDE!

CIMG7712 copy

I’ve never really watched Pokemon but you do not need to watch Pokemon to love…

CIMG7715 copy


CIMG7717 copy

I love touching Pikachu’s butt. someone get me this pillow please please please <3.

CIMG7720 copy

white Pikachu for Christmas anyone?

CIMG7723 copy

or… for the new years haha.

CIMG7725 copy

but out of all, this was the cutest. the sleeping Pikachu <3.

Halloween and my awesome dorm, ISDAK.

October 25th, 2015

one thing I really love about my exchange here in Japan is actually the dorm. and why you ask? well.. fortunately I was placed in this dorm called the ISDAK. it’s basically like.. a “club” where you need to pay a membership fee. which is totally worth it because they have a lot of cool and fun events from time to time. so far I’ve been here for a month and there are 3 welcome parties, 1 Halloween party and a lot of private floor parties. again, I’ve only been here for ONE MONTH. maybe it’s common in Europe or USA but it is definitely not it in South Korea where we have to RENT a whole apartment/hall just for MT and probably a lot of drinking in bars.

okay so first let me talk about the Halloween party which happened.. yesterday.

CIMG6166 copy

I dressed as a mummy, if you can’t tell. not a post-plastic surgery patient. I’d need a super swollen face for that xD.

CIMG6165 copy

everyone dressed up so well!

CIMG6168 copy

the organizers of the party! they spent the whole afternoon preparing so thank youuuuu!

CIMG6170 copy

here we have Pedro dressed as a CHINESE WOMAN zombie and Eileen as a devil. don’t you just love her make up?!

CIMG6172 copy

my flat mates! Eunseo’s pumpkin costume was just so super duper adorable <3.

CIMG6175 copy

Ada, my favourite dong saeng from HK! shes a vampire with no blood on her lips hahaha.

CIMG6177 copy

and there’s the Pikachu pack! there’s 4 of them but.. one’s missing!

CIMG6180 copy

the mummy raping the Pikachu HAHAHAH. sorry for spoiling your Pikachu imaginations!

CIMG6187 copy

Ryuta and Manlai! Manlai’s from Mongolia but I thought he’s Japanese at first because he’s superrrrrrr fluent in Japanese. D=. I was drunk when I took this picture *coughs*.

CIMG6188 copy

and we have the tallest guy in ISDAK, Gus! you’ll never guess where he’s from. seriously. nobody could.


CIMG6189 copy

they both look Hawaiian hahahaha. Jimmy from Taiwan and the very good looking pretty hafu Japanese hafu German, Roman.

CIMG6191 copy

the super cool costume contest! I participated for the “sexy” contest and won! but the prize was.. seriously not usable. see through pajamas and panties LOL when will I ever get to wear that pfft. and let me show you who I thought had the dopest costume.


Darth Maul! I kid, it’s Roland from France. he SHAVED his hair just to be Darth Maul. that amount of dedication. respect.

okay lets move on to other smaller scale parties.

11249912_10153093563426850_4170500039027386913_n copy

so we receive something called the “floor money” where it can be used to buy toilet paper, detergents, TV or.. well.. throw a small scale party. we bring our own drinks to parties normally and it’s really fun as we get to sit down, talk with people.. mainly in Japanese. I’ve been to 3 floor parties so far and I was the only one who didn’t speak Japanese in 2 of them.

12167212_684255258376897_386511408_n copy

see, out of all these people I am the ONLY one! T_T. okay, to be frank I DO speak a LITTLE Japanese. but it is far from enough to make a normal conversation. most people turn to speak to me when I go out with my German friend Eileen but I always gave the clueless face and they all get surprised when Eileen speaks to them in fluent Japanese. ahhahahaha.

12179710_132467290442184_35117136_n copy

Ryuta and Jihye! these are the only pictures I have from the 2nd floor party I went and I took none for the 3rd. but it was a beer pong tournament party HAHAHAH. it’s so funny how the organizer, my German classmate, asked people to e-mail him to register to participate in the tournament. xD. it was super fun but I was so drunk I forgot to take any pictures.

there was also a “Kodaira Tour” event. the place I’m living in is called Kodaira. a humble town in Tokyo. which doesn’t resemble Tokyo at all hahahaha. at this event, we were told to go to certain places to take pictures in front of them to get points. and guess what, our team won 2nd! just 1 point away from the 1st team anyways but because we didn’t know being late would cost us points T_T so some people took their sweet time when coming back hahaha. but anyways, check out some of the awesome pictures we took! bare in mind we don’t know each other prior to the event since ISDAK is home to students from 4 different universities~

12084152_881899485180994_729193341_n copy

I had my bike with me because I hurt my leg =X.

12084068_881899241847685_1723733597_n copy12083935_881899601847649_2075186111_n copy

it means BIG A. BIG in Kanji looks like that!

12083754_881899558514320_790324299_n copy

Kungfu pose ahahaha

12071899_881899368514339_195340873_n copy12064104_881899385181004_1821710663_n copy12047795_881899255181017_958921665_n copy10529442_881899561847653_612389111_n copy11012127_1095142453830970_5760047315524809763_n

it’s a pity how Hitotsubashi isn’t as well known as other Universities like Waseda when getting in to this university is much more difficult and valuable than say, Waseda. many students here end up here because they did not get in to their first choice university. but for me, Hitotsubashi was my first choice haahha. I did a survey on all these universities and found out that the ex-prime minister of Korea graduated from Hitotsubashi! isn’t that amazing? well many students turn out to love this university a lot. the only bad thing is that it’s situated pretty far away from the heart of Tokyo so.. it does feel like I’m living at the countryside. however, I’ve always disliked how people in Tokyo are always in a rush and there are just TOO many people. there are a lot of neighbourhood events here held by the super friendly older folks living here and it’s really pleasant and I love it very very much! I just couldn’t express how awesome this exchange is to me and I really regret to have only applied for one semester. however, I’ve always been super scared of earthquakes and all hence I didn’t want to stay here for such a long time =X. but whatever it is, Japan has been really nice to me so far and I hope I can find time to tell you more about my amazing experience!

there are heaps of homework in this Univ. and after writing this post, it’s time to study. T_T. if you’re not the type who studies hard, maybe… this university may not be a good choice for you. unless you don’t mind failing hahaha.

cost of living in SEOUL

October 14th, 2015

being one of the most expensive places to live in in the world, Seoul is actually quite affordable provided if you do not shop or splurge too much. so let me break down my expenses as a poor student studying in Seoul.

I pay 350,000won for a tiny room with shared kitchen and bathroom. and it is considered really “cheap”. most university dorms in Seoul costs around this price. for normal rents, it costs around 450,000-700,000won in average. depends on how much comfort you’ll sacrifice for cheap rent. also, for places with key moneys (deposits), the higher deposits you pay, the lower your rent! my other Malaysian friend here pays 500,000won with 5million key money for a one room. pretty big, own kitchen and toilet.

included in my rent! if not, bills in the winter can go up to 200,000won if you use the ondol (floor heating system) frequently but it’s normally around 30,000-50,000won in general including gas, water and electricity. most places provide internet, and for those who don’t, I don’t think it will cost too much. probably around 30,000won.

I am a huge cheapskate because I don’t want to chip out 35,000won to 70,000won a month for a phone with data. it is quite inconvenient at times but I bought a wifi transmitter device for 80,000won (lasts up to 10 hours) and it only costs around 12,000won per month for super fast internet and 10GB worth of data. otherwise, I only spend 5,000won for my sim card. one thing is because I barely call. I use kakaotalk most of the time so..

I use around 50,000won per month as I go out pretty often in Seoul. but because I live near my university, I normally take the bus to school and walk back home. and my total expenses would be 300won because my school does not provide free bus like Yonsei. if you live further, you’d spend probably around 60,000-80,000won depending on how often you travel around. since now the base transportation fees raised from 1,050 to 1,250, you’ll have to expect to spend a little more.

according to my app, I spend around 150,000won per month on food. it costs around 5-6,000won per meal on average and I normally eat out once per day on a schooling day and I’d cook at home most of the time. for groceries, they didn’t cost too much for me because I try to eat as little as I can when I’m eating at home. I’d normally buy buns for breakfast and eat random stuff for dinner. I have spaghetti really often haha. so I’d say my total budget will be 150,000won for survival. but I have friends who spends 600,000won just for food because they eat a lot. not because they dine out at nice places. BUT, if you dine out at nicer places like Itaewon or Sinsadong, a normal meal will cost around 20,000won. and for me, I only dine in a nice place probably once or twice a month. other than that, it’s because my nice friends visits from abroad and they pamper me to a nice meal =D. well I get pampered even by friends haha. lucky me I guess?

monthly, I spend around 700,000won on average. I am very very thrifty and I definitely live like a pauper. I do a lot of free activities like hiking up the mountain or strolling by Hangang. plus I spend most of my time in the library. but an average student spends around 800,000won to 1,000,000won per month.

hope this helps? =D.

1st week of Uni in Hitotsubashi.

September 28th, 2015

notice: this post is only useful to foreign students who wish to go for an exchange in Japan. but if you’re bored you may read it to learn a little about the living expenses and MY EXPERIENCES! ^^.

okay, I have been.. quite 정신없어 (so hectic that I can’t concentrate..?) for the past one week because the first week of Uni’s just.. super tiring. more so for students traveling from Europe, Scandinavia or America because of the time difference. despite the jet lag, they had to wake up early in the morning AFTER dragging their heavy suitcases to the University that’s located pretty far away from the heart of Tokyo. but it’s still INSIDE Tokyo. never knew Tokyo was this huge T_T.

so the first day, I came from Kansai with the night bus and… heck I am not sure if I should’ve not been stingy about the extra 4,000yen (and take a Shinkansen which costs 10,4000yen with online booking) because the bus gave me a neck pain. whatever it is. I had 60KGs worth of bags and suitcases with me and I reached in the morning. little did I know, there are no elevators nor escalators in the morning. so.. I had to drag my 60kgs worth of stuff down the stairs. ALL BY MYSELF. two flight of stairs T_T. PLEASE don’t arrive in the morning.. well that’s not all. the train that goes to my uni.. there’s another flight of stairs UP. thank goodness some nice people helped me along the way.. although I did 90% of everything still. I had neck, back, leg, arm pain for the following few days. =S. so on the first day, these are a few things we had to settle.

1. Internet: I’d die without it. it costs 7,000yen for one semester. it gets cheaper if you take a year.
2. Bedding: tell me why they do not recycle them gah. it may be dirty? well we can always wash them T_T. it costed me a little below 7,000yen and I got most of my beddings from Konan (コナン) which is located 20minutes away by foot. because I didn’t like any of those sold at the Uni. I got them a day after actually. BY THE WAY, if you’re lucky you may get curtains from the past owners. if you don’t.. you either get woken up by the sun everyday at 630 or.. buy that curtain! I’m a cheapskate so I am getting tan every morning.
3. Necessities: shampoo, soap, cotton buds, cotton, breakfast, hangers (but I got them from the recycle box hahaha), hair dryer… etc. basically all that. they costed me at least 3-4,000yen.  I bought more groceries later which costed me around 3,500 in total =S.

so that’s all for the first night. ended up pretty broke. there was a welcome party at least where food was free T_T. thank goodness.

the second day. orientation finally begun and we had to go register ourselves, orientation was fine, but the toughest of all? the placement test. I didn’t know why did I take it since I forgot most of my Japanese. but… I was in between of two of the basic levels so.. I guess I hadn’t forgotten too much. so basically after that super difficult placement test, everyone’s all drained out and everyone just want to go home. but because my awesome German girlfriend who’s being very ambitious, we went to Konan to get our blankets (thicker! for winter!) after the long day at uni. returned home super tired pfft.

third day. another orientation day. it goes on for 3 days by the way. we had an info session on the courses.. which is quite ironic because it was what we already know. well unless somebody did not read the information sent to them carefully I guess. and we had the course registration and scholarship session which was very important. THEN.. our Japanese results got out. I actually got into the basic 2 class but.. I don’t know.. it’s a little above my level and I want to be lazy. =S. then there’s an orientation at the residence hall where we were told what to do in case of an earthquake, the rules of the dorm, made our bank accounts and.. that’s probably it. pretty informative.

fourth day. more registrations. this time at the city hall 시청. got our insurance done. I currently don’t know much because they hadn’t ask us to pay or anything. I hope it’s all paid for T_T. super broke already sigh. we then head to our campus and did ANOTHER BODY CHECK UP. basically we had to get our stool, urine, xray, eye, weight, height everything done BEFORE coming to Japan to get the visa. and after arriving, we had to do it all over again. but this time, thank goodness they excluded the stool. that was disgusting =(. urine was disgusting enough sigh. we also had a campus tour but it was raining cats and dogs. not the best day for an outdoor tour!

4. Transportation: so far, I’ve commuted to and fro via train which costs 300yen (with a Pasmo) so a round trip costs me 600yen. and… in 3 days, I went through only 3 stops. 4.5km. and it costed me 1800yen. mmhmm. plus I went to the bigger stations to get some stuff during the first day. don’t do that. go on the second because you’ll HAVE to spend that money anyway. so in total.. my train fee was.. 2,7ooyen for 4 days. absurd. I know. if you pre-download google maps, you can actually take the train from Shin-Kodaira. it’s around 15-20minutes walk away but it only costs 154yen per one way. I mean, walking to the nearest station already take 7-10minutes. why not walk double and save your cost by half. it’s almost 50% cheaper! exercise.

many of my friends know this but.. I can’t ride the bike. and everyone in Japan seems to grow up ON THEIR BIKES. and getting a bike is definitely the cheapest option. why? because one month of transportation to school itself will cost you 12,000yen. 6,160 if you walk to Shin-Kodaira station. how much does a bike cost? 10,000yen. how much does RENTING a bike cost? 1,000yen. at orientation you will get a Kunitachi newsletter where they’d post about this awesome lady who runs “maho no lamp” and you should call/email her ASAP to get a spot. there aren’t many for rent so be quick. I got a bike despite not knowing how. but because I was lucky enough to meet the most awesome German girl on earth, she guided me through it and today, I rode my bike for the first time and….. I made it home. in around an hour (it’ll take you 15-20 if you’re a pro) but still! I almost crashed into some cars and made so much stops. I was a total public nuisance. T_T. please forgive me wuwuwuwuwuwu.

so on the fifth and sixth day, I just.. well.. stayed at home to rest my aching body. but we cleaned our super dirty flat (one flat consists of 6 rooms with 2 shared showers and 2 toilets. yes it’s separate.) squeaky clean  (did the dishes for 2 hours. can you imagine that?!) and made dinner together! Hayashi Rice yum yum!

seventh day.. first day of “shopping” for the classes. you can basically sit in 2 classes as each class has 2 orientation sessions and you can sit for 2 classes of the same hour to choose which you want. I went for.. all 5 periods of classes. super tired. U_U. and that’s today where I biked. I feel so bad for not knowing how to bike. seriously, if you’re coming here make SURE you can bike in a straight line and not like me. =(.

5. Jasso Scholarship: just apply for it. chances are pretty high! Japan’s super expensive seriously. if you get it, the stipend are banked in at the end of each month so prepare around 100,000yen when you come. rent for the first 3 months is payable later so don’t worry about not having enough money at first.

6. Living expenses: food in uni is cheap and delicious. it can go as low as 200yen if you eat little. for me, it’s always around 300yen. you pay as you eat. literally. there’s many sizes of rice so you can always choose one that fits you! food outside is the basic Japanese price. around 600yen per meal at the very least? goes up to 1,000yen. the restaurants near Hitotsubashi are pretty expensive. they do not have any Gyudon (牛丼) shops nearby. but there’s a MOS burger shop! I absolutely adore MOS burgers. super yummy. and it’s coming from a girl who don’t eat McD. whatever it is. save money, eat at the cafeteria! you can get a phone sim with internet of 3GB at Bic Camera for 900yen I think. total bargain. then uh… other living expenses is as of below (prices are approx. excluding 8%tax):

milk – 160yen
1 pear/apple – 100yen
2L water – 76yen
1kg pasta – 370yen
Calbee granola cereal – 800yen
bananas (4-5) – 110yen
shampoo refill – 300yen
container – 100yen (at DAISO! please go there for everything you need. except for cotton buds, they’re the cheapest at Donki-hote/Picasso located at Kokubunji)
a bowl of Gyudon – 350yen
one mackerel – 200yen
can of tuna – 130yen
instant noodles – 130yen
instant rice – 120yen
pack of instant curry – 70yen

you get the picture right? when rent in Tokyo generally costs you 70,000-80,000yen, the dorm here costs around 11,000yen (without bills. another 4,000-5,000yen for it I heard). very very affordable. which is why I love my Uni already. the catch is that it’s far from both the city and the university. a trip to Shinjuku will set you back at 340yen for the cheapest route. and 540yen for the normal route. sigh.

and here’s some pictures.

IMG_20150923_215322 copy

the beautiful Hitotsubashi University. it’s small but considering the limited majors offered here, there are pretty many students! they only offer commerce, econs, law and political studies but there are over 5,000 students! and over 100 exchange students. the halls and classrooms are mostly pretty old school hence it’s really really special. I felt like I’m studying in Hogwarts. well not so super nice but.. you get me.

CIMG5872 copy copy

my Korean and German housemate!

20150923_084717 copy

we’re not short. the German girl is tall! her name is Eileen. you’ll see her often from now on because she’s my best buddy here! I can’t live without her already U_U.

CIMG5873 copy

orientation folder~

20150924_115757 copy

the grand hall. apparently only open during super special occasions.

20150924_120805 copy

curry rice! everything here’s just 280yen.

20150925_142402 copy

library tour~ there’s a place that’s really pretty but we can’t take pictures of it pfft. google for Hitotsubashi Library and you’ll see. that place is like legit Hogwarts. I think because camera phones makes a sound in Japan. but mine doesn’t!! =S. I shall try to sneak one =X.

20150926_192044_mr1443263749309 copy

our first housemate bonding night! missing one girl from China =(. we have Nathalie from Canada/France (only 18 T_T.), Eileen from Germany, Rika from Japan (prettiest Japanese girl! =3.), Eunseo from Korea and myself =D.

20150926_192117-01 copy

we made Hayashi rice. it looks like curry but it tastes nothing like it. it’s very very tasty actually. I think I’ll stock some when I go back!

20150927_135755 copy

just wanted to point out how that ice cream look like goguma and there are so many Ghana ice creams here!

20150928_082633 copy

and a random cute kindergarten bus I saw on the way to the station today. CHO KAWAII!


September 25th, 2015

SO! I was supposed to go “touch cockles” which means to collect cockles at the beach but the weather was crazy so at a last minute change of plan, we went to Tai O which is at Ngong Ping, where the big Buddha is! except you need a LONG bus ride to Tai O. one way costs around 20HKD but it is cheaper on the weekdays. haha.

IMG_4993 copy

so the thing is, I wasn’t really there for there Pink Dolphin because according to the internet it costs over 400HKD but HERE, it costs only 25HKD (got mine for only 20HKD though!!). probably because it’s a small boat and they don’t stop for a long time to watch the dolphins but trust me, it’s long enough.

IMG_4991 copy

well basically it’s a fishing village so there are a lot of dried fish, scallops etc.

IMG_4997 copy

oh hello!

IMG_5003 copy

the famous Tai O view!

IMG_5005 copy
need a picture here!

IMG_5009 copy

is that shark skin I’m seeing @@…

IMG_5011 copy

and are those dried puffer fish?!

IMG_5012 copy

and more?!

IMG_5014 copy

Tin Hau Temple!

IMG_5018 copy

there’s also this famous “kai dan zai” shop there. the uncle’s literally wearing a sunglasses while he’s working. indoors.


IMG_5021 copy

what makes this place special is actually these houses built above water. no it isn’t anything like Venice but because HK is well known for only high rise apartments, this is quite a rare sight.

IMG_5030 copy

it was very old school. just like how HK drama’s are. like.. when they kidnap someone and bring them to a house located in no where lol.

IMG_5033 copy

it was incredulously hot.

IMG_5037 copyIMG_5038 copy

someone please tell me what these are? I was thinking it’s some roots but.. I don’t know =S.

IMG_5040 copy

this is completely unrelated but let me say something. the cheapest drink in HK other than expensive plain water is probably this particular orange juice which costs 7HKD. plain water costs at least 5 already and in the airport, water costs over 10 bucks!!! holy mother of………….. please drink only an adequate amount of water while you’re there.

IMG_5062 copy

oh hi again!

IMG_5067 copy

Chinese bridge!

IMG_5070 copy


IMG_5080 copy

peeking into a fisherman’s home. I actually really like this picture. credits to Bon Bong for taking it!

IMG_5081 copy

the neighbourhood! I find people here pretty nice compared to the people of the city. well.. it sounds like common knowledge but there are a high percentage of mean people everywhere in HK. especially the older ones =S.

IMG_5083 copy

so who wants to be her husband?!


IMG_5086 copy this place reminds me of Penang’s Armenian street minus the street art. maybe someone should start drawing on these walls here!

IMG_5090 copy

and finally! my boat ride out to the ocean to spot for pink dolphins! they are very rare and I think they can only be seen in HK (?) so take your chances!

IMG_5092 copy

old school restaurant there.

IMG_5097 copy

I would’ve never knew that this is HK. well, it is!

and some pictures with my Casio camera!

CIMG9014 copy

CIMG9016 copy

love the art mode!

CIMG9019 copy


CIMG9020 copy

quiet small alleys but they feel really safe!

CIMG9023 copy

more dried fish!

CIMG9026 copyCIMG9028 copy

CIMG9039 copy

again, the boat ride was awesome so you GOT to try it.

CIMG9042 copy

thank you to my long time HK friend Bong Bong for taking me here!

CIMG9045 copy

when nice clean pretty buildings look out of place.

CIMG9072 copy

the subway station to get to Tai O(by bus) is right next to the City Gate Outlet and.. if you’re a shopper, then this would be your heaven.

CIMG9077 copy

or if you have kids, you may even consider bringing them to the fountain area! looks super fun to me!

[Noksapyeong] Kkaolli pochana

September 15th, 2015

I am pretty hipster myself and that is why I love the alleys of Noksapyeong because it makes me feel super very hipster. for those who is bored of eating Korean food every single day, there’s this place called Kkaolli Pochana where they serve Thai food in a very laid back Thai-looking environment.

CIMG8405 copy

very Thai! I’ve actually wanted to try this place for a LONGGGG time but because the queue was always more than an hour long, I decided not to. but one day, I couldn’t stand it anymore and I queued up for it! but it only took me 30minutes!

CIMG8406 copy

very Thai no?

CIMG8407 copy

the catch to this reasonably priced Thai food is that.. you cannot reserve. and like many other places, you need to arrive earlier and put your name on the waiting list and wait for their call. or you can just wait outside. haha.

CIMG8412 copy

plastic cups, steel chairs and tables. and a huge bucket of beer flew in from Thailand.

CIMG8413 copy

I actually got to know that in Korea, restaurants that look run down is actually MADE with loads of effort to look like that. can you believe it? it actually costs a lot to make a place look run down!

CIMG8414 copy

perhaps the only place to get chili padi in Korea. hahahahah. we literally put it on everything because we love the spice!

CIMG8417 copy

one of my two spicy food buddy in Seoul. who recently left Korea for good so I currently have.. zero spicy food buddy in Seoul since other one left too. tsk.

CIMG8425 copy

Thai glass noodle salad. 8/10. it could be much spicier and maybe more lime. good nevertheless.

CIMG8426 copy

minced pork rice! 9/10. loved this one! but again, wished it could be a bit spicier. but because they have chili padi’s there.. the spiciness was compensated but of course it wouldn’t taste as good to if they mince it together with the pork.

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tomyumkung. 7/10. I don’t know if it’s because I am from Malaysia but I just expect everything to be much more strong in its taste. this was good because they had enough cilantro but.. MyThai have better Tomyum I’m sorry T_T. but on the other hand, this actually tasted pretty original.

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oh hello! totally unrelated but those are glow sticks worn as bangles on my arm! got them from the club party for SKKU’s exchange students. weird thing was a random Korean American (not from our uni) just randomly put it around my neck like a necklace hahaha. but since I love these glow sticks I wore them as bangles until they finally stop glowing.

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let’s dig in!

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the plates and cutlery really reminds me of Thailand. which is a good thing =D. when cheapskate plates, cups and cutlery is a rare sight, they become preciously expensive. weird but true hahahahahha.

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green curry! 8/10. I’d give it a 9 if it was chicken I guess. I’ve never had green curry beef before so I thought why not. but bad decision. it was actually pretty funky. I think I’d prefer it much more with chicken haha.

CIMG8443 copy

so if you miss Thai food in Seoul, you have Kkaolli Pochana! they have another branch in Hapjeong and Shin-Nonhyeon too. use your naver map to look for the location! just look for 까올리포차나 ^^.

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here’s the directions to how to get to the branch I went to which is the original one! from exit 2 of Noksapyeong Station!