Owl Cafe @ Osaka!

December 14th, 2014

if you’re a bird person then you should have heard about how Japan’s taken over by these owl cafes. not only is owning an owl (very very expensive pet) becoming a trend, stores don’t just sell owls anymore but they are earning by letting you pet very softly on their owls and shower them with human love!

CIMG4655 copy

there are quite a number of these owl cafe’s but I decided to go to the one with the MOST owls! although it’s located literally at nowhere, we were practically their last customer of their day. since it was raining cats and dogs that day, it wasn’t so full. I’ve read reviews how you have to come here and put yourself on a list (they don’t accept over the phone bookings) a few hours before you actually get a place since they limit like.. 6 or 8(?) couples of 2 in only.

it costs 1000yen and you get a drink (which you’ll eventually just leave there) and an hour. they basically explain the rules for around 15 minutes so 45 minutes left. time goes by really quickly there! they have an ENGLISH menu so it’s quite foreigner friendly =D.

CIMG4658 copy

so this is not even all. they are not actually tied very tightly around the pole so they can walk around the area but they are just so obedient @@. however, the ones above are actually the more badass owls so.. you should only look at them.

CIMG4656 copy

and then there’s the baby owl section. my favourite owl!!!

CIMG4663 copy

then there’s the evil looking owls.

CIMG4664 copy

one thing I noticed about them is that.. certain owls squint a lot. like that.

CIMG4666 copy

when an owl gets scared they actually say sorry to the owl and their care taker even gave the owl a big warm hug ngaww T_T.

they also require everyone to sanitize their hands before touching the owls. and you can only stoke and owl’s head and back with the back of your hands =).

CIMG4667 copy

the 60 year old (or did she mean that this owl can live up to 60 years old hmmmmm… I don’t understand Japanese so T_T) owl was hugeeeeeeeeeeeee. and he, squints his eyes too. “whatcha lookin at?”

CIMG4668 copy

just owl’s doing their thing~

CIMG4671 copy

SO, my first owl. you can put it on your arms, shoulders or…….. HEAD. but the thing about putting it on your arms and head is that.. you need to bear the consequences if they suddenly poo poo on you =X. thank goodness for me, I had him on my head for quite a while but he just enjoyed grabbing my hair.

does it hurt? nope, not at all =D.

CIMG4682 copy

and at certain angles, he look so completely clueless hahaha. <3.

CIMG4687 copy

“go away”

CIMG4700 copy

then I found an owl who liked looking at me. bigger owls are put on your hands and because they have… ridiculously long claws, you’d better wear a glove for it! the employees don’t though ahhaha.

CIMG4711 copy

meet little wasabi. I wanted to put her on my head but I just saw someone else having poop on their shoulders so I thought having poop on my shoulders would be better than directly on my hair =X.

CIMG4732 copy


CIMG4738 copy

I found my owl twin!!!

CIMG4743 copy

and then there’s this owl that doesn’t look like an owl.

CIMG4749 copy

back to my cute baby owl! <3.

CIMG4751 copy

the evil-eyed owl. @_@. and that owl beside’s still like “whatcha lookin at?”

CIMG4753 copy

doe-eyed owl.

IMG_0415 copy

winking owl.

IMG_0419 copy

uhhh okay you win.

IMG_0421 copy

look there!

IMG_0445 copy

this owl was realllllly heavy. I could only hold it up for like 5 minutes and my hands got so tired =S.

IMG_0458 copy

so our baby owl’s balding. just kidding. owl feathers are said to give you good luck!! they sell them for like.. 500-1500yen so if you see one GRAB IT! but make sure nobody saw you *chokes*.

IMG_0465 copy

but the employee there took it’s feather and put it on the evil looking owl’s head. ahahahha. he didn’t even realize.

IMG_0469 copy

look how warm and fuzzy it looked <3. so owls here sleeps at night with their caretakers =3.

IMG_0474 copy

“what do you want?”


IMG_0472 copy


here’s the address!

1-10-13 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan

High Tea @ Sheraton D-cube Hotel Seoul

December 7th, 2014

so not too long ago, I went to Sheraton to try that very unique looking tea set of theirs. since the.. name of the hotel is D-cube, the tea set’s pretty cubical and because it’s December, I get to order the CHRISTMAS SET!!!

I have never actually been high-tea-ing before because I am a cheapskate like that. but.. Sheraton’s prices is pretty reasonable. one glass of drink there would probably cost around 13,000won to 15,000won already but the tea set + the tea’s 17,500won. still pretty expensive I know T_T. but I guess it’s worth the experience!

SAM_3645 copy

when we arrived, the place was already full and we had to wait for a place. and for just 2 of us, they gave us a 6 person seat hahaha.

SAM_3651 copy

next to this view. not the most attractive view since Sheraton is at Sindorim. weird. but still a view!

CIMG5340 copy

some students went there all by themselves devouring the tea set while enjoying the view/ doing their assignments. ahhaha. but that’s how the window seat looked like.

CIMG5342 copy

hello! =D.

SAM_3653 copy

we were given a choice of tea, coffee or tea cocktails to choose from. wait what? tea cocktail?

tea cocktail please!!!

it turned out to be yummy and the flower in it is edible @@. tastes like.. paper though. well maybe not since I felt it tasteless.

SAM_3649 copy copy

using TJ’s awesome camera to selca. good quality, beautifies your skin yet so compact!!!

SAM_3650 copy

T_T. TJ, my HK/UK friend whom has been here for a few years is finally leaving =(. now who am I supposed to speak Cantonese to?!

IMG_0614 copy

and Sheraton Hotel’s Christmas tea set!!!

IMG_0612 copy

another view. super pretty no?

but since it’s my first (I think. I might’ve had it very long ago when I was younger and not remember hahaha) time, I’ll talk a little bit more in detail about it.

SAM_3666 copy

so according to TJ, the one who grew up UK where high tea is absolutely normal, you should eat it from the bottom to up. or, from salty to sweet. or very sweet. haha. at the bottom most, we have a…bread with ham and berries D=. weird combination but it was actually pretty good.

SAM_3665 copy

then something that to me, taste like a raisin scone.

SAM_3664 copy

I haven’t had too many macarons in my life. but this was definitely one of the best. highly recommended. who would’ve guessed that the filling is actually salty?! it’s blue cheese macaron! a little pungent but absolutely delectable!

SAM_3663 copy

this was the worse of them all. I think it’s.. grapefruit jelly. but the combination wasn’t good. at all =S.

SAM_3662 copy

I LOVED the creme brulee. it’s very creamy and I think there’s blue cheese in it too!

SAM_3661 copy

and the top deck there’s this… super sweet but delicious white chocolate ball I had troubles figuring how to eat.

CIMG5382 copy

so you crack it open and there are more treats! JELLY BEANS!!!

IMG_0618 copy

quaint and yummy cake pieces.

CIMG5379 copy

Merry (early) Christmas!

IMG_0617 copy

this was amongst the bottom part. that’s dried baby squid on.. squid crackers and that salmon with yuja was absolutely delicious D=.

IMG_0620 copy

it isn’t a lot so one set per person will be just nice!

IMG_0624 copy

잘 먹겠습니다! jal meokggesseumnida!!!

overall taste was… 7/10. it wasn’t phenomenal or anything but because it looked so attractive and pretty. and some of it WAS really pretty good. I’d say, go give it a try if you have excess time to spare!

*I’m really lazy to put on watermarks on this post. having exams soon so.. no post till 17th probably. sorry T_T. not sure when to be honest.. but I shall fight for my exam! picture courtesy of TJ Lau.

Kibune, Kyoto

November 25th, 2014

hello dear readers!

I finally went to Kibune, a place that I’ve longed to go ever since.. I saw its pictures online. google Kibune and its pictures will take your blow you away. this place is especially beautiful at night but.. I went in the day anyway.

IMG_8496 copy

now isn’t it breath taking?

CIMG2190 copy

since I was living in Osaka, a trip down to Kibune took me around 2 hours. train after train after train. the train above is to Kibune! finally. PSST. check out that cat on that girl’s phone hahaha. Japanese people’s obsession with cats. opps wait, rephrase, the world’s obsession with cats. =P.

CIMG2197 copy

when I arrived, I thought to myself “uh oh. very very crowded T_T” a tourist attraction indeed.

CIMG2203 copy

but no matter how many people, the view was so beautiful and the air was so fresh. the weather though, was a little bad. what a pity =/.

CIMG2214 copy

we actually took the bus inwards because walking was too tiring. =X. walked to the station though because the bus line was too long hahaha.

IMG_8330 copy

the touristy area. you can find many (expensive) restaurants around but if you’re in for a Kibune styled dining, walk a little bit more. also provided if you’re willing to splurge!

IMG_8334 copy

being a tourist haha.

IMG_8337 copy

every corner was so beautiful I had over 300 pictures of Kibune but I filtered it down to 55. it was very hard filtering them pfft.

IMG_8338 copy

get what I mean? it’s very.. traditional Japan.

IMG_8340 copy

I was surprised this maple tree was so red even though it was summer and I was sweating like mad =X.

IMG_8342 copy

the ever crowded shrine.

IMG_8373 copy

this is actually the prettiest part and the reason why I want to Kibune, the cascading steps of stone with red lanterns on the side. but it was so crowded I barely get to take a decent picture of it. and oh, the queue to “something” starts here. T_T.

CIMG2243 copy

I waited for at least 20minutes. and I was bored =X.

CIMG2261 copy

and it turns out that, we didn’t have to wait to go up to the shrine. what we were waiting for was..

CIMG2277 copy

this. okay just kidding. but sort of. the queue was to pray at the shrine which later leads you to buying this.

CIMG2280 copy

this expensive piece of paper costs 200yen. not to much to pay for the amount of happiness it gives.

CIMG2283 copy

it was absolutely magical. and beautiful. I wish I had a DSLR that allows me to record a video (mine’s ancient so it doesn’t have that function =(.) but here’s one by a compact camera.

sorry I sound weird. that’s the reason why I don’t youtube. hahaha. I think I sound bad on videos.

CIMG2270 copy

my favourite thing in every shrine, the holy water! I shall be blessed!

IMG_8394 copy

people normally wash their hands with it but at some places you can even drink them. I tried once but.. I’d advise you not to. =S. but here you should only wash your hands.

IMG_8379 copy

apparently, the 7th of July is wishing day called Tanabata in Japan so all the kids, adults and grandparents wrote their wishes and hung them on the tree! it’s normally done by kids though. this day is said to be the day where this separated couple could only meet once a year and it was only during that day. you know the story right?

IMG_8391 copy

that crazy line to the shrine.

IMG_8437 copy

okay so let me show you around more. so in summer, you can dine ON the narrow river. you heard me. ON the river. well, above it to be precise.

IMG_8441 copy

these platforms built above the river during the summer is called “yuka” and Kibune is probably the only spot that has such facilities.

CIMG2324 copy

this was actually one noodle snack place I’ve wanted to dine at but.. it was closed by the time I arrived. and it wasn’t even that late T_T. I arrived at Kibune around 2 and at this place around 5 probably. but it was so pretty I had to take a picture with it.

CIMG2325 copy

just look at the view! and what’s so special about this noodle place you ask?

CIMG2326 copy

well you dip your noodle on the flowing water. that’s why it’s so special. not sure if it’s yummy but I guess it is! water in Kibune’s said to be pure and clean too!

CIMG2312 copy

don’t you want to dine there?

CIMG2316 copy

I wanted to but.. the cheapest course was 6700yen. that’s approximately 200ringgit for a set meal. >_<. definitely paying for the view. I hope I’m rich T_T.

CIMG2333 copy

so that wall at the side’s all the dining above the river platform area.

CIMG2337 copy

if you feel even richer, there are even more exclusive dining areas around.

CIMG2431 copy

but for me, dining on a yuka is good enough.

CIMG2426 copy

look! I found a huge tree!!! since I watched Totoro, I believe every tree has a spirit.

CIMG2432 copy

I laughed so hard when I saw this picture. those were pretty much everything you can do in Kibune. not much, but it’ll eat up all your time. trust me.

CIMG2447 copy

all the restaurants here were so pretty I wanted to try all of them T_T.

CIMG2453 copy

when I walked back to the shine, surprisingly the area cleared. so… it’s my chance to take a picture!!!

IMG_8452 copy

at the very end of the road, you’ll find another shrine.

IMG_8454 copy

mini pool of holy water.

IMG_8457 copy

a very tiny shrine. but it’s really spacious and peaceful. it wasn’t crowded and you can feel the zen here.

IMG_8462 copy

well I am still trying to guess why they make the lions wear that red cloth. in certain places it made them look like they were wearing napkins. my Japanese friends didn’t know why too hmmmmmm.

IMG_8465 copy

and me, trying to imitate its expression.

IMG_8467 copy

I’m pretty good yes?

IMG_8471 copy

when it clears up, you better take your chance. quick.

IMG_8481 copy

because in any minute, there will be a crowd coming in.

IMG_8486 copy

the moss that makes all trees and land in Kyoto look magical.

IMG_8487 copy

in front of Kibune Shrine.

IMG_8489 copy

IMG_8491 copy

oh hello!

IMG_8501 copy

like I mentioned above, the bus line was very long so we walked down.

IMG_8502 copy

and walked

IMG_8503 copy

and we saw this beautiful cafe!!! wanted to have a cup of tea here but.. we were rushing back to dine at Kamogawa =S.

IMG_8512 copy

on the way down, there were actually quite a few pretty restaurants so I recommend walking down!

IMG_8521 copy

and you can even take pictures with the road as your view hahahah.

IMG_8522 copy

okay I like being dorky. it’s fun.

CIMG2456 copy

remember to take the train that heads back to central Kyoto! that’s to the right.

Jeju Island: Seongsan Ilchulbong/Sunrise Peak 성산일출봉

November 19th, 2014

SO, I’m still on DAY 1 of my Jeju post. and I had the best experience of nature. ever.

never had I wonder something non-man-made to be so spectacular and breath taking. this place deserves its title as one of the 7 wonders of nature of the world.

IMG_9437 copy

maybe I was lucky because the weather was great, but to compare the weather in Jeju and Seoul which was only 1 hour flight away, I would say that Jeju was like total paradise. not only was it much warmer, its clear blue skies and clean air was the best of it all. unlike dusty Seoul. pfft.

Seongsan Ilchulbong was beautiful even from afar and if I were to make a guess on how many “wows” I said when I was there.. I would say 1000. and 1000 is too little of wows compared to its beauty.

IMG_9452 copy

here’s a touristy picture of me.

CIMG3666 copy

and another one. those stones inside’s the traditional clock! reading time with the help of.. sunlight! I wonder how would they ever know when to meet someone in the past if it was raining cats and dogs hmm.

okay, so much for the beauty, the hike was quite a challenge. to a weak girl like myself whom had never exercised. I am ashamed of that pfft. but I literally have no stamina.

IMG_9488 copy

one of the many stones popping out of the mountain. some of it was said to be haunted so we should not go near it or something errrrrrr. a stone being haunted. scary much?

IMG_9497 copy

but halfway through, I was happy enough. I kept asking myself if I should just stop climbing up till this point because the view’s good enough. but my mom told me that I MUST go up till the top because it’s not everyday I get to see a world famous mountain pfft.

IMG_9502 copy

I always wonder who uses these binoculars at the peak. if I wasn’t trying to find my own house or something, I don’t think I’ll ever use it =X.

CIMG3686 copy

it may be pretty, but the crowd’s crazy. it rhymes!

IMG_9522 copy

so after that crazy flight after flight of stairs, I made it! I, JAMIE LIEW, MADE IT TO THE PEAK! well as the name of the place suggests, we are supposed to come here to see the sunrise but.. whatever, it’s still beautiful and my breath’s taken away by it hahhahaha.

CIMG3684 copy copy

at the peak, it somewhat declined downwards. I thought there was going to be a pond or something but no, nothing. there were trees and it seemed like there were trails for people to hike down there but.. I don’t think it’s allowed.

CIMG3685 copy

IMG_9527 copy

coming up and going down’s two different routes so if you see something and thought “nah I’ll just take a picture of it on my way down”? DON’T. capture whatever you wanna capture because you won’t have a second chance. unless you want to go through climbing the mountain all over again. it’s a good 25minute climb you see.

IMG_9551 copy

and the view going down wasn’t bad too!

CIMG3714 copy

finally! back on land. coming down’s a little scary because you keep going down =S. like there’s no end.

CIMG3737 copy

the spot I found which was absolutely beautiful. nobody took pictures here so I conquered the whole spot and I love it so much. people who kept walking down didn’t bother to look back and see how beautiful it is it seems.

CIMG3747 copy

see? perfect selfie spot.

IMG_9560 copy

and those yellow little flowers.. I bet this place’s amazing during spring.

IMG_9568 copy


CIMG3751 copy

okay, so… that’s the Sea Woman(?)’s village. if you did a little research on Jeju, you should know that one of the most famous things to see here’s the woman divers, or Hae-nyeo, which directly translates to.. Sea Woman. hahahha.

IMG_9578 copy

so one of the spots to see them’s here. at the exit of Seongsan Ilchulbong. more stairs downwards.

IMG_9590 copy

in Malaysia, people travel to see that “black beach” at Langkawi which wasn’t even too wide spread. but the rocks and beaches are like black everywhere in Jeju! hehehehhe.

CIMG3779 copy

it was around 430 when we arrived and I only managed to see a bunch of Haenyeo’s arriving from the sea from above.

CIMG3786 copy

when I arrived at the bottom, only one Haenyeo was present and she was.. selling the catches of the day.

IMG_9622 copy

I didn’t manage to snap a picture of them with their headgear on T_T. it’s pretty funny actually because the headgear’s like one piece of round flat glass =X.

well click here to be directed to google’s wide array of pictures of them.

they are actually very courageous and respectable. while many Asians have this mindset of how men should be the bread winner of the family, in Korea however, we have these brave Haenyeo whom fends for their family, diving for a living.

IMG_9625 copy

look at all the fresh and HUGE abalones and soras. I am not sure what you call that spiky shell.. we call it Sora in Korean. and Abalones are called Jeonbuk. and those pink gloves made the picture look awesome.

IMG_9627 copy

everything was so fresh they were moving pretty vigorously. D=.

each piece costs 10,000won. you get 1 free if you buy 3 or something. I know, for an abalone 30ringgit seems like a steal. but in Korea, you can get it for half the price. but it’s a tourist attraction AND THEY WERE ACTIVELY MOVING, YOU GOTTA EAT IT!

CIMG3792 copy

the view of the.. restaurant beside.

IMG_9628 copy

they might look soft and all when they were alive but they’re pretty hard and crunchy after they’re chopped up. and this is what 10,000won worth of abalone look like on a plate. very few but huge pieces. I actually had raw abalone at some chinese restaurant back in Malaysia and it totally made my stomach upset =X. and ever since I doubted about eating abalone raw. in Malaysia, they tasted weird and it wasn’t good I swear.

IMG_9629 copy

but these were SOOOOOOOOO good. you have to eat it with the sauce and seaweed! I had raw Sora somewhere else too and Jeju’s Sora’s AMAZING. I kind of actually liked Sora better but the abalone was good too! just not cheap to eat pfft.

while eating this there was this Chinese couple from Hunan beside with their kid. and guess what……… they were giving that barely 5 year old beer. BEER. and the little girl kept asking for more. oh goodness D=.

IMG_9636 copy

the whole area was spectacular overall. look at the layered floor. that stone look like a skull I don’t know why hmm. creepy. anyway, the layered floor was multi-coloured too!

IMG_9641 copy

there’s some boat ride but it was nearing winter and a boat ride in the cold? are you crazy?!

IMG_9658 copy


CIMG3814 copy

this picture is the.. “I have someone to take pictures for me but you don’t” picture. hehehehehe. I’m such a sadist =X.

CIMG3795 copy

and more of the weird but spectacular stone formations!

CIMG3820 copy

the flowers were just so pretty. no wonder people say that we must come to Jeju during spring..

CIMG3824 copy

but Autumns not bad too! look at those beautiful reed!

CIMG3762 copy

ohai =D.

CIMG3769 copy

my favourite picture of this post. or one of my favourite.

CIMG3777 copy

and one last picture with Seongsan!!! I thought. but…

CIMG3841 copy

I couldn’t get enough!

CIMG3854 copy

and more…….

CIMG3846 copy2

ah~ I’m so in love with this place. despite it being swarmed with tourists.

CIMG3845 copy

here’s a zombie pose.

CIMG3859 copy

after a long walk, what’s better to do than to rest on the field?

CIMG3864 copy

and more pictures with Seongsan because I love it like that.

don’t worry about me upskirting, I always wear protective pants underneath because I know wind in Korea’s madness.

CIMG3870 copy copy


CIMG3878 copy

Jeju, certified the seven wonders of nature of the world!

CIMG3883 copy

and the… Japanese way of seven. weird huh.

CIMG3885 copy

and it’s finally time to go back.. T_T.

CIMG3887 copy

guess what this is!

it’s a stone yes.

but.. why do they sell it?

because it’s porous and because it’s naturally from Jeju?

well.. you use it as a scrub. =X.

CIMG3888 copy

so which type of Harubang’s your favourite? the one with more pores or… take the one with less pores. although a little heavier but they don’t look so flimsy. these are really cheap souvenirs! but I am living in such a small room, buying one will only take up more space T_T.

CIMG3890 copy2

me and the grandpa’s of Jeju.

CIMG3895 copy

oh! this is the car we rented! not bad ey? I think ALL the rentacars are the same. this model and this colour. at least from our renting place. we saw many of the same car around with the rentacar sticker so…

that’s all for Seongsan Ilchulbong! DON’T MISS THIS PLACE OUT IF YOU’RE IN JEJU!

Jeju Island: Hamdeok Beach 함덕해수욕장

November 14th, 2014

being here for 3 years now, I finally found time to go to Jeju Island. initially, I really wonder what’s so great about this place. people talk to me about it and I have no clue how it is like nor what the attractions and cities are called.

so a little bit about Jeju would be that this island, which I guess should be even bigger than Singapore is a volcanic island. and no, the volcano isn’t dead. plus, the reason the whole island is filled with black stones is because long long time ago, the volcano erupted and all the black stones are.. yes, lava. chances are we wouldn’t live to see the next eruption but still, come here when you can!

Jeju is so huge that travelling from side to another takes more than 2 hours. and it is divided into two sections, Jeju(제주시) and Seogwipo (서귀포시). it’s pretty weird how Jeju is longer horizontally and the island is divided by a horizontal line as well.

so what’s famous here? nature. Jeju-do (do = island) is itself a natural world heritage site, making it a must-visit for many foreigners. it is famous for it’s black porous stones (you can also buy it and use it as scrub haha) and the awesome weather. the same sunny weather in Jeju is two times prettier than the sunny weather in Seoul. I don’t know why either. and the air.. it’s just so fresh.

CIMG3604 copy

DAY 1: since I only had 2 long days (sucks to be a student haha) to spend here, I prioritized the places I want to go to the most. I actually went to almost all the places I wanted to go to.

in case you were wondering, here’s the list of places I wanted to go to.

1. 만장궁 Manjanggul
2. 주상절리 Jusangjeolli
3. 한라산 Hallasan
4. 천지연 (천제연 추천) Cheonjiyeon (but it was boring please go to Cheonjeyeon instead heard it’s much better!)
5. 제주소인국 Jeju Mini Land/Jeju Soingook
6. 성산일출봉 Seongsan Ilchulbong
7. Loveland
8. 함덕바다 Hamdeok Beach
9. 도깨비도로 Magic Road

and I made it to 8,6,9 (in sequence) on the first day. I didn’t get to go to Loveland since I thought it wasn’t that appropriate. maybe if I have a big bunch of friends or if I go there with my boyfriend it’ll be fine. I also didn’t have time to visit Jeju Mini Land because I had plans to meet my friends whom are studying in Jeju University.

on the second day, I went to 1,4,2,3 on the second. but in my opinion, you should definitely put 1 (manjanggul) into the first day before no 9 if you start early. this will save you a lot of time on the second day and generate much more time and visiting one or two more sites would be possible. =).)I really wished I had more time. there are actually a list of NOMNOMS I would like to try, like the famous carrot cake shop and the peanut ice cream. other places I really wanted to go to was the famous church there, a bunch of museums (teddy bear, Davinci, Osulloc park which is not a museum ahah. but those places are best to go with a boyfriend), Marado (island) and that island next to Seongsan-ilchulbong.

IMG_9310 copy

so my first day, I was greeted with the Haru-bang of baggages haha.

IMG_9313 copy

I like the shortcut of the International world. makes Jeju more prominent. smart.

IMG_9315 copy

a Haru-bang with a hole in the middle. D=.

IMG_9317 copy

it feels like.. I’m in Hawaii. super pretty. you WON’T see trees like these anywhere in Seoul or the main part of Korea. it’s just too cold in winter to grow trees like these there I guess.

IMG_9323 copy

the whole place feels so tropical. so the best way to travel around in Jeju Island is.. rent-a-car. I know, it’ll sound risky. but as long as you learn how to read and write Korean (believe me it isn’t that difficult!) renting a car isn’t so bad. it’s the cheapest option too. but of course, if you’re a super foreign foreigner you should consider hiring a taxi which will cost 150,000won (I heard it was 150,000won a few years ago now it might be around 200,000won. heard from a friend his cab costs 200k now =S.) and above. so make sure you fill up the whole cab! hence travelling with 4 people will be the best! it will only take you around from 9-6pm on a usual basis so.. to have more freedom, renting a car would be the best. provided if you have international license!

and the last option is to travel around by bus. but it will cost you a lot of time since travelling from one place to another is.. very very far. there are no subways in the island either =S.

IMG_9325 copy

so what did I do? I travelled around with a rented car of course. heh.


IMG_9327 copy

there’s actually nothing much to do here. but.. it is super pretty.


there’s a restaurant here though.

IMG_9331 copy

we made a short stop here but the view was so breath-taking this have to be my top recommendation of attraction.

IMG_9334 copy

crystal-clear water.

IMG_9335 copy

absolutely love it. =3.

IMG_9336 copy

the whole island is decorated with Haru-bangs, Haru-bangs 하루방 are the icon of the island. apparently they are shaped like a.. male ahem because they are supposed to be “pregnancy” sculptures. it is actually a grandpa. haha.

IMG_9337 copy

very pretty no?

IMG_9339 copy

those black volcanic stones brings out the beauty of the sea in my opinion. these black stones SHOULD be one of the reason why you should travel to Jeju really.

IMG_9341 copy

oh hello =D.

IMG_9349 copy

and more beautiful picture spams

IMG_9359 copy

IMG_9360 copy

IMG_9361 copy

IMG_9362 copy

ehehehe. couldn’t pick my favourite, so I posted them all!

and pictures from my compact camera. no matter what camera, it look amazing.

CIMG3599 copy


CIMG3598 copy

this should be the beach in Jeju with one of the BLUEST seas. hence, you should really put Hamdeok beach on your list =).

CIMG3594 copy

that light blue seaaaaaaa <3.

CIMG3587 copy

although small, I am very satisfied with this spot.

CIMG3582 copy

and one last picture to lure you to Jeju’s Hamdeok beach =3.

why you should spend Halloween in Japan.

November 12th, 2014

so for Halloween this year, I fortunately followed my friends to Universal Studios Japan and I am glad I spent my Halloween in Japan. I was never too interested in going clubbing dressing like a zombie or vampire or something but this time, I have to say, I REALLY enjoyed myself.

CIMG4250 copy

so on the way to USJ, I ran into IRONMAN! and Pepper. his arm and leg gear was so good he deserves a trophy really. and the girl’s hair was so…….. glam. I am pretty sure she dyed her hair for this special occasion!

CIMG4444 copy

look who joined me in my adventure?! MEGUMI! ^^. she flew from Fukuoka just to meet me here ngawwwww <3.

CIMG4458 copy

역시 내 베프! 사랑해~ <3.

CIMG4463 copy

guess what pose this is?

anyways, shall the costume hunt begin? let’s start!

CIMG4466 copy

and the best costume award goes to……… JOKER! his attire + make up was good enough. and even his hair! I thought he was Heath Ledger for a while @@. he had his hair permed and dyed to green. and that girl had really realistic looking scars all over her face. I was gobsmacked by their effort. really.

CIMG4470 copy

GIRLS WILL SAVE THE WORLD! SAILORRRRRRR MOON! my favourite anime since I was young hahaha. don’t judge. >_>.

CIMG4473 copy

and the hottest zombies I’ve ever met.

CIMG4475 copy

meet my new boyfriends =D. our clothing was so matching! hehehehe.

CIMG4477 copy

Megumi didn’t have a costume so here’s a furry bear hat!

CIMG4481 copy

say cheese! Harry Potter tie!!! super expensive T___T.

IMG_0120 copy

sexy cops?

CIMG4486 copy

냥냥~ cat women and… jail breakers? haha.

CIMG4493 copy

HELLO! I am a Pirate by the way. PIRATE. NOT A BEER GIRL. pfft.

CIMG4496 copy

hello Mr. Pumpkin!

CIMG4499 copy


CIMG4502 copy

PIKACHU!!!!! so hardcore D=. all the Rs.

CIMG4508 copy

and the Mario girls.

CIMG4509 copy

the brides and the.. nurse? hmm.

CIMG4510 copy


CIMG4515 copy

cadets and the SWAT team!

CIMG4524 copy

the rainbow girl. I really respect this girl for her effort. her whole dress is MADE for USJ. Jaws, Spiderman. sickkkk.

IMG_0135 copy

the pretty zombie jail breakers =P.

IMG_0138 copy

and more cosplayers. how do they ride on rides I wonder hmmmm.

IMG_0140 copy

I don’t know if they are cute or just… hahahaha. cookie monsters for you!

IMG_0144 copy

when people say Japan is filled with weird people, I guess they are right. and I like it because of that. despite being older, people in Japan do not fear to dress however they want. and I think such a value should be implemented in people all over the world. check out that Hogwarts Kitty.

IMG_0145 copy

I would also like to believe that these are drewn on by themselves. such art skills. it was literally perfectly drawn on.

IMG_0181 copy

more rainbow girls. I don’t know what they are trying to be but okay D=. errrrrrr clowns perhaps?!

IMG_0209 copy

oh hello =D.

IMG_0253 copy

the Halloween street! haha. actually the whole place’s pretty much decorated. not only in USJ. everywhere. I want to steal those inflatable pumpkins pfft they were so cute. not in the picture though sorry hehehehe. you’ll have to use your imagination =P.

IMG_0142 copy

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA~ <3!!! the cookie monsters eyes!!!!!!! win me some please? D=. I would be really grateful. I REALLY WANT IT. >=D.

IMG_0114 copy

and errrr……. the scary version of cookie monster. an Ajosshi was actually holding it. I ampretty sure he made it on his own. gruesome much? =S. but everyone looked at it. which means, he succeeded hahahaha.

after a few rides, we came out and saw the field in USJ filled with… zombies locked inside. a FIELD of zombies. D=. waiting to be released!!!!

CIMG4530 copy

look how many zombies there was! they are the ones employed by USJ by the way. hahaha.the zombies are actually barely visible because a hoard of people flocked around them to take pictures of them.

CIMG4539 copy

and the moment arrived….. they let the zombies freeeeee and the USJ Halloween Horror Night started.

CIMG4540 copy

there was also shows here and there and damn it was pretty darn amazing. it was so real we all had our teeth cringed. and as a kind and nice blogger, here’s a video I took! my arms gained some muscle for holding it up for so long lol.

if you look at the video, you might not see it but they actually strangled the victim and the victim even spit out water like fountain at some point hahaha. and at the very end, I shut the camera because the biggest, angriest, meanest looking zombie with a chainsaw came running towards us T_____T. I ran as quick as possible of course!

I PERSONALLY believe that they gave their best performance because it was the last night and also the main day.

CIMG4543 copy

SWAT teams not really guarding them well!!!

CIMG4549 copy

AHHHH. ugly face hahaha.

CIMG4550 copy

thank you for coming <3. definitely had fun <3 <3.

CIMG4554 copy

what these zombies actually do is that they’ll just appear beside or behind you where they’ll suddenly yell and scream and scare the crap out of you. ><.

CIMG4560 copy

this was actually one of the starting show where they danced to MJ’s Thriller!

and here’s the video! =3.

IMG_0255 copy

I promise they look much scarier and more realistic without flash.

IMG_0257 copy

and those lenses really do freak people out!

IMG_0260 copy

the atmosphere at night’s actually cooler.

IMG_0272 copy

and another Thriller performance in the middle. I spent 2 hours lining up for another ride and when I was lining up I saw smoke appearing after bombing sounds here and there which was really cool. they have performances ALL OVER so be ready to spend your whole night there!

IMG_0273 copy

I got really tired by 8 and I NEED to leave. by the time I got out it was already 9 though =S.

IMG_0282 copy

thank you Japan for such a memorable Halloween experience and USJ of course for making it even more fun. also, 사진 많이 찍어줘서 고마워 메구미~ <3.

verdict? GO TO JAPAN IF YOU CAN DURING HALLOWEEN! you’ll enjoy it for sure, especially in USJ =D. the horror night was crazy. another tip would be to go there early (as soon as the gate opens. check the website for the time as they differ everyday) so that you’d finish riding half of all the rides before the queues get 2 hours long. and 4 hours long for the Harry Potter ride so HEAD THERE AS SOON AS THEY OPEN! they also limit people going into the Harry Potter quarters so remember to take your ticket (it was at some garden nearby) to secure your entry (there will be a time frame for when you can enter and you can stay there as long as you want. they do this to limit the people inside).

the ticket was close to 7,000yen now (raised price wtf) but I bought it from a Korean tour agency and got 500yen discount + an adapter and pocket for passport and documents haha. it’s definitely ridiculous on how expensive the ticket was and not to mention the food was horribly expensive as well.. I spent around 1,500yen for food (lunch) and starved all the way until I got back to where I stayed pfft. everything looked super appealing but I didn’t buy any T____T. I can’t wait until I get a job and earn stable income >=(. I was already going out of my budget coming here but oh well.. money well spent pfft.

AND, for those who are not in Asia, going to USJ Hollywood might be an even better choice but I guess the difference would be less people dress up for Halloween but I bet they have better shows and horror houses etc. =D.  I’m just lucky to have Japan as my neighbouring country so.. heh.

it’s my 2nd time in USJ and I haven’t even blogged about my first experience. I just had too much pictures. I will blog about USJ in detail sometime later!

so long for now!