how to make a long distance relationship work

November 3rd, 2016

I would like to state that this is based on my own personal experience and what worked for me may not work for you.

I guess this is the first time for me to write this publicly on my blog, but I think that it’s about time. I’ve always been in long distance relationships. some people say that I constantly fall into a long distance relationship because I have problems settling, but I think differently. I tried to look for someone I like who lived around me, but they never seem to work out. so..

I wouldn’t say that all my long distance relationships were successful, but through experience and with age, I think I am getting better and I am proud to say that I am in a happy long distance relationship currently with someone who grew up at the opposite side of the globe.

before anything, one need to understand that long distance comes with a lot of sacrifice, and sacrifice does mean that both parties must have enough courage to face the circumstances and also have the attitude to be prepared for it. long distance relationships normally doesn’t work when..

  1. one party sacrifices much more than the other. the relationship must be balanced, and as equal as possible. since I am raised in Malaysia and I’ve studied in Korea, both places where the majority of men are dominant, I always felt like the lesser in a relationship. although it may not seem like it, it actually is. men pays for everything, provides for everything and the woman is seen as the one who does nothing but just accepting everything for granted and it becomes a habit. it subconsciously gives the woman less power and self confidence in the relationship and the one giving more will slowly feel more burden and the one receiving lesser and lesser will feel less loved.
  2. one or both parties couldn’t sustain an open heart. LDR requires a lot of trust. you cannot monitor, see or know exactly what your partner may be doing, he or she may be doing anything. but trust me, being truthful is the best. any information asymmetry, the trust will be broken.
  3. one of both parties are not good at communicating online. some people just aren’t good at texting, skyping and they barely reply to other’s texts. just make sure that you are made available and active for your partner on at least one platform.

okay, now to the main point, so HOW can you make your LDR work?

  1. like I’ve mentioned before, trust, trust, and trust. sure, I get jealous sometimes. but instead of just keeping it inside myself and going crazy from holding it in, I would just ask. if your partner is keeping something so simple from you, then you may want to reconsider your relationship.
  2. communication. be it by text, skype, facetime, whatsapp.. use as many platforms as you want, but just make sure to make it a daily thing to communicate with each other. my sister once told me that sometimes it’s not the topic, it’s more of the company, the presence. people asks me the same question every time, ¨don’t you run out of topics since you talk on the phone everyday?¨ and my answer is.. maybe, but I never get bored, nor enough. my conversations may not always be interesting, and it’s mostly just filled with silence and background noises. but it makes me feel closer to him, and that’s all that matters.
  3. effort to see each other. this may actually be much more difficult than it sounds as we very often can’t find the right timing to fly to each other or both have the same holidays, but having plan the next meeting date from the current meeting is important as it let you have something to look forward to, and it is what gives you strength and keeps you going.
  4. reminders of how much your partner mean to you. yeah, you do not always have to put it into words and let them know explicitly but in a LDR, you lack of physical touch and presence, and that’s why words are a big deal. even emojis! without emoji’s your text will seem very flat and emotionless so.. if you are not good with emojis then you better learn!
  5. not thinking so far ahead. anything could happen, so try to avoid long term promises. it is better to keep improvising your current plan than to make a long term plan and try to stick to it. when living at different countries, feelings may change and so you should be as flexible as possible. if not, then disappointments may swallow you whole.
  6. give assurance. yeah, trust is important. but so are things leading to the trust. I came to realize that every little assurance make you feel safer and it also helps in building a stronger bond. assurance comes in many ways. it may make you look like a terrible partner for demanding assurance but if your partner really does love you, I am sure he or she won’t mind. assurance to me could be a mere relationship status, a picture, meeting the parents, etc. it doesn’t have to be ¨tell me how, who, what, where, why on everything¨
  7. understanding. when you are in a LDR, you may often feel lonely with the lack of presence and because of busy work schedules, you may feel even lonelier. only knowing that your partner had tried all he or she could to spend time with you, you should learn to understand the circumstances and not get angry or frustrated over not being able to accompany you at times. often times, I felt like busy couples sustain the best LDR relationship because we have no time to feel lonely. but then again, it really depends on the individual.
  8. last but not least, a positive mind! I once broke up after a month of being in a LDR and I told myself that LDR is not for me. I had the second LDR believing that it will not work out because I did not believe in it and that I was merely just trying because the other party wanted it to work very badly. and it was long, but a painful and mentally abusive relationship (which is why a long-time LDR does not equal a successful one). again, after that I told myself no more LDRs for me. until I met someone who made me want to make it work. if you think that it wouldn’t work and you keep thinking about all the negative sides of it, I do not see how will it. so keeping a positive mind about your relationship is very important.

that’s all from me. hope it helps. :).


also, meet my adorable Scandinavian derp! (only how I look matters hehe)

Okinawa Day 3

October 3rd, 2016

so on Day 2, we rented a car at night and had it parked at the mall where we rented the car (it was free of charge if you tell the company you want to have it parked there!) which was next to the ferry peer. since Megu had to take an evening flight on the 3rd day, we started our journey from 4:30am!

the sun rose really early in summer and the skies were just spectacular.

DSC01157 copy

our first stop: Manzamo.
estimated time spent here: 40minutes
time to get here from Naha: 1hour 30minutes – 2hours (we drove really slow and even took the wrong road so..)

DSC01201 copy

arriving here at 7am, the whole area was clear and there were only another pair of tourists! plus, the weather’s also beautiful with the best morning sun being not too hot on the skin (unlike in the afternoon haha)

DSC01235 copy

after coming back from Zamami, I literally got 50 shades darker hahahaha. I went snorkeling so the back of my body was completely tan and sunburnt

DSC01265 copy

the view overlooking the famous hotel where HyunA filmed her famous song “bubble pop” and that two stones tied together looked pretty awesome too!

DSC01323 copy

our second stop: Churaumi Aquarium
estimated time spent: 1hour 30minutes – 2 hours
entrance fee: somewhere around 1600yen because we bought it at the car rental place for a discount.
time to get here from Manzamo: 1 hour. the drive was amazing, it was by the coast and the crystal clear and blue sea just makes you feel really really happy.

DSC01363 copy

while there are a lot of different species of fishes, jelly fishes and other sea creatures, I think what makes Japan’s aquariums really worth a visit is that they try to make things as educational as possible. easy to understand and full of experiences (like touching the skin of different sharks!!! and also their teeth!!). however, what people really come to Churaumi aquarium is for this. the huge world class tank which was.. spectacular to the eye.

DSC01364 copy

it was like a huge LCD screen but.. except it wasn’t. the fishes in there are real. and they are so beautiful, so graceful, so wonderful D=!!! it was smaller than what I expect but.. I mean look at this!

DSC01371 copy

there are 3 whale sharks inside and they keep swimming in circle and if you wait long enough and snap it at the right timing, you can even get all 3 of them in 1 shot! I left my DSLR in Malaysia so I don’t have that picture but anyways! enjoy the pictures from my compact camera ^^.

DSC01373 copy

what you see here is definitely lacking very much compared to seeing it in real life. I think I spent 20minutes here just gawking at the huge aquarium.

DSC01394 copy

meet my new fishfriend, the whale shark!

DSC01437 copy

the thickness of the glass used to sustain that crazy amount of water in that giant tank.

DSC01456 copy

so how big are the biggest sharks in the world? well.. if their mouth is this big… and oh! an interesting fact I learned from the aquarium. sharks have layers of teeth because.. once the ones outside falls off, the ones behind will replace it. it’s like the most efficient teeth on urf D=.

DSC01472 copy

not really supposed to stare at it there but.. oh well.. just wanted to show you how close I was to a shark. they were just swimming all across and above!

DSC01492 copy

now this is one huge mammal. it’s quite weird how it’s located outside of the aquarium at the area where you do not actually need to purchase a ticket to see.

DSC01521 copy

right outside the aquarium, you’ll see a sea with many shades of blue. ahhhhh so pretty.

DSC01533 copy

and baby turtles!!!

DSC01539 copy

they are so cute xD.

DSC01559 copy

I was just passing by and it was time for the dolphin show! they have only 2-3 shows per day so I guess I was just lucky. I was trying to escape that heat because of my sun burn but.. I stopped for a bit to see this.

DSC01565 copy

I remembered touching the dolphins and looking at its tired eyes. it was actually quite cruel to have them stay at one corner and not move. many also debated about how these shows are against animal rights. but I am not taking sides. as much as I loved to see how smart they were, I just hope that they can at least get fed well and not abused by their trainers.

DSC01577 copy

the show was a short one but it was really fun and the dolphins did go against them but they kept trying by luring them with more fishes. simple but worth while =D.

DSC01593 copy

our third stop: Kouri Bridge
time taken to get there from Churaumi aquarium: less than 30 minutes.
estimated time spent here: less than 30minutes

many Koreans come here for their mini couple photoshoot and it was indeed beautiful but it is just a short stretch. so you don’t need to spend a lot of time here. depending on how many pictures you want to take of course. haha. there’s nothing much to do. there’s a horse and also a truck for drinks. that’s about it.

DSC01631 copy

however, that stone at the side with a lot of tropical trees growing out of it is really something. =D.

before leaving back for Naha so that Megu could catch her flight, we went to a beautiful cafe smacked at the center of that area which is only accessible by car. will blog about it next!

Why I fell in love with Korea.

September 24th, 2016

Seriously, what’s more true than drunk writing? Since I am half-drunk/tipsy right now, I figured it’s the best time to write.

Well, although I had suffered from a lot of hardships and there’s a lot of things which I am/was unsatisfied about, here’s a post dedicated purely to what made me fall in love with the city of the highest suicide rate in the world.

  1. It’s SAFE. I can’t emphasize this enough. No matter how “scared” Koreans may be because of recent crimes which occurred here and there, there’s nowhere like Seoul. As a girl, I felt super safe living here. I may get scared at times at the aggressive guys at clubs. But that’s because you sort of have to ‘expect’ stuff like that to happen. But on the street, if you are not willing, nobody’ll hurt you. Plus, it’s perfectly safe to leave your phone on the table at restaurants though you may want to be careful of some old people who MAY commit crimes(unlikely) or foreigners. But at places with a high density of Koreans, you may be a little bit more carefree on your valuables. Even if you left your phone in a taxi or bus, there’s a high chance where you may actually get it back!
  2. The manners. While this may also be a pressure point for most Koreans, I love how they are nice to the elderly. Although some (uneducated) elderly might take the youngster’s kindness for granted, there’s actually a huge population whom are actually really grateful to you when you offer them your seat in a bus/subway etc. Plus, I think that people whom are much older deserves to get respected. I mean, they’ve lived in this world for a longer time and therefore if you were to not respect them, it’ll actually be quite hurtful. Imagine being in the other persons shoes. Treat other’s the way you want to be treated, like how Mr. Confucius said.
  3. The warm people. Yes, there are a lot of dishonest people living in this country and I also remembered how I was disappointed at how Koreans are (MUCH) less polite compared to the Japanese when I came back to Korea after being away for 8 months on an exchange to Japan. At the same time, I was reminded on how real the people were and if they are nice to you, it’s because they are genuinely nice and not being fake. The younger generation may be more polite due to educational reasons but the older generation is actually really nice if you get to know them. I mean, if you looked like you need help, there are actually people who’d help you out of the blues without you asking for it. I remembered how I was carrying 50kgs worth of luggage up the stairs at the subway with plenty of people around and NOBODY offered to help. While in Seoul, I had taken things much lighter and people just help you without even asking because they felt like you needed such help. I am not saying that Japanese people ain’t nice, but it’s more like they are too busy caring about themselves.
  4. The hardworking people. I would say this does not apply to everyone because I know a couple of free riders in school. But generally, I think most Koreans are super hardworking and that’s probably the biggest reason to Korea’s development today despite not having any natural resources. They are constantly trying to improve in their competitive environment and they are all about self-improvement. Although some of them may be too indulged in studies and all, there are a great handful of them who are just very competent people themselves and ain’t all book-smart but actually just very very hardworking and honest when it comes to work.
  5. The affordable transportation. I think this is something the whole world (with more expensive transportation dollar to dollar) should learn from Korea. Not only is the transportation services efficient without much delays and also very easy to understand, the government tries to make transportation to the people as affordable as possible so that nobody will feel really stressed about transportation fees unlike other countries. Dollar to dollar wise, people here earn 2.5 million on average and the transportation is only 1.25k won. It’s just a small fraction and even if you travel every weekday to work/school, you’d spend around 70k on transportation a month.
  6. The delivery services. Have you ever imagined how life would be so much easier if you could buy anything with one click on your phone? Well, Korea turned this into reality. It doesn’t only make us lazier to go out, it gave us a wider option of things to choose from and also easier for us to be a smart consumer as we can easily compare prices of similar products easily to pick out the best deal. Clothes, food, groceries, furniture, you name it, Korea’s delivery system’s got it. Further, Korea is known for its fast internet and also you can settle almost anything online. It’s just making everything much more convenient to the locals living here.
  7. The food. Okay, I must say that after living in Korea for 5 years, sometimes I DO feel like there isn’t such a wide choices of Korean dishes to choose from and the foreign food here is normally way too overpriced to be consumed. But I am also very glad that I am healthy eating Korean food! I am an incredulously unhealthy girl back home. I am not sure if it’s because I have to walk a lot here = exercise, I felt like the food here made me a much healthier person. I get sick much lesser here and I think I owe that partly to kimchi. Or the food here which rarely requires oil to make them. generally, I think Korean food’s pretty healthy judging from how a Korean ajumma told me it’s very difficult to find food colouring in Korea because it ain’t natural. Plus, if you look a bit more, you’ll find plenty of delicious Korean food which isn’t popular in any other countries yet!
  8. The water. Okay, this is a very important but simple point. Water SHOULD not be charged. And countries should make charging for water illegal. Everyone DESERVES to stay hydrated. And we shouldn’t feel stressed about having to order another glass of water just because we do not have that much money. Paying for water is utterly despicable and I definitely do not approve it.
  9. The drinking culture. While this may not apply to Muslims or anyone else who does not drink, I personally think that drinking DOES make you closer and it’s actually the best way for you to learn Korean. It’s true. Plus, a bottle of soju or makgeolli here is at a very very affordable 1 dollar. Everyone can drink and since the drinking and driving law here is very tight, Koreans generally do not drink and drive. So don’t worry about the accidents one may cause. Although rape, violence and embarrassment is still unable to be avoided. Tsk.
  10. The language. Although it’s one of the most difficult languages to master, I find the language itself beautiful (tho my mom thinks it sounds more complicated than Hindi) with its uncountable ways of explaining something. And there are so many things I would like to express but couldn’t because I do not have the right words for it unlike in Korean where almost every feeling you feel can be expressed nicely and distinctively purely just with words.

So here are 10 things I really love about Korea and I probably have much more although I am too drunk to think of anymore and I am definitely going to bed now. That’s all for now!

Okinawa Day 2 : Zamami Island

September 2nd, 2016

with the recommendations of friends who have been to Okinawa, we squeezed Zamami into our tight schedule because many of them commented that the Kerama (Zamami is one of them) Islands are the highlight of their trip. if you could stay a day or two in Zamami, make sure you go for the turtle watching which is around early in the morning or in the evening. but since we went for a day trip (where many Japanese does too), we had to miss out on the cute little turtles =(.

DSC00229 copy

my best friend while I was in language school, Megumi. ain’t she beautiful or what? =D.

DSC00235 copy

we took the comfortable Queen Zamami (with air cond!!!) which runs twice a day. it costs a hefty 6,000yen for a round trip but it is much faster and more comfortable than the normal ferry that goes to Zamami which is 2,000yen cheaper but an hour longer. the inside is pretty basic and nothing special but it was sure comfortable as we slept all the way there. and by taking the Queen Zamami, we had 8 long hours to spend in contrast to taking the ferry which will only wind the time available to be spent for a day trip in Zamami to 3 hours. ferry time changes according to season so please check the official Zamami website for the timings.

DSC00245 copy

upon arrival, we took a bus to the famous Furuzamami beach which was probably a 15minute walk away from the pier. the bus costs 300yen. quite pricey for such a short trip. but it’s an island so… it seems like that’s the only bus. and it’s waiting at the pier once you get off.

DSC00261 copy

and finally! the beach!!!

DSC00264 copy

I guess we are pretty lucky as it was raining everyday but it stopped the 3 days Megumi was there with me and the weather was perfect! I guess there weren’t many people as most Japanese was telling me that the weather’s not going to be good.

DSC00267 copy

the beach was pretty empty and the chairs and umbrellas are all for rent at 1,000yen each. so for two chairs and an umbrella, it’s 3,000yen. there are no lockers available but I just put my stuff there because uh.. well I trust Japanese people. but we left our purses with the people who rented us our umbrella.

DSC00269 copy

awkward solo picture haha.

DSC00273 copy

now look at that blue blue blue sea!!! so blue and so clear!

DSC00320 copy

and up close.. it’s even more beautiful. most of my pictures aren’t edited so you can picture how beautiful it was in real life to look so good in pictures.

DSC00479 copy

^^v. those darker spots in the sea are corals so all you have to do is rent goggles and maybe a live jacket (if needed. I rented it anyways because I was afraid of the depth after swimming without a life jacket for 5 minutes. it was REALLY deep. at least 3 meters deep!).

also, another tip is to.. not wear a bikini like myself if you want to go snorkeling, which is dumb if you don’t because the sea here’s amazing. well you MAY wear one but please wear a shirt over it because I got bad sunburn the day after and it hurt like mad for over a week. =(.

DSC00703 copy

THAT BLUE SEA!!! omai. I mean, I’ve been to many beautiful beaches in my life but this was by far the prettiest one yet.

DSC00857 copy

and after swimming, I just chilled.

DSC00960 copy

I can look at that blue sea everyday. <3.

DSC00973 copy

cute SiSha’s are everywhere!!

DSC01002 copy

so there is a story behind this dog, Marilyn. Shiro, a dog from the opposite side of the Island named Aka, visited Zamami with his owner where he met Marilyn. but what caught everyone’s attention was when Shiro swam 3km everyday to Zamami just to meet Marilyn. very touching. ngaw these Japanese dogs. more reasons to SAY NO TO DOG MEAT!

DSC01007 copy

and a statue of Marilyn was made facing Aka Island where a statue of Shiro is faced directly at Marilyn on Aka Island.

DSC01027 copy

and the sea in front of the statue was simply stunning.

DSC01070 copy


DSC01016 copy

if you look in real life, you’d see several layers of blue in the sea.

DSC01080 copy

and oh! there’s like shikuwasa (a small green lime. or what Malaysians call Limau.) everything in Okinawa. shikuwasa alcohol, chips, chocolate, you name it. I recommend the drink as it’s really refreshing. others was just a little too weird for my liking.

DSC01083 copy

more cute sisha’s!

DSC01102 copy

at 4pm, there was really nothing much to do. it was too late to hike up the hill for us to see the view and we were dog tired since we spent too much time at the beach haha. instead of taking the bus, I think renting a bicycle could be a good option as Zamami’s pretty big if you want to go through the whole place. but for us, we just chilled at the waiting room with AC on =D. it was super hot when we went and I couldn’t take it anymore at that point lol.

DSC01103 copy

for dinner, we found a famous syabu syabu restaurant near Miebashi station named Ganaha Pork that serves Okinawa’s famous Aguu Pork for a very reasonable price (but still expensive T_T. it was only reasonable because it was Aguu Pork lol). we didn’t opt for the buffet which was just a tad bit more expensive since we weren’t that hungry and we paid around 7,500yen for the both of us.

DSC01109 copy

the starter was.. the best salad I’ve ever had in my life. chicken salad with cucumber topped with sesame sauce I believe. so yummy mmm. the chicken was soft and smooth yet springy and the cucumber was super crunchy. I really dislike how some restaurants in Japan serve you something small and meh like a piece of tofu and charge you 500-700yen (one place charged me 1,500yen for it ugh. but it was fancy.) for it at restaurants for dinner. but this place’s compulsory starter dish made me very happy. =D.

DSC01114 copy

we had two soup bases. one’s the clear soup with a piece of dashima (seaweed) in it, another is soy bean which tasted pretty special to me. the greatest thing about eating at this store is actually the dipping sauces. they had 3 different types. one similar to light soy sauce, another’s yuzu sikuwasa ponzu, and sesame with oil. everything was perfect. all 3 dipping sauces. it made my day. it’s those shut up and take my money moments where all I want to do is devour all that sauce.

DSC01128 copy

and of course.. the Aguu Pork quality was superb.

DSC01135 copy

Megu making some pork balls xD.

DSC01138 copy



Okinawa Day 1

August 8th, 2016

when one thinks of Japan, they’d usually think about Tokyo or Kyoto; which yes, is two of my favourite places as ones super high-tech and another is full of traditional stuff. but near Taiwan, there lies Okinawa, an island that’s pretty under-rated and is said to be better than Hawaii by some. (it is also named the Hawaii of Japan!) lucky for me, the tickets from Seoul to Okinawa was pretty affordable and there’s a direct flight so I decided to pay a visit to the other end of Japan!

after doing some homework, I found a list of places to go and things to eat and I couldn’t fit all of it in my 4 day 3 night schedule. so I’d recommend going there at least for 5 or 6 days! what I will not be covering is the cave diving and turtle watching in Zamami (I’d recommend to stay in Zamami for at least one night!) which I would really want to see but there was just not enough time T__T.

so are you ready for day 1? let’s go!

I landed just in time for a late lunch! so right after landed, we went to our guesthouse (which was really affordable esp in Japanese standards at 2,500yen per night per person for a twin room!) and asked for a recommendation on where to eat.

DSC00007 copy

I lived near International Street or Kokusai Dori where there are a lot of tourists and food’s super expensive due to that. =(. but lucky for us, we found the recommended restaurant which was pretty secluded inside the roofed shopping street smacked right in the middle of Kokusai Dori.

DSC00024 copy

and it’s this restaurant! it looks pretty shabby and run down but their famous Soki Soba (similar to Okinawa Soba but just with different parts of pork meat) is only 390yen for delicious bowl of hot Soba!

DSC00011 copy

the interior was really old-school and it is exactly the kind of restaurant I like ^_^.

DSC00018 copy

and after only 2 minutes, the Obasan whipped out this bowl of  simple yet delicious Soki Soba! the soup’s super fragrant and clear and the meat was so soft and yummy it felt like it has been stewed for hours. it was soooo good, I literally had this everyday ever since I went to Okinawa. well, this or Okinawa Soba which is pretty much the same. I had it in many different places but still this was the best!

DSC00025 copy

after a hot bowl of soba, we were literally dying from the hot and SUPER humid weather. so we stopped by Blue Seal, Okinawa’s very own local ice cream chain that’s only available in Okinawa for a cup of ice cream! it’s famous especially because of the wide array of flavours that’s only served in Blue Seal!

DSC00026 copy

there are special blue seal flavours like ube, salted cookies, beniimo, Okinawan lime and sugar cane!

DSC00030 copy

I tried the sugar cane while Megu got the salted cookies which tasted like butterscotch to me. I actually really liked the sugar cane!

DSC00040 copy

ohai! I’m at Kokusai Dori!

DSC00044 copy

and waiting for the monorail. or what they call the monoreru. it’s really expensive but you can get the daily or two day pass if you’re travelling on the monorail for more than twice. after lunch, we rushed to the famous Shuri Castle which requires a short bus ride from the Shuri Castle Monorail stop and a hefty entry fee of 800yen.

DSC00066 copy

say hi to Okinawa’s famous Sisa! which are lions put outside of shops, gates etc. where people believe it to be their guardian.

DSC00071 copy

the entrance of Shuri Castle!

DSC00074 copy

if you buy the one day or two day monorail pass, you can even get a 140yen discount for getting into Shuri Castle!


but man was it beautiful. although it’s really small. T_T.

DSC00123 copy

the cool thing is that you get to go into the castle although taking pictures at most places are forbidden.

DSC00125 copy


DSC00162 copy

also, A&W is probably the only place in Japan where you can find root beer. Japanese people mostly find the taste of root beer revolting because of the similarity of it with the Japanese muscle-pain patches. but because of the amount of American soldiers here in Okinawa as there’s an army camp here, there’s A&W!!! along Kokusai Dori =3.

DSC00164 copy

just another night at Kokusai Dori~

DSC00165 copy

there are many steakhouses available in Okinawa again, because of the army base there and they all claim to be the best. but we did our research and found out that Jack’s Steak House is the most popular and also the oldest. and it’s pretty dominated by the Koreans. well, actually the whole Okinawa’s filled with Koreans. xD.

speaking of which, I was there when Leeteuk and BoA was there and I bumped into Leeteuk!! there was so many Korean people around but it felt like only me and Megumi recognized him and he even said hi!!! *faints*

DSC00167 copy

after waiting for around 30minutes (we went at around 9pm), we finally got a seat.

DSC00174 copy

the many sauces available for their super diverse menu. and to be honest, for such yummy and quality food, the prices were super reasonable.

DSC00195 copy

our bill came up to around slightly more than 3,000yen! well, because we ordered something else rather than just steak.

DSC00197 copy

the super juicy steak mmm.

DSC00206 copy

now look at that, that’s what I call medium rare xD.

DSC00208 copy

the taco’s were mediocre but the sauce that came with the tacos were.. absolutely amazing.

DSC00209 copy

you can choose to have bread or white rice together with your steak (Japan.) and we opted for the super fragrant buttered bread. and eating it like this with the pork and onions? simply the best!

DSC00215 copy

the night felt a little early for us so we went into a bar and ordered the famous Orion beer which was 500yen and tasted like the cheap beer widely available in Korea. I still don’t see what’s the hype with Orion beer and everyone travelling to Okinawa. everyone told me “remember to try Orion beer!” but nah. I prefer craft beers available all over Tokyo. and the famous Minoh beer of Osaka’s still my favourite!


we ordered another Okinawan favourite, the Umibudo! or, the seagrapes. although it has a slightly salty taste to it, it was absolutely delish! especially for those who like Ikura, this will be super yums! especially after dipping it in Ponzu, a type of citrusy soy sauce. MMMM.

DSC00224 copy

we also ordered pork knuckles as another side! which was really yummy mm. Japan. you never fail me!

that’s the end of day one!

[Tokyo] Pineapple and Chocolate Ramen?! Papapapapine!

May 21st, 2016

if you’re a hardcore rocketnews24 reader, you might’ve run across this restaurant that serves pineapple ramen so good, they came out with the instant noodle version of it and it can be found at selected convenience stores. except I’ve yet to come across it during my 7 month stay in Japan.

IMG_8395 copy

so Papapapapine is known for their pineapple ramen. but what’s that above? kakakakakao. get it? well, other than its famous pineapple ramen, it is also known for its notorious innovation when it comes to ramen. they had strawberry ramen, banana ramen.. well.. you name it. while their seasonal menu changes all the time, you’d always be able to find pineapple ramen in this shop.

IMG_8387 copy

since it is located at a humble town called Nishi-Ogikubo (not to be confused with Shin-Okubo), the lines weren’t that bad despite the 7 seated bar.

IMG_8388 copy

like every other ramen shop, you need to buy it with the vending machine. but fret not, because I was once a tourist (still kind of am) and I once had no idea what was written on the machine, I just simply went in and seek for help from the very kind and friendly ramen guy. =D.

their best selling is the shio (salt base) and they have it cold too for the summer!

CIMG7602 copy

the interior was.. everything that relates to pineapple. there’s even pineapple wine if you want to try.

CIMG7604 copy

this was the first time when I went. and I ordered the Pineapple ramen. and guess what? I actually loved it! instead of the salty ones with a strong taste, this one was rather light and refreshing! I wouldn’t say that I like this better than the Tonkotsu ramen, but this place really gives ramen a great twist from the usual ones when you’re bored with it.

IMG_8392 copy

and this year, I went back and in conjunction with the valentines week, I braced myself and ordered myself a bowl of.. kakakakakao. you got it right, chocolate ramen. but chocolate ramen?! really?! EW! and with PINEAPPLES?!

well.. it really tasted like chocolate and it was like nothing I’ve ever had before. the first few bites were really good but uhhhhhh…….. towards the end I just kind of gave up hahahaha. still a good experience though.

until the next time.

Tokyo, Suginami-ku, Nishiogiminami 3-12-1
3 minutes walk from Nishi-Ogikubo station.