MERS & scandals.

June 12th, 2015

okay if you don’t already know. there’s something called MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) which is a Corona Virus (same family with the normal flu and SARS) that’s driving the country crazy.

well not literally.

but quite.


what’s the big fuss? well, in a weird way, this virus has been in many parts of Asia but is only spreading like wildfire in Korea and its 38% fatality rate is scaring the crap out of everyone. they released statements saying that it’s not as infectious as SARS and that healthy adults wouldn’t get it. which seems quite legit since we have a better immune system. until a 17 year old boy contracted it. and they say that only people with a underlying disease died so far. I found that to be difficult to believe. since it’s a good 38% fatality rate. I don’t know if they’re saying that just because they want to save their economy and pretend it’s fine. but.. well.. 80-90% of the population is walking around without a mask on.

okay lets jump to some scandalous part. so apparently a part time professor in SKKU was in contact with a MERS patient and was ordered to self quarantine until his results comes out. but he obnoxiously went back to teaching (Korea’s very anal about attendance. even if you are suspected to have MERS huh.) after self-quarantining himself for 4 days. the virus is said to show symptoms on the… 6th day-12th day? so he wouldn’t know if he had it. AND HE WENT TO SCHOOL. when I read that my heart skipped a beat because I was in school at that time he was there and.. well I was wearing a mask but not all the time. but later results came out and he’s tested negative so phew.

apparently the government is tightening the law by tracking self quarantine patients on their phone. but heck, they can just leave their phone at home and go to work/buy stuff at the convenience store because they feel very healthy.

okay, the thing is that.. it’s not THAT viral. since people sitting near to the first MERS patient on the plane didn’t contract it. but they said it’s due to good air ventilation. most MERS patients contracted it from hospitals which means.. the hospitals need better air ventilation. I actually do not see the point of putting on masks as I believed that as long as I am in a place with good air ventilation and I don’t go near strangers I’m fine but… for a peace of mind, I’ll go through the trouble to wear the very-so-stuffy mask. what if my university have bad air ventilation right? a classroom is enclosed! who knows? and because my family urged me to wear a mask. every. single. day.

the NEXT scandal is a good one.

so there are exchange students from HK in my uni who were of course, traumatized by SARS, wearing masks in class. I think that must be some presentation class or something. but they were sitting behind and the professor FORCED them to take their masks off because it was deemed as being rude. and that he thinks that everyone is clean in the classroom and hated how the HK kids were being “sensitive”. well.. that all seems NOT AS BAD UNTIL…… he told them to get out of the class and gave crappy reasons in a very… RACIST way. his English wasn’t quite… mmm… and I couldn’t understand the whole thing even after I watched it twice. it went something like this…

“one more thing, please get up, masks. get up, ….??? we are purely to share (whattt???) don’t worry about the MERS. …..? as a very young and healthy and beautiful and handsome guy …..?? …..? hong kong? I want you to sit back. if you are very sensitive, you have to leave. ….? you have to leave now. ….? still keep the mask on. hey boy! if you keep the mask you have to be out of this class. ok? you just go outside ….? that’s my policy. ok? if you don’t want to do that. you know few years ago many Koreans suffered SARS. that’s YOUR country*pointing at the students with his POINTER finger* is an all same place (??????), don’t show that kind of sensitivity to me. I will talk several times through…?????? go, out, I don’t want you, here.”

this is as much as I can get. by now I probably repeated it like 10 times.

I am not sure if I can share the video since it isn’t owned by me. but.. yeah it was viral amongst students in my uni I think.

I can see where he’s coming from.. because of the foreigner’s fears and over reaction to it is causing the Korean economy to suffer (with thousands and thousands of cancelled trips and sharp decline in many businesses) and he was just unhappy about it but… HE DIDN’T HAVE TO BRING OUT SARS. SARS only infected 4 Koreans and they were all fine. this became such a big issue that it came out on some news site and APPARENTLY the professor apologized to the students and sorted their misunderstanding. misunderstanding? really? anyways, most of the HK students decided to leave Korea this week and I heard they will still pass without taking their finals since they are on exchange. but seriously, this is how you want to represent your country by telling exchange students to LEAVE because they were only paranoid about something? respect their trauma. oh, in the Korean article, they also rephrased what he said in a not so offensive way. I showed the video to a few friends and they ALL FOUND IT VERY OFFENSIVE. Korean or not. but definitely not from HK.

(don’t even get me started on Korea’s Racism problems. there’s just too much even my Korean friends admit it themselves. there are a lot of people here who think that foreigners are here to grab a piece of their economy pie and they are taking their young boys and girls away by interracial relationships. they are also afraid Korea will be like America, a place with a lot of foreigners and losing their own culture. well.. true in a way but… it’s still very racist. pfft. everyone have a choice.)

nevertheless, I still love Korea very much and I am really saddened by this tragedy. so many families are hurt by it. mothers in fear that their vulnerable kids will catch MERS, 2000+ schools still closed down, kids missing out on curriculum, UNIVERSITY KIDS forced to go to school because it’s the finals period, fear of it disturbing students from concentrating on their studies… and the list goes on. but like I said, I personally think that it isn’t widely spread in the public but only in hospitals and of course.. places with bad air ventilation. be careful but I think there is no need to be all paranoid about it.

PS: this is quite unrelated but.. today this happened.

(a conversation between me and my lovely grandmother)

grandma: didn’t you say that Korea is very safe (except from NK) and that Kimchi even prevented the Koreans from getting SARS when most of Asia were affected by it? (also, relating to the professor’s comments on HOW IT MADE MANY KOREAN PEOPLE SUFFER, it made him sound very very ignorant)
me: well yes but…
grandma: and why is this ONLY spreading in Korea out of all Asian countries? isn’t Kimchi helping?
me: well it seems that this virus is aiming at Kimchi eaters.

okay this is totally not true. just something I found funny =X. oh it isn’t funny? oh well okay…..

and I still think it’s really weird how it’s spreading so fast here =/.

sorry for the lengthy all-word post. I know some of you hate it but.. I hope you had fun reading =D.

Manimal Smokehouse, Itaewon

May 29th, 2015

I came across a facebook post on this place and that one picture attracted me to turn on my detective mode and I searched all over the internet about this new place in town (probably more or less a month or two months old) called Manimal Smokehouse located at the joint of Itaewon and Noksapyeong. and.. I probably salivated all over my keyboard that night. I’m salivating even right now writing about it.

저번에 페복으로 매니멀스모크하우스 발견했는데 그 때부터 정말 오고싶었다. 이태원과 녹사평사이에 있음. 인터넷으로 사진만 봐도 침물리게 @_@. 그래서 시간 날 때 매니멀으로 출발!!!

CIMG8318 copy

after 2 weeks, I finally made my visit to Manimal! I loved how they had Simpson looking down like that.

매니멀의 유모 ㅋㅋㅋ.

CIMG8321 copy

they grill their meat in a wood smoker with yeah, tonnes of wood! everyone knows that the electric grill kind of spoils the taste of meat right?

여긴 우드로 고기를 그릴하는 것이다! 전자그릴과 맛이 완전 다름.

CIMG8320 copy

there was a lot of.. well foreigners there. it was like I stepped into America the moment I stepped into Manimal. oh the entrance was fairly difficult to find pfft because the steep stairs up to it was behind the building. not a good entrance but we had to wait to be seated! well, when there’s good food, there’s people!

여기 도착하자마자 외국에 간 느낌? 거의 외국사람 밖에 없고 가게도 크지 않기 땜에 15분 정도 기다렸음.


(picture by so I forgot to take a picture of the menu. but thank goodness somebody else uploaded it online. there was only 2 of us and they were out of their signature Pork Spare Rib, leaving us to choose between chicken, brisket and pulled pork. I had a very hard time deciding even though there was only 3 choices pfft. I mean.. I looked through the net and..

메뉴는 딱 봐도 외국인에게 준비한거고 한국말을 설명에 나옴. 메뉴의 정류가 많지 않지만 고르기 완전 어려웠다. 7시 쯤에 도착했지만 등갈비가 벌써 다 팔렸대요.. ㅠ.
인테넷으로 보면….

2hx7yxt8 copy

hdmpix8z copy

szhpd9xy copy

mw1g5fou copy

these were what I saw. some people commented that the chicken was amazing and some people commented that the brisket was the best so.. chicken and brisket it was! I love beef too so I thought I’d prefer it over pulled pork until.. the table beside us got pulled pork and I was salivating all over it. I NEED to go there again.

이런 매력적인 사진만 나와서 뭘 시킨지 오랫동안 고민했음. 근데 전 돼지고기가 보통 딱딱해서 쇠고기나 치킨을 더 선호해서 이번엔 쇠 brisket과 치킨을 시켰다. 근데 옆 테이블의 pulled pork 보니까.. 여기 꼭 와서 그거 먹어봐야 겠다!

IMG_4191 copy

the waiter told us that the chiptole lime potato salad is a MUST TRY. since I love everything from lime to potato salad I thought why not. and…… it IS the best salad I’ve ever had. it wasn’t heavy and the spicy sauce together with it just made it such a perfect blend. I was IN LOVE with this salad. the only complain is that.. there wasn’t enough.

박재범 닮은 남직원이 chiptole lime potato salad이 필수라고 해서 시켰는데.. 제 평생에서 먹었던 젤 맛있는 샐러드임 ㅠ. 제 적성과 딱 맞는 맛이었다. 매콤하면서 씨큼한 것이였음. 외에 올린 작은 동그랗게 생긴 것이 뭔지 모르지만 입에 터지는 느낌이 좋았구 덕분에 샐러드가 가벼워진 느낌이 들었다.

IMG_4200 copy

and it’s here!!!


IMG_4193 copy

my plate wasn’t very flattering with the two buns there but..

빵을 이렇게 올려서 별로 안 이쁘다.

IMG_4201 copy

okay now it looks better. we had the banchan set but I wasn’t quite impressed with it compared to the meat and the potato salad. the banchan set consisted of pickles, corn and bread. for 3,800won I’m not sure if it’s that worth it. I’d get two of those salad the next time I go there haha. but their bread that comes with the salad was super dope though. it was really delicious but because I went with my friend who lived in France, he thought it was good but not great. I seriously don’t know how those buns can taste any better.

이래야죠. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ. 완전 맛있어 보이지 않아요? 우리 반찬 세트도 시켰는데. 빵, 콘과 피컬였다. 빵은 정말 맛있었지만 딴 것은 평범했다. 아마 제가 콘과 피컬 별로 좋아하지 않아서 그런지.. 3천8백원은 차라리 chiptole salad 시키는것이 좋은 것 같다. 그래도 그 빵은 정말 맛있게 먹었고 완전 강추! 그래도 프랑스에서 살았던 저와 같이 갔던 친구는 프랑스에서 더 맛있는 빵 있다고요 ㅎㅎ. 그래도 전 여기의 빵도 이미 대만족.

고기는 brisket 더 맛있다고 생각하지만 치킨도 굉장히 맛있었다. 거의 고를 수 없는 정도로. brisket은 15시간까지 요리한것이라 정말 부드러웠다. dipping sauce 없이 그냥 먹어도 맛있고 같이 먹어도 맛있었다. 암튼 고기를 좋아하는 모두 사람은 매니멀 스모크하우스 꼭 한번 가봐야겠어요~! 1인당 만5천원에서 2만원 쯤였지만 1인분 200그램과 여기 우드로 요리하니까 상당히 적절한 가격이라고 생각함.

VERDICT? I absolutely loved the place. although it is slightly pricey (for me T_T), I felt it was really worth it because the brisket meat and chicken were fabulous. I personally preferred the beef brisket because of the perfect combination of the lean and fat meat (plus they claimed to have smoked it for up to 15 HOURS!) while my friend really liked the chicken. it’s a really tough choice. I hope they had a platter with a little bit of everything for girls. it didn’t look like it was a lot but it was in fact A LOT. I was so filled I couldn’t have anything else after it. wanted to try their mocktails but most of it was sold out T_T. some people had mac and cheese but I was glad I didn’t order it because my stomach will not be able to fit all that food. I recommend going with more people so you can try more and also I think the portion is great for guys. for around 15-20 dollars per person, I’d say it’s super worth it.

here’s the map:

지도 크게 보기
the left station is Noksapyeong. right is Itaewon. basically Itaewon 1’st exit and straight……. turn right into the alley on the 5th turn and straighttttt. Noksapyeong station might be a little tricky so I recommend going from Itaewon, it ain’t that far really! ©  NAVER Corp.


IMG_4204 copy

although I was super filled, there’s always space for dessert. an American Korean friend once introduced me to Lady M (opposite Hamilton Hotel of Itaewon) and everytime I was there, they’re closed. this time, they had 3 types of cakes left so I gave it a try and it was………… oh my… you just HAVE to try it for yourself. it wasn’t cheap though. 7,000won to 8,000won per piece. but for cakes this good? GO FOR IT!

저번에 재미교포 친구 추천해서 가보고싶었던 레이디엠입니다~ 여기의 케이크도 강추! 해밀톤 바로 건너편이라 찾기 쉬워요~ 다만 여기의 케이크는 빨리 팔릴 수도 있어서 일찍 가는거 좋아요~

Things I miss after leaving Malaysia. Confessions of a Foreign student in Korea.

May 29th, 2015

I love Korea but.. there are just some things that I really miss and start to appreciate after I left Malaysia.

1. 100plus.

have anyone mentioned how delicious 100plus is to you after they have to live without it for months overseas? well, in Korea and also the awesome neighbouring country Japan, there is something similar called the Pocari Sweat. it tastes literally like sweat. I kid. it actually tastes like salt water. and it does not taste good. it actually tastes like those salt sachets I get from the clinic whenever I feel dizzy >_>”.

2. milo.

oh the sweet and delectable drink mmmm. there are “cacao” drinks and very dense chocolate drinks but nothing’s like milo. =(. I can drink milo everyday but hot chocolate here just makes me feel.. I don’t know.. like I’d get a soar throat after drinking it too much. =S. also, I head Milo makes you taller! not sure how true’s that..

3. speaking your mind and not worrying of offending someone.

although Korea’s much more direct compared to Japan, they still have their boundaries and it’s so unclear it drives me crazy. here you have to be polite and not talk back or tell them anything negative about them if they are older. but the older people here CAN diss you right in front of your face. at the same time, you should also lie to your friends regarding about how well they can do and how well they speak a language. but at the same time, you can also OPENLY talk about how a nosejob will really help them get a job in the future without offending some of them. HMM. I don’t quite get it yet when I learn more about it I’ll get back to you..

4. chocolates.

there are very little true chocolates here. what I mean is that.. most chocolates here don’t taste very good unless you get them from a chocolate boutique. I don’t understand why chocolate bars here are all so thin T_T. maybe that’s why people here don’t get fat hahah. but I really miss the thick bars of cadbury we have back home. those satisfying bites of chocolates…

5. cheap coffee shops.

I remembered how I went back home and went to a cheap coffee shop with my friends and our drinks came out to less than 15ringgit for 8 people. in Korea.. it’ll probably cost the same for one drink. well the problem with Korea’s that there are no cheap places to hang out at. if you want to hang out, you’ll have to spend money. even if you get your drinks at the convenience shop and drink by the street, it’ll most probably cost more than a coffee shop in Malaysia. =S.

6. male female friendships

in Korea, friendship between male and female is almost non-existence. if you were to go out with only 1 friend of the opposite sex, you both must be dating. they think all men are wolves which.. is probably true but the bad thing about Korea is that they do not believe how men and women can be JUST FRIENDS and not have anything romantic in between. which is horrible because when your friend of the opposite sex starts dating, you’ll most probably lose that friend. I am still good friends with most of my ex’s not that I have many anyways. haha. but in Korea it’s just impossible for ex’s to be good friends friends most of the time. and yet they get in and out of relationships pretty frequently. depending of the person of course.

7. Malaysian food. of course.

there is ONE Malaysian restaurant in Seoul and they probably serve the worst Tomyum and they also have the worst customer service I’ve ever been to in Korea. seriously? I went to this place called Savaro where they have Malaysian people working in it. but a Malaysian chef does not mean they serve even normal standards of Malaysian food. their Nasi Lemak was just edible, their roti canai’s super duper oily, rendang’s very bland and tomyum? the worst thing I’ve ever tasted on the planet. I even went there twice because I thought it might be that the chef had a bad day and I didn’t want to let one visit justify it. but their service was bad too T_T. the whole place was almost empty and it took them eons to get our order. because I can’t take caffeine I asked if I can change it to something without caffeine, they took over 5 minutes in and out of the kitchen and came out with “no, if you order the set there will be coffee even if you do not drink it”. wow. how inflexible. the bill came out to over 50 dollars (RM160) the first time for that disgusting super duper overpriced pot of tomyum (it was thick, super sweet and just.. well disgusting.) and it costed around 40 dollars on my second visit (for 2). pricey even on Korean standards. I find it super overpriced for unsatisfying food and service. it let me down twice and I never want to visit it again. if you were to ask me, I’d say.. go there and drink their milo. because that’s the most delicious thing they serve. =D.

sorry for the long complain. I just really dislike that restaurant.

8. the freedom to not be judged.

here, you can’t just walk out in t-shirt and shorts without correctly coordinating it. I feel weird myself for looking so different compared to other people but.. that’s how things are here. you start to judge and dislike sloppy people and think that the mainstream fashion IS cool. further, people here judge the size of your face, your height.. everything. it made me very self conscious sometimes. =/. sigh.

9. kaya.

as a person who LOVES food, I only eat the best of the best. I don’t take kaya that’s not fresh but ever since I’ve been here.. a bottle of Kaya means a lot to me. even if it’s from a bottle it just makes me feel so at home T____T. they sell Kaya from Singapore online here and they have a 1 year expiry date so I’m too scared to eat that ._. Kaya’s made out of coconut and.. who knows what they put in there to make them last for a year.

10. bubble tea. and movies. and watermelon. and mangoes. and durian. okay basically everything overpriced here and cheap in Malaysia.

wait what? there’s no bubble tea in Korea? OF COURSE there is. but the bubble tea here is even more expensive than the ones in Japan. I don’t want to pay 3-4 times the price to drink something I grew up with! they made bubble tea into some sort of luxury drink it’s just crazy. another thing is the cost of going for movies here. no wonder my friend watches a movie everyday when he visited Malaysia. because cinema’s here are quite so-so and it costs double to triple of the price of going to the cinema in Malaysia. they have like 10 different types of popcorn though. it costs 16 dollars (50 ringgit) for one watermelon and 5 dollars for ONE mango. 40 dollars for one smell-less durian. you wouldn’t feel like you had the luxury of devouring all the cheap and delicious fruits in Malaysia until you live in a country with super expensive fruits. oh, chicken here’s super expensive too. and I found out that it’s cheap in Malaysia because we get subsidy. so be grateful for every bite of chicken you have because that chicken’s an expensive chicken and it sacrificed its life for you to enjoy a meal. hence, DON’T WASTE!

okay, of course there are stuff I don’t miss. I still hate how we have to pay for h2o in restaurants. if it isn’t from a bottle it should not be charged! that should be illegal! also despite how unsafe Malaysia makes me feel T_T. oh well… oh and the toilets. I will never ever miss them. T_T. Malaysia should come out with dry and wet toilet. one with bidet/water hose and one without it. pfft. that’s all for now, bye!

[Hyehwa] Ojju Mini Octopus Fondue 오쭈 쭈꾸미 퐁듀

May 21st, 2015

I had been procrastinating on blogging about this awesome place for a bit now. and since the line is not as bad as before now it’ll be the best to visit this place! it’s a famous “matjib” (means yummy restaurant) in Hyehwa/Daehakro and they have a branch in Sinchon which I heard isn’t as good as this one here. they also have one opened up in Gangnam too! with super long lines as well. haha.

신촌과 강남도 있는 맛집 오쭈 쭈꾸미이다! 저녁시간이면 줄 써야하는 맛집이고 혜화역근처에 있는 소나무길에 있다.

IMG_9279 copy

located along the Sonamu-gil (Hyehwa exit 3 take a u-turn upon exit and turn left on the 2nd junction), this restaurant had always been filled with people during dinner time.

요즘 줄이 줄여서 이 맛집 방문하기 좋은 때이다. 제가 작년 가을에 갔을 때 45분 기다렸다 ㅠ. 이근처에 살아서 예전에 지나갈 때마다 줄 써있지만 요즘은 줄이 별로 없는 것 같다.

IMG_9284 copy

the spicy small octopus dish costs 10,000won per portion and they have other stuff like small octopus with samgyupsal etc.

여기의 매콤한 쭈꾸미는 일인분 10,000원이고 다른 메뉴도 있었다. 여기에 나온 반찬은 샐러드이고 올리브 올려서 보통것보단 조금 더 있어보인다 ^^.

IMG_9283 copy

and finally! our Jjuggumi arrived! jjuggumi is what you call these small and yummy octopuses.

짜짠! 맛있어보이죠?

IMG_9280 copy

here’s my best friend, Wai Kit looking quite silly in that apron hahaha.

서울의 베프, 와이킷이다! 나이 많이 보일 수도 있지만 나랑 거의 같은 나이임. ㅋㅋㅋ.

IMG_9285 copy

forget about Cheese Ribs because.. cheese ribs are basically rip offs and it doesn’t even taste that good. you can order a pot of Cheese Fondue for I think around 5,000won? and man that cheese was definitely real.

음식과 사진 찍는것은 필수.

IMG_9288 copy

I don’t particularly like octopuses but the ones here are just super addictive. you get what I mean. I have to warn you that this dish IS pretty spicy and if you can’t think hot things, you may choose to skip it. but Koreans love their food spicy. =D.

익혔다!!! 사실은 여기의 쭈꾸미는 매콤하는것 보단 정말 맵습니다. ㅠ. 말레이시아 사람으로써 정말 맵다고 생각한다. 매워도 중독성이 있고 퐁듀와 정말 잘 어울리다. 치즈 퐁듀에 찍어 먹으면 매운맛을 좀 더 가라앉힐 수 있어서 그런가.. 암튼 치즈랑 같이 먹으면 덜 매워욤 ^^.

IMG_9290 copy

the super duper creamy and cheesy cheese fondue! <3. I loved this fondue in comparison to many other places which.. don’t add cream into their cheese I think? I don’t know but this was easy to dip and the cheese smell of it was just splendid.

짜짠!!! 한국에서 이상하고 가짠 치즈를 많이 먹어서 이 퐁듀를 시킬 때도 좀 의심스러웠지만 반면에 정말 맛있었다! 크림성 많아서 그런가 치즈향도 강하고 치즈등갈비 먹을 때 그런 찍기 어려운 치즈아니라 쉽게 찍을 수 있어서 편하게 먹을 수 있었다. (치즈등갈비는 치즈 없으면 더 맛있으며 등갈비 맛도 그저그래요 사실..)

IMG_9291 copy

now look at that.

어머어머 이거봐요 <3. 맛있어 보이지 않아요?

IMG_9295 copy

we also ordered a jug of cream makgeolli (4,000won) since I’ve never had any sort like this and it was really something fresh. I’ve never had anything like it and it isn’t the easy to make it yourself at home kind of drink so I thought it was pretty worth it! of course, it tastes absolutely delicious too!

they also had other kinds of special makgeolli like the Yuja Makgeolli and the Grapefruit Makgeolli

크림막걸리 (4천원)도 시켰는데 후회 없다!!! 딴데보다 특별하고 매우 맛있었다. 강추! 자몽/유자 다양한 막걸리맛도 있었다. 나중에 먹어야징~

directions: come out of Hyehwa Station exit 3, take a U-turn and walk straight. turn left on the second junction, walk straight into the road and you will see shops like snob on your right.. walk further in and you will see 오쭈 쭈꾸미 Ojju Jjuggumi on your left. there’s probably a queue there if you’re there for dinner. expect to wait for around 15-45minutes.

price: it costs around 10,000~15,000won or more per person depending on what you order =). our bill that night came up to a total of 29,000won. we could’ve totally drank much more makgeolli. but oh well, we’re student’s on budget!

장소: 제가 갔던 오쭈 쭈꾸미는 혜화동의 소나무길에 있다. 혜화역 3번 출구 나와서 U턴하고 왼 쪽의 2번째 거리으로 들어가면 될 겁니다~

가격: 마원에서 만5천원

My 23rd Birthday @ Prep, Buam-dong 프렙 부암동

May 16th, 2015

먼저 내 생일 디너 와준 친구들에게 와줘서 고맙고 초대 받고 못 오는 친구들은 담에 나한테 밥 쏜다!!! 일어나서 메세지 미치게 들어오는 것도 고맙고 페복에서 글 남긴 사람들에게도 고마워욤.

프렙은 원래 홍대에 있었던 페페로니입니다. 작은 가게였지만 음식은 제가 한국에서 외국음식 중에서 제일 맛있다고 생각하는 가게이고 여기의 음식은 대부분 와인과 잘 어울리게 만든 음식입니다. 프렙은 이제 부암동에 있습니다. 가격은.. 저같은 학생에겐 그렇게 착하진 않고요 대신 음식질도 보장할 수 있는 거죠. 가격에 따라 품질도 다르는것과 똑같은거죠~. 여기는 넘 맛있어서 돈 모아서 올 수 있는 정도입니다 ㅋㅋㅋ.

so exactly one week ago, I celebrated my 19th 23rd (ㅠㅠ) Birthday with a small group of close friends and I am really really glad everyone made time to come despite living far, busy schedules etc.

Prep used to be called Peperoni, a small and cozy restaurant located at the convenient Hongdae (or Hapjeong) but after it had moved to Buam-dong, it was pretty difficult to access but since I was a big fan of it since its early days, I decided to hold my birthday dinner here! it’s pretty pricey but the price we paid for that night was pretty decent.

IMG_4151 copy

happy birthday to me! =D.

IMG_4125 copy

this salad was amazing. I mean, it looks amazing right? that’s because it was. but for 20,000won I am not exactly sure if it’s worth it. everything was great but some of the vege tastes a little weird =S.

이 연어 샐러드는 사진 잘 나온것 뿐만 아니라 실제로도 맛있었다! 야채에 약간 이상한 남새 있었지만 딴 것은 짱 냔냠! 근데 가격은.. 2만원입니당 ㅠ.

IMG_4126 copy

the mushroom salad was great as well but I think I prefer the salmon one in both presentation and taste. but this was good too!

버섯 좋아하시면 이 샐러드도 맛있었다. 저는 무적건 연어를 선호하다.

IMG_4128 copy

this is called the Ugeoji Spaghettini and it’s famous since it’s earlier days in Peperoni for being the pasta only served in their restaurant. I personally loved it but some of my friends didn’t seem to like it very much. if you love Korean food and vege, I highly recommend this. it’s nothing heavy and really yummy. it’s priced at 15,000won

홍대에 은영했을 때부터 유명한 페페로니만 있었던 특별한 파스타! 우거지 스파게티니! 전 완전 맛나게 먹었는데 내 외국인 친구들은 별로 좋아하지 않았다. 흠.

IMG_4130 copy

the custom made pasta! it was a platter for 3 and it costs 45,000won. it wasn’t as good as the other pasta’s but it’s decent. I guess this became so-so because the rest were just amazing. =S. they did not skimp on the seafood though. those prawns were so fresh they were literally dancing in my mouth!

좋아하는 것을 셰프님에게 말하고 우리의 적성맞게 만든 파스타! 3인분이래요. 여기 셰프님 젊고 잘생기고 굉장히 친절해서 또 보고싶었는데 제가 갔을 때 콘디션 별로 안 좋았나봐요 약간 행복하지 않은 느낌? ㅠ. 그런데 우리 테이블의 서버는 정말 귀엽고 서비스도 정말 잘하셨어요! <3.

이 파스타의 맛은.. 평범하다. 근데 싱싱한 해물을 많이 넣어서 좋았다. 45,000원이였다.

IMG_4133 copy

yummy mushroom spaghettini with mushroom cream for the mushroom lovers! like myself hehe. this costs 20,000won.

포르치니 스파게티니도 넘넘 맛있었당 <3. 전 버섯을 좋아하니까 ㅋㅋㅋ. 20,000원이였다.

IMG_4134 copy

the 4-type of cheese and salmon pizza was…… beyond words. the crust was so crisp and everything just seems to go together. I wouldn’t say it’s pizza-like but it’s more like wine food. the cheese part especially. I greedily ate two slices of the cheese one. I am a huge fan of Camembert cheese. and they were really generous on it and having a sip of wine after a bite of that cheese pizza was just… heavenly. the smoked salmon was very fresh too! absolutely loved this one. I forgot how much this costs but I am guessing it was around 27,000won.

이 피자는.. 완전 제 사랑이였다. <3. 반 4가지의 치즈고 반 훈제연어. 카망베르 지츠 가득해서 짱 사랑함. 피자 한입 와인 한 입. 더 완벽한 것이 없을 듯해요.

IMG_4136 copy

look at that cheese! 냠냠.

IMG_4146 copy

since Korea don’t sell duck meat very much so I decided to order this. but it came out to a total surprise as it was.. amazing. for such a small portion it costs a hefty 23,000won (I think. or was it 25,000won hmm.) but every bite of it was just phenomenal. it’s basically the best dish of all. it had cranberries, mashed potatoes and I think they have caramelized onions too. sorry the picture was taken at a pretty bad angle but….. if you ever make it to Prep, you HAVE to order this.

한국에서 오리고기 잘 없어서 시키는건데.. 전 메뉴의 가장 맛있던 것인 것 같다. 23,000원 쯤인 것 같다. 크랜베리도 있고 매쉬포테이토도 있고. 프렙 가면 이것을 꼭 시켜요!!! 정말 고급스럽고 맛도 독특했다. 100점에서 110점이다.

IMG_4137 copy

the Buam hanwoo steak. I am a big fan of hanwoo and this did not disappoint me. it was good and after dividing it amongst 9 people, we only had one small chunk each. for 30,000won, I’d say go for it. I liked the duck better but this is great for the beef lovers.

부암 스테이크 (한우 채끝)은 정말 맛있었다. ㅠㅠ. 한우를 정말 좋아해서 시킨건데 역시 프랩은 맛있게 했다. 쇠고기를 좋아하신분에게 딱!!!

IMG_4139 copy

so there’s three races of people in this picture. <3. my dear schoolmates from SKKU. junior, same year and senior.teehee. =D.

민죽성대! 후배, 동기와 선배랑 <3.

IMG_4144 copy

AHHHH I was so full. despite not ordering a lot for 9 people, I guess most of us had just enough or like myself, I was very filled. it’s really a wonder how Koreans can fit so much into their stomach and not gain weight.

아아아아아 배부르다.

IMG_4147 copy

I was actually going through lists of cakes to buy the day before and coincidentally my friend gave me a cake as my birthday gift! gotta thank Sangjun for this lovely ice cream cake! he couldn’t make it but he sent me a coupon via SMS and voila! it’s crazy how handphone shopping in Korea is like..

상준오빠 사준 케이크! 감사합니다 ^^. 잘 먹었습니다. 상준오빠 못 와서 정말 아쉽다 ㅠ. 그리고 한국의 발달된 스마트폰 쇼핑은 참으로 대단하다.

IMG_4154 copy


IMG_4156 copy


IMG_4157 copy

IMG_4159 copy

thank you Neoh, Shi Wei, Mandy, Leo, Jiahao, Sheryl, Hizuru and Hyojeong for making my 23rd birthday an exceptionally memorable one <3. I seldom get gifts in Korea but you girls all prepared me something ngawww <3. Neoh too. <3 <3.

네오, 시애, 맨디, 가우, 가호, 셰럴, 히즈루, 효정 와줘서 고마워 <3. 선물까지! 외국인들 대부분 선물 준비하지 않은데 올해 선물 많이 받아서 정말 고맙구 나두 나중에 이쁜 선물 준비해야 겠다!

the bill came to a total of almost 300,000won (we also ordered 2 bottles of wine which costs over 40,000won each) and we paid a fair amount of around 32,000won each. Prep had a 50,000won and a 65,000won course but sadly I don’t think I can afford that yet so I shall save more money and just.. go back for that duck and ugeoji pasta that I love =3. not to mention that pizza too!!! how I wish Prep would invite me there for a food review T_____T. oh well.. the best thing about Prep is that, they will not cook you anything on the menu if they don’t have the freshest ingredients. which is another reason why I love it so much.

9명에 30만원 쯤 나왔다. 와인 2버틀 열었고 각 4만원 넘었다. 프렙은 5만원과 6만5천원 코스도 있는데 학생인 저는 그것을 아직은 못 먹겠다. 와인 포함하면 각 6만원에서 8만원인데 어뜨케. 부자돼야함. 한국에서도 파워블러거였으면 리뷰 초대 받을 수 있을 텐데….. 힝. 암튼. 돈 저측해서 그 맛나는 오리와 치츠 피자 또 먹고싶다!! 우거지 파스타도! 프렙의 가장 좋은 점은 바로… 싱싱한 재료만 쓰는것이다. 프렙의 조개요리도 시켰는데 조개가 상태가 별로 안 좋아서 그것을 못 해준다고 했어요. 아 정말 싱싱하지 않으면 서빙 안 해서 에티켓이 좋군요. <3.

PS: this place doesn’t is pretty difficult to access and they do not have any English menu so coming here with a Korean friend will be recommended. it’s located at the second floor =).


tel: 01095670629

location link 위치 링크

address 주소: 225-1, buam-dong, chongno-gu, Seoul, Korea 110-817
서울특별시 종로구 부암동 225-1
(도로명) 창의문로 12길 2

[Sinsa-dong] Pro Soy Crab

May 8th, 2015

located only a stone throw away from Sinsa’s famous Garosu-gil, Pro Soy Crab is yet the best access to quality soy crab any time of the day as it is open for 24 hours. I hadn’t been into soy crab so much as I’ve only had low quality ones in shops that claim that they have “delicious” soy crabs. after a few bad experiences, I guess I’ll stick to Pro Soy Crab and my all time favourite Kuengiwa-jib. I heard that there’s this shop which specializes in Soy Crab in Gwangjang market except you can’t dine in and it’s only for take-away. there are also a few restaurants I’ve heard of but they always came out to be a little pricey and are normally situated at odd places (with nothing around it seriously) so…

IMG_4063 copy

the entrance of Pro Soy Crab was pretty grand with their pro looking design and all. they have 3 restaurants across Korea one being in Haeundae Busan, another in Jamsil and one here in Sinsa. they also have restaurants in Japan (Tokyo and Osaka) and China (Shanghai and Beijing). but of course, the best has gotta be eaten here at where it all started right?

plus, a Korean friend brought me here the first time and he described the taste of the soy crab as “melting butter” I guess I can trust him for recommendations.

IMG_4060 copy

I mean, the whole building belongs to them! I went there on a weekday and it was over 50% filled. when I went there during a weekend.. I had to wait for half an hour just to be seated. the service here isn’t very “pro” I’d say but the crabs are definitely decent.

IMG_4057 copy

had been a fan of Beast since their early stages but I still only like Dongwoon and Dojoon. ahahah.

IMG_4055 copy

the amount of celebrities whom had been here’s.. crazy. even BoA’s been here! there’s another wall filled with signatures. it’s mad.

IMG_4047 copy

the set up was nothing fancy, plastic plates and metal cutlery.

IMG_4048 copy

at Pro Soy Crab, a minimum of 2 crabs (they use blue crabs. sweeter I guess?) will be required. they have 2 sizes. and for me, I’d say one smaller crab is already enough for me to devour my whole bowl of rice. Soy crabs are not called the rice thief for no reason. their banchan (side dishes) on the other hand was nothing special. their Miyok-kuk though was fantastic.

IMG_4049 copy

and here’s the amazing soy crab!!! these crabs, if you don’t already know are raw but fermented in a way so yummy you wouldn’t taste any fishiness. their roe was not quite comparable with Kuengiwajib but the taste was about as good! it costs 55,000won for 2 while it costs 50,000won for ONE at Kuengiwajib T_T. I’d definitely go for this one as I get similar happiness for almost half the price.

IMG_4050 copy

with my Filipino American friend from Alaska, known as Miumiujagiya~ bubbly and down to earth! love this girl!

IMG_4052 copy

let’s eat!

IMG_4053 copy

while most of the meat of the crab’s easily eaten by just simply biting it and have the meat splurt out into your mouth, the best part of the crab to me was the “head” of it. or do you call it the shell. it’s so DIVINE. just mix some rice with the sauce already present on the shell and voila!


I went back after 2 days because my HK friends were here ( all my friends came back to back T_T) and we ordered the same thing except more roe can be seen that day despite waiting for 30minutes. the food was the same except the service was a lot poorer since it was a busy day. but they hadn’t taken our orders but had served the Koreans behind us who came LATER than us >_>.


I had a similar dish called the “gaeal bibimbap” at Kengiwajib and it was fabulous there but here…… I’d say it was a big disappointment because they had very little meat and roe in contrast to the amount of rice. the seaweed definitely overpowered the taste of everything too. although 10,000won cheaper than the other place, this bibimbap still costs a hefty 20,000won. for such quality, I’d say don’t get it.

the crab and rice is enough to make you happy. trust me.

they have quite a large range of menu but because everything’s pricier than normal.. I’d still only go for the crab T_T.


I mean, look at these divine-looking crabs! and this is Gigi, the prettiest HK girl I know! =D.

20150501_152245 copy

I can’t get enough of this really! MMMMMMMMM.

directions: get out of Sinsa Station Exit 4 walk straight and turn right on the 2nd alley.

price: 55,000won for 2 small crabs and I think it was around 80,000won for 2 bigger crabs. you can also get an extra crab for 29,000won. 20,000won for the bibimbap. they serve fermented abalone and sannakji as well.