Osaka Night View? Abeno Harukas.

March 4th, 2015

night views don’t really interest me but the night view in Japanese cities are just.. breath taking. and they are so beautiful, I highly recommend them. first, there was the Umeda Sky Building which had amazing architecture and also an amazing view. but I found an alternative. the Abeno Harukas. at 60 floors, Abeno Harukas is also 20 stories taller than Umeda Sky Building.

CIMG6499 copy

it was so high up I couldn’t catch everything in frame!

CIMG6500 copy

the christmas tree outside Abeno Harukas was so pretty!

CIMG6504 copy

the pathway to the observatory was decorated with pretty lights and decorations =3.

CIMG6508 copy

and finally, the Harukas 300. the downside of this attraction is definitely the price. I enjoyed it very much except for.. it’s 1,500yen. just for an elevator up to a beautiful view.. I am not sure if it’s that worth it for me. but since it’s a one off thing.. =S.

CIMG6515 copy

but look at the breath-taking view! I would actually bring my mom here next time if I could.

CIMG6528 copy

it was pretty darn scary standing there.

CIMG6542 copy

the best thing about this observatory? it is 3 stories! and there’s an indoor garden area which was really pretty!

CIMG6571 copy

look at all that illumination with the pretty view!!! highly recommended for a nice date =3.

CIMG6573 copy

I was just happy hehehe.

CIMG6620 copy

and more ugly selfies with the pretty view.

CIMG6647 copy


IMG_0679 copy

you can even see the shinsekai tower from here!!!

IMG_0683 copy

when I went there was some concert so I guess I was lucky. the band seemed pretty famous too! there is a cafe on the same level at the terrace!

IMG_0671 copy

last but not least! I recommend YOU to try out desserts sold at Takashimaya, Namba =D. THEY ARE SO DELICIOUS. just head to the basement level of Takashimaya and you will find yourself in a desserts heaven.

IMG_0674 copy

I had this much!!!!

One Day in Hanbok

February 22nd, 2015

hello my dearest readers!

I know many of you are following me for the Korea and Japan posts. since I wore Kimono (AND Yukata. even bought it wtf.) in Japan, it was quite weird how I’ve never really thought of wearing a Hanbok despite being in Korea for my 4th year now.

okay I actually thought of it once. during my graduation ceremony in Yonsei everyone wore Hanbok but.. me. firstly, as a poor student the 150,000won~200,000won (150-200USD) rental was too much of a burden and I didn’t look good in most of the Hanbok my friends had. I think Hanbok, like Kimono, is very personal and they fit differently for every person. the colours, sizes, patterns had to fit. well that was why in the end, I wore an urban Cheongsam instead.

I had always thought that renting a Hanbok for a day costs a bomb until I came across onedayhanbok. if only I had found it 3 years ago, I would’ve got to wear a Hanbok for my graduation ceremony T_____T.

안녕하세요! 새해 복 많이 받으세요!
설날 연휴 때 한복을 대여해서 촬영했다~ 한복 워낙 비싼거라 대여하기가 힘든줄 알았고 예전에 대여할려고 할 때 다 15만원에서 20만원 쯤이었으니 대여하지 않았다. 그러나 Onedayhanbok 에서 싸게 대여할 수 있다니!!! 이런 가게 생겨서 정말 다행이고 기쁘다.

1383741_10152774567743380_2410346303039631627_n copy

in conjunction with Seollal/Chinese New Year, I decided to rent a set of Hanbok for our team Malaysia’s shooting this time.

picture by Azri. Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

IMG_0020 copy

took a picture of the price list. it’s really cheap compared to other rental places which rents you the whole full set including the inner clothing, cancan etc. but like what it’s called.. they are inner clothings and we don’t REALLY need it since we can wear our own clothes inside. less hassle. it costs only 13,000won for 4 hours and 26,000won for the whole day! what a steal.

이 가게의 대상은 주로 외국사람이지만 한국사람들도 간단하게 대여하고 싶을 때가 있을지도 몰라서 이 블로그는 한국말로! 착한 가격에 물론 메이크업과 머리는 자신 준비해야되고 한복의 내옷과 신발도 없는 걸로 알고 있다. 그런데 1만3천원으로 4시간, 2만6천원으로 24시간, 어디서도 본적없는 착한 가격임.

IMG_0003 copy

IMG_0005 copy

they sell souvenirs too! I’ve seldom see those hanbok origami’s and they had it there!

기념품 같은것도 많이 팝니다~

IMG_0002 copy

Sangjun of onedayhanbok helping me on my ribbon.

원데이한복의 상준오빠가 정말 친절하고 착한 분였슴. 제 몸매가 애매해서 (키 조금 많이 크고 갈비벼가 되게 작다 ㅠ) 입어보고 또 입어봐도 사이즈 안 맞았는데 한복을 하나 하나 천천히 입혀줘서 정말 고마웠다. 결국 옷과 치마는 다른 세트에서 입게되었다. 마음에 드는 색갈만 원해서 그래요 사실 ㅋㅋㅋ.

IMG_0008 copy

there were a lot of accessories to choose from but my hairstyle didn’t look good with the hairbands so I opted for the ribbon. the ribbons are normally for pleated hairstyles but oh well..

they provide pins, clips and hairbands but I saw how some customers are such a jinsang (a-hole. it really means customers whom are difficult to deal with) on taking a bunch home just because it’s free. it doesn’t cost a lot but taking a bunch costs money!!! I get very embarrassed when people of my race and nationality takes a lot of tissues and all at public places too. PFFT.

머리 띠나 다른 장신구는 무료로 착용할 수 있다!

IMG_0009 copy

since onedayhanbok was a rather humble shop, they don’t offer like hundreds of hanboks but they do have around a hundred from what I can see. the good thing about it is that it isn’t like what those 3,000won/7,000won try-on hanbok’s which has.. horrible quality. the hanboks here are of good quality and I heard it’s around 500dollars for each set. they might look simple but they are definitely NOT CHEAP! since I am a Gwangjang market kind of girl, I’ve scouted around and the cheapest medium-low quality hanbok I saw was already 200,000won and above (note: they are custom made). 400,000won for a fairly decent and nice looking one. my Yukata+shoes and bag from Kyoto was only 5,000yen! (50USD) I guess it’s all about the quality!

so yeah, I wore it with care. especially going up the stairs you should REALLY be cautious. I recommend to NOT wear pointy heels because it might tear the skirt.

가게가 많이 크지 않지만 한 100벌의 한복이 있다. 알다시피 한복의 가격이 다양하지만 대여하는  가격이 착하면 질도 별로 인줄 알았는데 생각보다 정말 질 좋은 한복이 많아서 참 놀랬다.


other than accessories.. other things like.. the SELCA POD and Polaroid camera’s are free for rent too! you might need to buy the film for the polaroid. there were also umbrella’s for sale so I’d say they’re pretty equipped.

IMG_0011 copy

the array of accessories! best thing is.. THEY ARE ALL FREE FOR RENT! I still remembered how tempted I was to rent/buy hair accessories and other accessories when I wore a Kimono in Japan and they were all so overpriced T_T. ended up with a few but still, I couldn’t believe I spent 10USD just on accessories >_>” but since that Kimono rental place (Yumeyakata, Kyoto) was cheap, I just rented them. totally fell for their marketing trap hahaha. worth it still. =P.

IMG_0017 copy

past customer’s pictures. just to show you their other hanboks. they have the short length (the one I wore), medium and long ones. the long ones were really empress like. not my cup of tea. there was a girl who wore it with pants and it looked so fashionable D=.

한복을 대여하실 분들. 다양한 한복을 onedayhanbok 웹사이트로 가면 구경할 수 있어요~

IMG_0012 copy

look how good the quality is?!

질 좋아서 정말로 좋았다!

IMG_0019 copy

just me being.. me. hahaha.


the downside is that.. they do not provide hair services. I had my hair done in Kyoto when I wore my Kimono for an extra 1,080yen (10USD) because they only provide 5 styles and they do the same 5 styles over and over again (other styles are much more expensive >_>). to get your hair done in Seoul, it normally costs around 50USD. so I guess DIY is the best choice! they don’t normally tie a ribbon with.. a bun. but I got innovative hehehehe.

since they provide rubber bands, pins and even straighteners and curlers, it’s totally fine doing your hair there.

머리는 아침에 혼자한 건데 하루 중일 튼튼하고 문제 없어서 다행이다 ㅠ. 보통 이런 머리스타일엔 리본 착용하지 않지만 그래도 이렇게 하는게 이쁘죠?


all I did was twist two stands of hair on the side and tie it together with my pony tail. then take a strand of hair from my ponytail, braid it, tie. AND THEN, twist it all together to form a bun, use pins and pin them all together. I did it at home so I didn’t have to spend so much time at the shop. the shop isn’t too big so when other customers come, it is pretty hard to take your own sweet time to do your hair. so another recommendation? DO IT AT HOME!


hello =D.


that’s Pheuron Eonni in her empress hanbok and Azri behind =D. we were at a very modern place called the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). who would’ve thought?

10984591_10152774567583380_4196751011774301637_o copy

my favourite picture by Azri. loved the flow of the skirt. normally, when we think of hanbok, we’d probably think of traditional places like palaces or villages like Bukchon Hanok Village. but Neoh, another photographer in our team, suggested DDP and the pictures were so avant-garde (it means innovative in French. lit: before guard). DDP is also near to the hanbok shop! walking distance kind of near.

가게와 가까운 동대문 디자인 플라자에서 찍은 사진들~

11021129_10152774567618380_1156332539603993014_n copy

I think many people think that my choice of Hanbok is quite dull and not very pretty compared to the other striking ones but I am really glad I choose the not so popular one because it looks really sophisticated and classy =3.

10996657_10152774567698380_6986545373784220302_n copy

DDP seems like THE PLACE for pictures. and I really do recommend tourists to check it out just for its amazing architecture. I live nearby it so I didn’t thought of blogging of DDP but I guess I really should!

IMG_9548 copy

I’ve always thought that I look horrible in Hanboks because everytime I try it, I just don’t look good in them. but I’m glad I finally found one that fits me! it was a little difficult because Sangjun said I am too tall and “thin” so it was quite tough looking for my size but really, I have a very small body frame and yes I’m tall I have no idea why I look petite in pictures but I am not! at all! maybe because my head’s very big T_T.

pictures taken at the shop and from this picture (above) onwards are taken by Neoh.

한복이 잘 안 어울리는 줄알았지만 이제보니까 괜찮네요? ㅋㅋㅋ. 그래도 머리가 커서 (모자도 못 쓰는 만큼. 얼굴 안 커도 머리가 커요 ㅠ) 키가 엄청 작게 보인다 ㅠ.

IMG_9568 copy

we later went to Deoksugung, one of my favourite palaces in Seoul which has 3 sessions of guard exchange ceremonies at 11am, 2pm and 3:30pm. since it is free entrance to any palaces if you’re in a hanbok, I took my chance! I also like Deoksugung for it’s over 100 years old Western buildings. I thought the Korean and Western combination was amazing. the other palace I like is Changgyeonggung’s Huwon (or secret garden) where you need to first enter the palace and pay an extra fee (5,000won) to go on a guided tour to the most beautiful garden in Seoul.

only Neoh and I went because Pheuron was tired and Azri needed to work T_T. but we worked so hard brainstorming on places, poses and themes the night before.. such a waste. but it was a very productive day!

여기부턴 덕수궁에서!

IMG_9572 copy

the happily staring out at space pose.

IMG_9618 copy2 copy

the “chase me” picture.

IMG_9676 copy

the “I was waiting all day for you” pose.

IMG_9697 copy

the avant-garde pose.

IMG_9723 copy3

the “look at my beautiful hanbok” pose.

IMG_9731 copy

the… shoes ain’t matching. they should totally do a shoe rental once they expand. actually, even Koreans don’t wear traditional shoes with Hanbok sometimes hhahaha.

IMG_9841 small

the “I’m going to wait for him to get done with the war” look.

IMG_0001 copy

roamed around Seoul for 9 hours in this Hanbok, all tired and that’s a wrap!

Hanbok rented from Onedayhanbok
location : Euljiro-4(sa)-ga Station, head to exit 7 and before walking up the stairs you will see a pathway with shops, walk straight on for about a minute and you’ll see the shop on your left. very easy to find.
을지로4가역 7번출구 나가기전에 지하 상가으로 가면 됨.

웹사이트 한국어로 되어있는거 없지만 직원들 다 한국분이라 문제 없을거다. ^^.

Hokkaido SUSHI! Nemuro Hanamaru, JR Tower

February 20th, 2015

ask the locals they say, because they’d know. and so the recommendations of a true Japanese who was born and bred in Hokkaido recommended me to Nemuro Hanamaru. 6th floor of the JR Tower (Sapporo Station), Sapporo.

IMG_1350 copy

we actually came here on the first day but due to limited time we headed on for something else and came back the next day. with a similar line. waited for around 45 minutes at around 1pm. I’ll have to say.. the wait’s worth it.

IMG_1361 copy

it had been a while since I had a kaiten belt sushi but this was no ordinary kaiten belt sushi as everything (well I didn’t really fancy their kaarage/fried chicken.)

IMG_1364 copy

can you believe that this plate’s from the kaiten belt?! this salmon melted in my mouth like how marshmallows melts in your mouth. but with a lot of flavour =3. fresh salmon flavour. I can’t really explain it. you NEED to go there and try it yourself!

IMG_1367 copy


IMG_1372 copy

plate after plate after plate. the fatty tuna/chutoro was SOOOOOOOOO good. it melted in my mouth T_T. le Japanese was disappointed with the quality of the day because it wasn’t as good as before probably because it was new year’s eve. I wasn’t a fan of the Kaarage but everything else was great! I mean, it’s better than most sushi bars I’ve been to. not exactly the best I’ve had in Japan (Sushi Dai spoilt me) but that Chutoro was amazing. second right on top of the picture. my next favourite was the scallop (hotate) and CRAB! (Hokkaido’s crabs are SWEET and very juicy mmmmm) moreover, it’s very reasonably priced! we had so much and the bill was around 4,000yen if I am not wrong.

IMG_1374 copy

most of the plates we had wasn’t on the belt and there was a small piece of paper for you to write on to order. I heard they had english menu’s and all but I went with a Japanese so…

IMG_1375 copy

IMG_1376 copy

I know you’re jealous of me now teehee.

IMG_1395 copy

I heard they only serve very fresh fish hence the popularity. this is a branch and ACCORDING to my friend, the main restaurant tastes slightly better though the difference is not very prominent.

IMG_1396 copy

great setting, great service, very satisfying great sushi! I am satisfied!

IMG_1398 copy

if you’re in Hokkaido and is tight on your budget but would like some great sushi, I highly recommend Hanamaru! and look!!! it’s a double-decker conveyer kaiten belt! one for sushis, another for the cups and saucers!

winter wonderland – the Red Brick Office

February 19th, 2015

my second day in Sapporo was new year’s eve. and to my surprise, many shops were opened! but the thing was.. it’s quite quiet. what I mean is.. there was no new year mood. maybe it wasn’t the best time to visit since most Japanese people had to gather with their families.

삿포로에 있는 2번째 날은 새해 하루 전 날이였다. 그런데 사람들은.. 생각보다 새해 기운이 없었다. 새해 때는 역시 도쿄다.

IMG_1112 copy

my NYE morning was beautiful though!

삿포로의 아침은.. 기가 막히게 아름다웠다.

IMG_1113 copy

snow piling on every little branch <3.

IMG_1115 copy

this was one shop that I was hoping to go to.. it’s a famous parfait shop operated by only one person and I heard from the guest house owner that the shop’s owner open and close depending on his own mood and if there’s enough FRESH ingredients. it’s a very unique shop indeed but……. it was closed for my whole trip there. bummer.

정말 기대했던 파르페 가게는.. 닫았다. 심지여 내가 갔던 5일 안에 하루도 안 열어줬다 ㅠ.

IMG_1121 copy

the best thing about Sapporo? the snow! I’ve heard so much about Hokkaido’s snow and oh man it was fine. like snow fine. the snow was very powdery and soft and making a snowman was really easy. I remembered how I made my snowman in Cheongju, Korea with a bucket of water because the snow just wouldn’t stick! but in Hokkaido, I think I can make a dozen of it with just pure snow. OKAY, I know, my first Hokkaido snowman’s quite creepy but.. oh well!

눈은 역시 홋카이도죠. 홋카이도 눈보다 더 예쁜 눈이 없을껄요? 거의 불가능한 것 같다. 여기서 눈말고도 해물, 우유, 양고기 등 즐겨울 수 있어서 정말 여행 오기 좋은 곳이다.

IMG_1125 copy

it definitely looked like Pinocchio.

피노키오를 닮은 내가 만들었던 눈사람.

IMG_1148 copy

I became a little girl when I saw a land of snow.

IMG_1157 copy

I couldn’t even hold myself =P.

IMG_1158 copy

the snow was so soft and fluffy!

IMG_1159 copy

but it was really cold pfft. kids, don’t do what I did if you don’t want your butt to be wet.

IMG_1160 copy

I had fun nevertheless!

IMG_1169 copy

so we walked and walked and stumbled across this beautiful red brick building which was a Government’s office called the Red Brick Office.

IMG_1171 copy

trust me, it wasn’t that cold. as long as you have your feet and hands warm, wearing a coat or not, it didn’t seem to matter.

IMG_1173 copy


IMG_1185 copy

the back view of the Red Brick Office.

삿포로의 시청 같은 곳이였다.

IMG_1194 copy

I personally REALLY LOVED THIS PLACE because there was snow everywhere and it was purrrfectly beautiful

IMG_1201 copy

ducks and duckface.

오리들. 나포함.

IMG_1230 copy

=D. it don’t look very crowded from my pictures but it was in fact.. REALLY REALLY CROWDED.

IMG_1280 copy

becareful! we can turn into a cute orange bear if the snow from the roof fall on us!

IMG_1327 copy

and that really scary metal face right outside of it was.. super scary.

삿포로 시청의 정문!

IMG_1336 copy

this was what’s facing the Red Brick Office.

정문 앞.

IMG_1341 copy

and nearby was Sapporo Station!

시청근처에는 삿포로역이 있다!

IMG_1343 copy

that’s JR Tower (I think it was the 6th floor.. there were a LOT of beautiful restaurants there and they were all so good T_T) and..

JR타워에서 맛있는 것 정말 많았다! 현지인에게도 유명함. 6층으로 가보세요!

IMG_1347 copy

THIS IS DAIMARU! one of the most beautiful shopping malls in Japan (to me). they always have clean and surprisingly beautiful washrooms hehehe. and a lot of branded handkerchiefs! the underground food and sweets stalls were amazing too!

다이마루 내 사랑 <3. 이 백화점의 화장실도 이쁘고.. 명품 선수건도 다양하고.. 지하에 있는 명품 음식들까지!!! 맛있고 예뻤다!

New Chitose Airport, Hokkaido

February 17th, 2015

New Chitose Airport is amazing.


okay, I know that’s a little too vague so let me tell you why.

IMG_0749 copy

whenever I land at an airport.. I always look for the toilet because in flight bathrooms are so disgusting I try my best to hold it until I reach my destination every time. have you heard about how the water you use to “wash” your hands in the plane’s super dirty? well..

so! what’s that above?

well there’s a screen..

IMG_0750 copy

it’s a in-toilet changing corner! so that you can take your shoes off and change your clothes without stepping on the dirty floor! not like most toilets in Japan are dirty anyway. haha. still the thought of it’s kind of.. errrr.

IMG_0752 copy

Hokkaido welcomed me with SNOW!!! heavy snow. as soon as I land it started snowing. and it was the heaviest snow I’ve ever seen.

IMG_0761 copy

I mean, it’s like as if it’s raining. but it’s all snow!

IMG_0763 copy

looking at that advert made me smileeeeeeeee. the plane was 2 hours from Kansai Airport (KIX) and I slept at the bench at the airport (found out I didn’t have to because checking in late was absolutely fine. but many people slept at the airport anywaysssss) the night before so I wasn’t in such a great mood. but looking at the word “ROYCE'” made me think of all the greatness Hokkaido has to offer =3. like Royce’s Nama Chocolate? =D.

IMG_0770 copy

if you’ve never been to Hokkaido, let me educate you a little bit on the great gifts you can bring back. other than Rokkatei, my favourite confectionery brand, there’s Shiroi Koibito or in other words, Ishiya Chocolate. I didn’t find it special the first time but I don’t know since when.. their white chocolate biscuit sandwich just tastes.. phenomenal. Hokkaido-ians take pride in this particular snack so if you’re in Hokkaido, I suggest you to buy the biggest box. =D. you’ll regret it if you don’t!

IMG_0771 copy

then of course, there’s Royce. since Royce is available in many places now, you might think.. why should I get Royce particularly in Hokkaido?

read on for the answer!

IMG_0773 copy

when I was there, which was around the New Years Eve, the New Chitose Airport seem to have two fictional ambassadors. Doraemon and Miku (pictures can be seen further down!). since my sister is a Doraemon freak, instead of bedtime stories, my sister read me Doraemon comics. I know this is weird. but as a kid, I’ve always HATED reading. it hurt my eyes! I only want to look at the drawings! partly because my sister spoiled me by reading everything out loud for me. which was great. and because of her, Doraemon’s a big part of my childhood. and I LOVE Doraemon =3.

IMG_0775 copy

my first breakfast! I had no expectations since it was.. airport food. I never thought that the bland udon can actually taste so good! I didn’t like Udon for it’s so thick and I think that it tastes like nothing but the noodles itself. I guess I hadn’t eaten good ones. also, I was surprised how New Chitose had so much food to offer. it was like a MALL. but I had to settle for a cheaper meal so Udon it is! other stuff were mostly over priced. it’s still an airport anyway =S.

IMG_0778 copy

here’s another Doraemon! they are everywhere and I love it. <3<3. had to take a picture with him <3<3.

IMG_0781 copy

now see that anime character? that’s Miku from Vocaloid! I loveeeeeeeee her. every person who’s into J-anime will know her. she’s like……. the princess of anime. she’s so pretty dressed as an ice princess =3. they even sell milk tea with her (ice princess version) in it! only in Hokkaido!

IMG_0783 copy

I am still amazed on how these are CHEESE. I’d like to taste them but they looked pricey T_T. these are the moments when.. I WISH I’M RICH pfft.

IMG_0784 copy


IMG_0785 copy

so apparently, there’s a famous ramen restaurant inside the airport. but because of time restrictions.. I didn’t get to line up for it T_T. (had to rush to Noboribetsu since I only planned to go there for a day trip!)

IMG_0787 copy

the eatery street! so pretty and most still closed because I arrived at an odd hour. slightly before 9am. my flight was.. 650am. hahaha.

IMG_0789 copy

so actually, I REALLY didn’t have much time. so I had to prioritize! though I’d like to see the Doraemon Sky Park and the bear world (okay maybe I’ll skip this. >_>. don’t sound interesting to me after the bear museum in Seoul left me in disappointments), I was aiming for ROYCE’ CHOCOLATE WORLD!

but before that!

IMG_0790 copy

here, you can get the famous Hokkaido Milk ice cream! I personally thought it was overpriced.

PS: Hokkaido’s McD uses Hokkaido Milk too! so it tastes pretty much the same for a much cheaper 100yen. I had three. compared to this one, it’s still 80yen cheaper. =D. yeah I’m a cheapskate. whatever.

IMG_0791 copy


but it ain’t the usual Hello Kitty store because..

IMG_0792 copy

they sell dried squid? D=. HUGE ones. not normal to see such a thing. it wasn’t exactly over-priced too! but just.. really huge.

IMG_0793 copy

and more dried seafood. first day in Hokkaido and I was wow-ed.

IMG_0794 copy

TADA!!!  okay, this is only a PART of it.

IMG_0795 copy

TADA!!! this is only the 2nd part of it..

IMG_0797 copy

TADA!!! they even have a museum here!!!

IMG_0802 copy

with a GIGANTIC chocolate bar!

IMG_0805 copy

I slightly skimped through the museum and..

IMG_0809 copy

became a chocolate addict.

IMG_0811 copy

polar bears! I didn’t see any this trip. sad. but I’ll make sure to visit them the next trip! I’LL BE BACK.

IMG_0812 copy


this is like.. the only airport in THE WORLD with a chocolate factory inside of it. which is why this airport’s amazing.

IMG_0814 copy

you get to see how (some) chocolates are made!

IMG_0815 copy

the clean and advanced machines..

IMG_0818 copy

like really advanced machines. the chocolate molds were spinning around in so many directions it was so cool to just watch.

IMG_0819 copy

AHHH!!!! I wan’t a huge chocolate too! but I’d be fat. =/.

IMG_0820 copy

chocolate christmas tree, anyone?

IMG_0821 copy

since it is the year of the horse.. there’s a section just for horse chocolate.

but again, since I was on budget, I headed to my favourite of Royce’, their NAMA chocolate.

NAMA means fresh in Japanese. 생 in Korean. 生 in Kanji/Hanja/Chinese =D.

and the HIGHLIGHT of Royce’s Chocolate shop in Hokkaido…

wait for it…



IMG_0822 copy

TADA!!!! THAT VARIETY OF CHOCOLATES D=. there was so much I didn’t know which to pick. before I went there, I had the standard one, white chocolate, champagne, green tea.. and I forgot. each time I come back from Japan, I’ll buy a box or two because it’s so much cheaper in Japan U_U. anyways! the point is, normally they only have that same few flavours. while IN HOKKAIDO, there’s.. (look above.) there were weird flavours like wine, peach, grape, apple, banana.. few types of Japanese liquor, and the list goes on.

IMG_0823 copy

a closer look! apparently the most popular among girls is the strawberry and mixed fruit or was it just fruit. but I know the flavour is like.. a lot of fruits combined. hence mixed fruit =D. both of them didn’t sound appealing to me to be honest and I hate Japanese mixed fruit juices so..

a normal box of nama chocolate contains 20 pieces of chocolates which costs around 700yen. but the ones here.. T_____T. there were only 9 pieces and it is 500++yen. less than half of the amount and much more than half of the price. WHY!!!! well I guess because they only have it HERE IN HOKKAIDO. no choice sigh.

I wanted to buy them all. but.. you know. =S.

IMG_0829 copy

so we did a little calculation and found out that renting a car is actually the same price with taking the public transport from the airport to Noboribetsu then to Sapporo where we can return the car. it only costed around 1700yen extra for petrol. for all the freedom and time we get to save, I’d say… RENT A CAR! well only if you have a Japanese friend or someone familiar with driving abroad (and an international license). most places have English road signs but the GPS is in Japanese. bummer. but I’ve read about how some Malaysian families rented cars and drove around Japan without knowing Japanese, so can you! =D.

IMG_0831 copy

when I arrived, the weather was purrrrfect. and that’s one huge crab

IMG_0834 copy

they have a shark and a… bear? on the roof of that crab shop. I hope they don’t sell bear meat. the bear’s actually a famous character in Hokkaido from what I saw.

IMG_1076 copy

time to open up my package! they gave me a dried ice pack as “service” but heck, it’s so much more expensive here of COURSE it’s service. it’ll be rude if they’d ask me to pay pfft.

IMG_1080 copy

I bought some Japanese Whiskey flavour,  some Okinawan flavour and… PEAR. the Okinawan flavour isn’t sold in Okinawa apparently. hahahaha. weird ey? I was wondering how it’ll taste since it has the most special design but.. it really tastes like an alcoholic nama chocolate. which was amazing anyway. the whiskey was a little strong but I loved it that way because their champagne had a very light champagne taste which was TOO LIGHT for my liking. the pear though, was an eye opener. I don’t know how to describe it but you somewhat taste two tastes at a different time. in a good way. at first it tastes just like the normal Au Lait, but afterwards, the sweet pear taste comes in to give it a beautiful ending.

if I had the money, I’d buy EVERYTHING.

IMG_1096 copy

if you’re ever doing a one day trip to Noboribetsu, be prepared to sit in the car for 2 hours to and fro. I got so hungry I ate all 3 boxes of chocolates at one go. which I regret. I should’ve saved some for later!!! pfft.

or I should’ve bought more. =S. I need a donation box.

Similarities and Differences between Japan and Korea

February 6th, 2015

since I have been living in Korea for… the 4th year now and I think that I’ve been to Japan enough to know a handful of their culture and people, I have to admit that I am far away from knowing enough so whatever I write, it’s based on my own experience. you may agree to it or not but I am not stereotyping, just based on what I know!


1. we can’t deny the fact that both Japan and Korea have a long history linking to… Mr. Confucius/Master Kong/공자님. hence the similarities we can see will definitely be hardworking. Koreans and Japanese people alike, are very very very hardworking. it’s normal to work 6 days a week. normal to work OT without getting paid extra. normal to go to work on Sundays. and most of all, normal to LISTEN TO YOUR SENIORS. which is the part which I dislike the most. seniors could ask the new comers to do anything unrelated to their job and nobody will say no to it if they wanna keep their job. but of course, even amongst my friends, there are exceptions.

2. RUSH HOURS. okay this might be crazier in Tokyo but it’s basically very crowded everywhere in the cities in these 2 countries especially during the rush hour. you’ll have to be prepared to be sandwiched between the sea of people if you were to work in any of these countries. and when getting off work, be prepared to be BUMPED and hit on the arm accidentally with NO APOLOGIES (most cases). I thought Japanese people are very polite all the while until.. I got bumped countless times in Tokyo and nobody seemed to care. I was curious of course, so I asked my friends working in Tokyo. “we’re tired too! we simply don’t have the energy to be nice.” legit.

3. jealousy. if you’re in a relationship with men or women from any of these two countries, be sure to be careful and not simply hang out with friends of the opposite sex. they wouldn’t like it. at all.

4. efficiency. okay this differs a little but you can live in these two countries’ cities without a car easily. while it is very confusing in Japan with all the different companies and amount of station, it is rather simple and easy for foreigners to commute around in Seoul. there are also convenience stores everywhere for your convenience although for this, Japan’s a little ahead.

5. conservative but open. at least for most younger generations. pretty shocking. walking openly into a 18+ shop? normal. reading 18+ magazines? very normal. that’s more to Japan whereas in Korea.. it’s pretty abnormal. you shall never do anything weird in public. but in terms of openness? pretty similar. although Korea’s a few steps behind Japan in many ways.


I actually think that Japan and Korea have a lot of differences despite being so close to each other. just an hour or two flight away, a whole different place.

1. Japan : individualistic. Korea: everyone’s your family. in Korea, you might see people getting up and offering their seats to the elderly (without being thanked normally because it’s what they SHOULD do). whereas in Japan, everyone’s tired hence.. get your own seat. you want to sit so do I. age does not matter. I do feel like the Japanese people should get their butts up when they see a weak elderly though.. even though the elderly in these two countries are doubtlessly pretty healthy, we young people are no matter what, stronger.

2. the other thing about Japan being individualistic is that.. they see everyone as somebody else and not their family. it’s quite sad how they couldn’t open themselves and it makes you feel so much like someone unworthy of their time. but in the contrary, if you were to ask for directions, they’d definitely do their best to do so because they are brought up to be polite. but if you faint in the middle of the street.. good luck with that. you better hope someone care. in Korea, even if you don’t need anybody to care for you, they would or they’d ask you for help when you aren’t supposed to. in many many ways that I will talk non stop till the next morning if I had to say everything. an example is.. going to a spa and getting people tell you “wow, how nice to be young” “scrub my back” etc. it gets pretty bothersome at times.

3. if you lose your wallet in Japan, people would pass it to the police officer and you’ll probably get it back with your money still in it. but in Korea? well.. maybe you’ll get your wallet back.. not sure whether your money will still be inside. but my friends had lost their phones in Korea countless times T_T. but of course, there are exceptions. while my Japanese friends had never seen any weird crimes and won’t pocket money or whatsoever they’ve found, I witnessed a snatch thief in Osaka once on the FIRST day I was there.

4. noise level. isn’t it crazy how nobody talks in the subway in Japan? there are even broadcasts about how you should avoid talking on the phone and that you should switch off your phone when you’re near the priority seats. in Korea.. well it isn’t noisy all the while. but it can get pretty noisy. nobody cares if you talk so it’s kind of a carefree country to be in sometimes.

5. sense of style. my Korean friend once told me “how come everyone in your country look so different?!” people in Korea just seem to fall in love with the same thing every time. when there’s something in style. everyone follows. sometimes.. including me. hahaha. can’t help it. an example would be the fame of Cruciani bands. but in Japan, everyone seem to have their own style. even if you call it Japanese style, it’s divided into many parts and everyone’s pretty unique/weird in their own way.

6. payment method. while in Korea everyone pays with their debit card, almost everyone uses cash or credit card in Japan. but the problem with Japan is.. there aren’t many places which accepts credit card. and the convenience of ATM differs a lot too! in Korea, it costs 500won to withdraw money on the weekends or off working hours normally. but in Japan it costs around.. say.. 300yen or so? that’s about 3,000won. which is crazy.

7. men’s beauty. (some) Korean men put on make up and (most) Japanese men shape their brows. period.

8. computers. while the internet speed is.. quite similar except Korea’s faster, most people don’t have fast or high tech computers in Japan than expected.

9. mindset. Japan : earn and spend. YOLO. Korea : perfection is needed. everyone else’s looking!

10. food. obvious? well they are both very delicious but Japanese people trains for years and everything’s an art. as for Koreans, they estimate everything and it’s the final taste that matters!

here’s some of the things I noticed. I bet I missed a lot, so let me know!