I am a little crazy, you can say. because I went back to Jeonju in a month. well, I took full advantage of my privilege as a foreigner because it’s only until end of this year foreigners can travel here for free =S. the last time I came here, I had awesome Galbitang but this time I came here for it’s famous Jeonju Bibimbap. the next time? Ddeok Galbi FOR SURE.

IMG_4107 copy

but there’s something more. the yoghurt (they call it the yogurutu). I don’t know how can I put this, but it’s the best yoghurt I’ve ever had. a huge bottle for 4,000won. it was pretty expensive to me at first but after I tried it, I can assure you that it’s a steal!

I am preeeeeeeeetty busy these days, with my presentation and all, but I’m done with it now, so wait up for more of my Jeonju and Busan posts!

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8 years ago

Hey Jamie, I wonder how’s the weather in Korea now? Me and my friends are going to Korea in 4 days!! 😀

Stella' Lexy
8 years ago

omg your legs looks like infinity length in this picturee!! so pretty, so jelly. lol

8 years ago

arhh.. presentation.. I’ve done these all the time..hectic life and all~ x(

=) looking forward to ur new post!

8 years ago

how tall are you? eh, i wanna read about how the guy waited for you for an hour! are korean guys mostly like that? isn’t that sorta creepy!