Softree vs. Sweetruck

April 19th, 2014

there’s always something new in Korea.


but I just have to tell you about this glorious invention



no, the ice cream itself isn’t made out of honey but it is more like milk ice cream topped with honey/a small comb of honey.

ever since the birth of Softree, there are many “similar” knockoffs. there are some stores which copied Softree’s entire concept. but as for today, I’ll be comparing Softree and sweet truck!

CIMG8652 copy

I love soft tree so much I tend/have the tendency to buy a cup every time I pass by. (the pic above is the Itaewon chain.)



IMG_6349 copy

the interior is very.. American. clean cut and stylish.

IMG_6359 copy

and you can have it on cones too! but I worry too much about it dripping because it is soooo super soft so I opt for the cup one every single time.

IMG_6353 copy

these days they tend to be out of honey combs so I ordered the honey syrup one instead. and it’s 500won cheaper. the honey chip (small chunk of honey comb) one costs 4,800won T_T.

IMG_6361 copy

I used to go to the one at Hongdae where they have a smaller range of things to eat. there are these cute little cones for sale here too!

72 copy

the smaller scale softree in Hongdae.

75 copy

honey chip softree!

77 copy

looking at it made me smile. still makes me smile. all those honey oozing out!

but let me describe how it tastes..

it tastes like..


the “organic” milk was sooooooo good. it actually tasted “ORGANIC”. ahhaha. it tastes so light and milkish that it keeps me craving for more. hence, YOU SHOULD TRY IT!!!

a guy friend of mine introduced me to this and he isn’t the type that like sweet stuff. so you should get how yummy this should be.

78 copy

hi Michelle! it’s really nice that blogging helped me meet so many wonderful people (and a few creepy ones fml).

103 copy

I only have ONE picture of Sweetruck’s ice cream. the one I ordered here was topped with 2 different kind of honey. the awesome thing about this place is that they provide you many choices of honey. like.. Manuka, Kamahi and Thyme. they also have a wide range of ice cream flavours but honey is meant to go with milk I’m telling you!

and they have this booth for you to try their 3 special honey. they were all very good but I liked Kamahi the best.

I mean, how healthy can it be? super organic honey and organic milk ice cream. =P.

as for the price, their honey chip costs the same and the rests costs around the same price too. but as for here, it’s per topping. from 1,300won to 2,000won while their basic organic milk ice cream costs 3,500won.

the OTHER good thing about Sweetruck is that they sell drinks as well. and the portion’s  HUGEEEEEEE. with a fair price.


I personally prefer Softree because their organic milk ice cream tastes A TAD BIT better and softer compared to Sweetruck’s and since they are the first who opened a shop in Korea. I’m very loyal. but I’d go to Sweetruck for more KAMAHI!!!!

Passion 5 패션5 @ Itaeweon

April 17th, 2014

ever heard of this famous bakery called Passion 5? bet you haven’t. if you’ve not lived in Seoul for a period long enough, you might not even know about the existence of this fabulous cafe/bakery which is ultimately posh; bringing bakery to a whole new level as IT IS THE BEST BAKERY SHOP IN TOWN. the name Passion 5 came from 5 elements namely: bakery, pattiserie, chocolates, cafe and the 5th’s the passion of the pattesiers. and of course, knowing that it is the best, you should already know that it is expensive. there are barely anything that goes under 1,000won. or was there none? forgot. but most of the bread costs around 3,000won and cakes 7,000won. =S.

even though it isn’t very popular amongst foreigners, this place is always packed with people and on the day I went, we had to wait for a seat despite paying so much for just desserts. there’s a posh cafe on the 2nd floor but that cafe’s queue was even longer. you can bring your breads, cakes, chocolate and ice cream to the cafe/restaurant on the 2nd floor =).

if you love cakes. I truly recommend you to stop by this bakery for the ultimate experience!

and here’s a link to the video I took there. you’ll definitely want to go there after watching the video. and.. I am sure you’ll laugh too. D=.

IMG_6343 copy

from the outside, passion 5 look like every other office building and it definitely do not stand out that much.

IMG_6345 copy

but the landmark? this red chicken. or bird. or whatever it is.

CIMG8615 copy

before entry, you’d see this amazing looking chandalier which I think would look even more fab at night. the architecture of this part’s no joke. it’s awesome.


so we were hungry.

CIMG8620 copy

3-in-1 cake/한입에 세번 반한 케이크 7,000won and Halla halla bong 한라 한라봉 8,000won.

the left is some 3-in-1 cake with a mixture of strawberry cream, coffee and I don’t know what’s the last one. it’s pretty good but not like super duper amazing. but it was super duper amazing just to look at it. the one on the right’s called Halla Halla Bong, which was named after Halla Bong, Jeju Island’s famous tangerine. it’s super sweet and the layers inside’s magnificent. not sure if it will fit everybody’s appetite but it’s worth a try because it’s very “wiggly.” teehee.

CIMG8632 copy

and the entire table here costs 45,600won. I know, it’s a lot for breakfast and pretty damn expensive too. but they all looked so posh I was happy just by looking at them.

I ABSOLUTELY adore the cheese tart behind and that the strawberry pastries. bliss.

CIMG8634 copy

this bakery’s expensive and it is well known for being expensive. but more than half of what we had were actually worth it’s price. because the desserts and bread were 5 stars like the bakery. but if you’re on a tight budget, you should still try their most famous pudding in a bottle which costs 3,000won. not like the ones from Paris Baguette, these are not as sweet and relatively addictive. make sure to scoop the caramel at the bottom to go together with the pudding! there’s no eating this pudding prettily, just deliciously. =D.

we also had a swiss roll. I’m not so much of a fan of that 4,000won swiss roll. too little for such a high price. =S.

CIMG8636 copy

o hai =D.

CIMG8637 copy

with my Malaysian foodie friend who’s as adventurous as me in terms of food, Fakegood hahaha.

CIMG8640 copy

this was definitely one of my favourite. it’s called some orange in the chocolate lake or something. 2,000won and the middle part’s heaven. super moist and yummy. not like your average chocolate filling bread!

CIMG8641 copy

another favourite was this. forgot the name but it looked like a strawberry boat. very very crisp and fragrant ahhh. <3. everything was in the right amount. definitely one of the most delicious pastries I’ve ever had. but of course, I’ve never been to France. but still, OMNOMNOMNOMNOM.

CIMG8643 copy

that 3-in-1 cake earlier. I liked it layer by layer as well but I still found it nothing too special.

CIMG8648 copy

Imma devour you all!

CIMG8616 copy

had to take a picture with the awesome architecture.

okay, one thing that sucks is that you can’t take pictures inside. I was too scared to sneak pictures so… =(. but it’s really posh and the ice cream bar looked amazing. there’s even a chocolate bar! everything turned me into a little girl looking at yummy chocolates and cakes. and all the cakes were so pretty it was actually a hard decision to choose which to have. furthermore, they have many pretty whole cakes (not cheap! but not like unaffordable. still alright.) so if you’re thinking of getting yourself a pretty cake for your birthday this year,

picture from visit Korea website

see that round thingy there? it’s filled with the most gorgeous cakes I’ve ever seen in my life.

and here’s a great blogpost I found on the net =).

IMG_6346 copy

directions to Passion 5, Itaewon : take the subway to Hangangjin Station (line 6) and get out of Exit number 3. walk straight and you should be able to see the bakery on your left!

Cherry Blossom Sights! SKKU, Everland, and Seoul Land

April 15th, 2014

okay, the truth is my Uni isn’t exactly the prettiest place to view Cherry Blossoms. Sungkyunkwan University is basically.. not such a bad sight for cherry blossoms but the best would still be Kyunghee University. which I’ve never been because their European style buildings goes really well with the pretty flowers. but really, I felt that SKKU isn’t all that bad for cherry blossoms ^^.

CIMG8980 copy

gotta start my post with a selca. teehee.

IMG_6440 copy

those yellow flowers are called “kaenari” and according to my middle aged friend, she said that it is only available in Korea.

CIMG8991 copy

gotta advertise my blog till the end. hahahahahahahaha.

IMG_6392 copy

random street in SKKU.

IMG_6393 copy

cherry blossoms this year was shorter than 2 years ago but it came a lot quicker. and it went away in less than 2 weeks. they were only here for less than 10 days I would say =(. the greens came out super quickly. but it differs from area to area.

IMG_6412 copy

it was really nice to have our school being filled with cherry blossoms. and now.. cherry blossom petals. oh wait, I think the petals (on the floor) are gone too T_T.

IMG_6404 copy

but this year, the cherry blossoms came in a good time because it usually arrives when everyone’s busy studying. but by being 2 weeks earlier, we still could squeeze a day or two to go cherry blossom sight seeing =D. and that was exactly what I did!

IMG_6421 copy

IMG_6435 copy

it’s funny how they grow almost everywhere on the tree branches. and how it grows on the bottom part of the husk out of nowhere too.

IMG_6489 copy

oh hello =D.

IMG_6501 copy

okay lets move on to Everland. there’s many more pictures taken in Everland but.. I’m lazy so. =S.

CIMG9494 copy

always visit during April because the tulips there are.. magnificent. the cherry blossoms are great too!

CIMG9378 copy

the everland version of Holland


you’ve probably seen this picture if you follow me on instagram. if you have not, FOLLOW ME NOW! my id: jamieliewdotcom

there are over 200 selca pictures of me there but I am too lazy to sort them out T_T. together with all the animals and stuff hahaha.


look at the mountains behind! filled with cherry blossoms!!! <3. it looked breath taking in reality but.. I didn’t bring my DSLR T_T. and I was too busy to take pictures. didn’t even bother to watermark because the quality’s so lousy xD.


just look at the mountain!!!


and more cherry blossom =D.

IMG_6581 copy

I picked a place to go shooting just a night before and I was contemplating if I should go to Seoul Forest, Yeouido’s Cherry Blossom Festival (been there 2 years ago but it was super crowded. definitely over-rated) and Seoul Land. decided to come here anyways because I thought the further, the better. just get off at Seoul Grand Park station on line 4 and you’ll definitely find your way ;).

and oh, going to Seoul Land for their cherry blossoms doesn’t mean you have to go into the Zoo, Rose Valley nor Seoul Land (amusement park) itself. because the pretty cherry blossoms are all outside.

IMG_6584 copy

so as soon as I reached, I went crazy over the cherry blossoms. I mean, upon arrival, you’d see a lot of street vendors selling the same few street food that you might want to buy as you might get hungry on the way.

IMG_6672 copy

the cherry blossoms here are.. super duper nice. and it was super under rated. okay, there were loads of people when I was there but it wasn’t even 50% as crowded as Yeouido and it’s 200% prettier.

IMG_6676 copy

I fell instantly in love.

IMG_6683 copy

I mean, there are cherry blossoms here and there and they were all beautiful. but no doubt that Seoul Land is one of the BEST places in Seoul for cherry blossoms.

IMG_6745 copy

I’m pretty goofy, as you can see. I spend all my time laughing when I can. =P.

IMG_6771 copy

look at that mountain of cherry blossoms!!!

IMG_6785 copy




IMG_6829 copy

there’s also a picnic ground in front of Seoul Land’s entrance (as in the entrance of the amusement park. you gotta walk pretty far in from the subway station.)

IMG_6848 copy

good photographer posture! =P.

IMG_6849 copy

ahhhh <3.

IMG_6870 copy copy

I am… BABARI GAL!!! or burberry girl 바바리걸, derived (myself) from babari man, which means flasher, in Korean. hahahahahahhahahaha.

IMG_6864 copy


IMG_6873 copy

say hello to Max. he only sent me two pictures. pfft.

IMG_6882 copy copy

me trying to imitate him. phail because I wore skirt hahaha. but it’s already very brave of me! well I sat at the cliff too because Max told me to wth and some uncle yelled at me and said it was dangerous but he just walked away after saying that hahaha. can’t wait for the pictures. the weather was pretty damn cold by the way. U_U.

1396801077642 copysmall

here’s a picture taken my Max with his gun-like camera. such a big difference with pictures I took T_T. he does wedding and portraits and almost everything else that has to do with people. so contact him if you need his services in Seoul =).

IMG_6883 copy

here’s my best friend in Seoul, Wai Kit.

IMG_6884 copy

I laughed so hard at his picture I took one myself but it ain’t as funny pfft.

IMG_6887 copy


IMG_6902 copy copy

I like how the cherry blossoms grew over the border. =3.

IMG_6937 copy


IMG_6951 copy

so actually this was my 2nd round ROUND this huge place. it’s like one big circle. if you keep walking, you’ll end up back at the subway station haha.

IMG_6961 copy

fake candid shot pfft.

IMG_6968 copy copy

just love the view here I didn’t wanna leave =S.

IMG_6977 copy

CIMG9147 copy

Casio’s Exilim’s cool “stand” which allows you to take a picture of yourself without anyone helping. the ultimate selca camera. but it does make me angry when I take pictures of food. the quality’s super bad for that pfft.

CIMG9225 copy

with the gaenari’s~

CIMG9239 copy



CIMG9242 copy

and finally, leaving the pretty Sakura’s T_T.

CIMG9254 copy


CIMG9260 copy


2014-04-06 09.46.23 1_mr1396790108277 (2)

and oh, these were taken by my phone =D.

2014-04-06 09.54.43 1_mr1396790395778

Max the crazy fella.

2014-04-06 10.02.31 1_mr1396790673546 (2)

I have to admit, after dyeing my hair blackish, I look Japanese. everyone said so haha.

it was supposed to be dark brown but.. will make a separate post for my hair dye =).

IMG_6992 copy

we walked and walked and ended up here at some lake. very very beautiful lake.

CIMG9321 copy

the earlier picture was taken by my DSLR and this by Casio Exilim (compact). notice the differences?

CIMG9310 copy

must selca here too!

2014-04-08 10.30.29 1_mr1396920779678 (2)

lens flare. only during sunset. =D.

Autumn Photoshoot 2013

April 8th, 2014

These are some serious overdue pictures but the busy photographer got sent to another country for a business trip for a few months so.. I didn’t have a choice hehe. as always, credits goes to Azri, the photographer/engineer. and I edited it. I wouldn’t lie that I look slightly different from my pictures hehehehehhehe. so here’s it. hope you like it!

pictures taken at Samcheongdong and the area outside Gyeongbokgung.

IMG_7527 copy

IMG_7583 copy

IMG_7685 copy2

IMG_7711 copy

IMG_7717 copy

IMG_7739 copy

IMG_7804 copy

IMG_7815 copy

my favourite picture!

IMG_7816 copy

IMG_7817 copy

pfft. don’t know how my face ended up like that hahaha.

IMG_7847 copy

IMG_7868 copy

we took our sis’s pre-wedding picture along with Max and I was the “assistant.” it was raining and my curls wore off T_T. le sigh.

hope you liked the pictures!

why studying in Korea is tough.

March 29th, 2014


dear everyone who would like to study in South Korea.

I major in Business Administration and thank goodness for that I can have half of my classes in English because they normally have certain classes taught in English for the foreign exchange students. but the thing is, these classes run out. you might think that being able to speak in English would be a plus for you and that you’d definitely score in those classes because Koreans are bad in English.

and that is where you are wrong.

there are a huge portion of them who don’t speak Korean. but at least a quarter of them speaks or write better than you and me. they have been forced by their parents to attend English speaking schools, study overseas, live overseas for a few months/years, go to English tuition centers or just study loads of English. that’s what they do. and they are better than anyone could ever expect. NEVER underestimate Koreans for their English. and these are the kids who would sign up for the English classes. I know many Koreans from the country side (most of them do not speak English very well =S. but I’m sure most of them had a better childhood. haha.) whom had registered in a few English classes but pulled out first day because the Koreans inside those classes speaks fluent English. (every student must take at least 3 classes in English in 4 years. that’s why.) hence, studying in English will be like studying with the super smart students from the smart. and it wouldn’t be easy as well.

then, we have the bell graph grading system where they grade you relatively. what I meant was, out of the 60 people you have in your class, only 30% of them are eligible to get the A or A+ grade. which means, only 18 over 60 people whom are geniuses will be able to get an A. and another 30-35% gets a B or B+ and the rest will range from C, D, and F. if you’re a foreigner, you’re practically doomed in the Korean classes. bitch please, I got around 90 in some test and got a B+. hahahahahaaaaa. it was an English subject and the test was MCQ. imagine, these kids are the top students of South Korea and they battle their way in to these prestigious universities. even if half of them are lazy, half of them study very very very hard. which explains the 24hour libraries. I only used to go to the 24 hour library in Yonsei because it was close to my house and it was always very packed even at 2am. I am now one month into my semester and the library’s half full the last time I left it at 8PM. so if they are studying through midnight at the library, you need to double their amount. and that means no sleep at all. I’m practically a living dead. my eye-bags are so deep I need no on-purpose eye-bag surgery. except I look horrible with eye-bags.

if you plan to fight with these genius Korean people IN the Korean language, getting an A is almost like getting yourself to land on the moon.

DO NOT. I repeat, DO NOT take online subjects where the tests are in multiple choice questions. because Koreans memorize things rather perfectly. they are like machines. so always opt for those which requires a lot of thinking rather than memorizing.

some subjects are in bloody Hanja. like for me, I had to take this class which studies the Analects of Confucianism. everything the teacher wrote on the board were in Korean traditional writings. it’s the same with the traditional Chinese characters (China uses the simplified ones now. so, imagine.) and everything that’s taught in the class sounds very aliena to me. it’s good for the Chinese students as they could probably understand if not all, most of it easily. still, competing with Koreans who knows at least a little bit of Hanja is MADNESS. I’m only looking forward for a pass.

the average results for foreigners in my school was C+ and only 1/3 foreigners manage to graduate (apparently. I was told.)

there are assignments for almost every class and if not, you’d have to read 20-80 or more pages of the textbook to prepare for a class. that’s where all your time will go to. and those aren’t studying, it’s merely just preparing.

some teachers do not like foreigners (who look Asian).

people get annoyed listening to English sometimes. cafe owners might tell you to keep your volume down even if you speak at the same volume as the Korean people sitting at the table next door. especially old people, so you’d get scolded at least for a few times if you stay here long enough.

you’re always the black sheep in presentations. unless your Korean is super duper fluent like every other Korean. which is almost impossible if you’ve only learned Korean for less than 2 years.

you get not much social life because there’s literally not much time for it. other than during summer and winter holidays where you’d be suddenly so free you wish you were in school. there’s not much time to hang out. because if you go out, you’ll spend too much time on transportation already. unless you’re hanging out at your area, which would be boring. but the good thing is, there would actually be enough time to slip in 2-3 hours for dramas and another 1-2 hours for you to chat with your friends.

thinking about going to concerts or “bumping” into celebrities outside their dorms? you wish.

that’s of course possible if you do not care about your grades.

there’s no midterm break. so right after sleepless nights studying for midterms, you will need to rush for assignments and presentations right after.

“no matter how hard it is I’ll be able to survive though it. I’m good at taking stress.” that was what I thought when I first came. I was wrong. I do break down and cry because I felt so helpless. that no matter how hard I try I will never be comparable to the Koreans here. but I just forgot to remind myself that, it is already hard enough to study in a foreign land in a totally foreign language. so why should I compare. =S.

one tip on getting better results? well, go to schools outside of Seoul. as Seoul gathers all the smartest students. you’ll probably be able to live a happy life outside of Seoul. (well not including the A-listed schools and Seoul schools that has campuses out of Seoul). but I do have a very hardworking friend who sat for the Korean SAT 3 times just to get into a decent school. and such a student is already studying in the more popular school that isn’t located in school. so I’ll leave the thinking for you.

well, there are plenty of nice things about studying in Korea. like the beautiful 4 seasons and glorious restaurant and cafes. and amazing clothes. but I’m not sure if that’s a good enough trade for all the stress.

Izuju : the 100 year old Kyoto style sushi

March 25th, 2014

my friend living in Kyoto didn’t even know about the existence of this fabulous small scaled restaurant. but once he had it, he said it’s amongst the top 10 sushi he had ever eaten. and guess what? he’s from Hokkaido; where all the amazing sushi are.

there’s also another place called Hanaore which is said to serve the best Sabazushi (came here for this!) in Kyoto but I placed my bet on Izuju as it has a longgg history plus it’s more affordable (main point!!!!)

IMG_5989 copy

opposite the shop is Yasaka Jinja  Shrine. a relatively famous shrine at the Gion area. we went near new years day so there were LOADDSSS of people.

CIMG4150 copy

had to take a picture with it!

IMG_5977 copy

and because the place was too small, you have to write your name and the number of people and wait for your turn to be called. the best thing is that you write it with a brush. the traditional way!

IMG_5984 copy

love how the place is more to of a cozy setting rather than a posh setting. makes me comfortable. I really hate it when I dine at super expensive places because I get very shy and stiff. =S.

CIMG4152 copy

the take away menu! I’ll read it for you. with the price! from left to right.

Mushi Sushi 1,500yen, Sabazushi 2,000yen, Hako sushi 1,600yen, LONGER ROLL of Sabazushi 4,000yen, [dunno how to read, but its something CHI sushi] 4,000yen, Inari Sushi 750yen, [dunno how to read] 1,100yen.

IMG_5985 copy

the humble entrance!

IMG_5986 copy

and the crowd in front of the entrance X_X.

CIMG4154 copy

I guess this picture doesn’t need captions. when it survived for a 100 years, you know it’s good.

CIMG4156 copy

the english menu! click for a larger version ^^. since 2,000yen for only 6 pieces of sabazushi is pretty darn expensive, I recommend you to go for these sets. much more affordable especially for the variety. =D.

CIMG4157 copy

super huge pottery-cup! they have nice Ocha too!

CIMG4158 copy

the interior of the place. there are more seats behind of course but about like 3 more tables and 2(I think) more rooms. so basically the place have like only 7 tables. it’ll be worth the wait. trust me. but the first time when we got there we barely waited. we went at some odd hour so..

CIMG4171 copy

we ordered the Inari sushi, Deluxe Hako sushi and SABAZUZHI set. oh my sweet heavens. D=. just look at it. wonderful plate of gorgeous art. my stomach is growling as I type U_U.

CIMG4174 copy


CIMG4177 copy

okay, firstly, let me describe about the Inari sushi here. this place is really famous for the Inari sushi and I just had to try it. but.. I’ll never order this the next time I go there. that little small chunks of herbs are.. like.. the skin of oranges? it has sort of like a minty, bitter taste to it. and it reminds me of some applicable Chinese cream. =S.

CIMG4179 copy

I hate stuff with leafs inside. but this is absolutely delicious. I never liked small leafy stuff so much. I just kept wanting more. every piece of box-looking sushi is heavenly. I like the one with anago the best. anago’s some sort of eel. and the egg one was very fluffy and sweet. loved it so very much U_U. if only I can have it right nowwwwwwww. =S.

IMG_4367 copy

and the main dish I came here for…. THE SABAZUSHI!!! (Mackerel Sushi) I’ve never had anything like this. it looks different, tastes phenomenal, and looks absolutely cute. this is to die for. although, apparently the taste of this sushi is quite acquired, I am pretty sure everyone who loves sashimi would love this too! but bare in mind. 3 pieces of this costs 1000yen. that’s like over RM10 for one piece. NOT cheap. and Izuju is already the more affordable shop for good sabazushi.

how it really tasted like? I’d say it’s not fishy. but very fresh fish (although pickled) and well, tastes like mackerel haha. as for the rice, it’s seasoned with the right amount of vinegar and since it’s wrapped with seaweed, the outside of it is very gooey.

IMG_4368 copy

stunning, no? Deluxe Hako Sushi

IMG_5993 copy

well, if you are not one who can wait for a seat, there’s always the take out!

the owner of the shop’s very nice as well. recognizes customers and relatively shy. I could take as much pictures as I want at his shop but not of him hahahaha.


IMG_5997 copy

and it was so good, we came here again on the day I left.

IMG_5998 copy

this time we didn’t order the set because we wanted  MORE Sabazushi and didn’t want that Inari sushi as well. so we replaced it with this multi-seaweed seaweed roll. lol. which was pretty good as well!

IMG_5999 copy

also ordered a clear and fragrant soup to warm my tummy ^^.

I’d give this place 10/10stars. so if you’re at Kyoto, MAKE SURE TO DROP BY! ^_^!

directions: get off at Gion Shijo Station and walk towards Yasaka Shrine for Exit 7. really easy to find! and my favourite spots are just nearby! like.. Hanamikoji where you can spot a real Geisha if you’re lucky. I’ve been there 5 times  but never seen any T_T. my friend went there once and saw a GROUP pfft. but I went either in the day or very late at night so.. =S. but the entire area gives a nice traditional vibe since you’ll be seeing many people strooling around in Kimonos ^^