finally, my post for this famous market in Busan. it’s open air, very neat and there are a lot of restaurants. lesser foreigners than expected but a lot of old people pushing everyone around while dragging their trolleys around.

IMG_4338 copy

this is right behind the Market, the Busan view from here was magnificent. I love how the houses are so close to each other all over the mountain. =3.

IMG_4290 copy

I am assuming that he sells dried ells but Leo said it doesn’t look like it. D=.

IMG_4296 copy

mini marinated crab. now how am I supposed to eat this? bite the whole thing like that? =S. weird!

IMG_4300 copy

one octopus can feed more than 2 dozen of people I guess. it’s just so huge.

IMG_4301 copy

Jagalchi Market comparing with Noryangjin, I would say it’s how they display their items. other than having tanks all over the place the ones here are pretty much already all dead. but it looks exactly like a Market (at least Malaysia’s. I mean, have you ever seen a tank in Malaysia’s Pasar Pagi?).

IMG_4302 copy

은어 I think it’s called Eun-eo. I remember my teacher teaching us about a long silver fish which literally means silver fish.

IMG_4303 copy

look they put fishes in a wooden box too!! and holy huge stingrays.

IMG_4304 copy

I am guessing these are stingrays too.

IMG_4305 copy

silver fish! so photogenic these fishes =3.

IMG_4307 copy

too cute to not snap. baby octopuses. not as baby as the ones served in Jap restaurants. don’t know how people are supposed to cook these actually. it’s like at it’s awkward age just like when I was 11 there were literally no clothes that fitted me.

IMG_4308 copy

this is going to sound sucky. but these are whale meat. yes, Koreans eat WHALES. so do Japanese. I WON’T EAT IT T_T.

IMG_4310 copy

oysters! clams!

IMG_4316 copy

fried fishes. these are absolutely not cheap. didn’t ask for the price but I went to somewhere else last time are one fish costs 5,000won. 3,000won for a mini sized one. D=.

IMG_4317 copy

small little “restaurants” behind the stalls. it gave me a feeling that it would cost a bomb so we didn’t try eating here.

IMG_4320 copy

dried seafood! photogenic mussels are photogenic.

IMG_4321 copy

ikan bilis. IN ALL KIND OF SIZES! ikan bilis = anchovy.

IMG_4325 copy

and the fishing boats behind the market parked nicely.

IMG_4326 copy

I would like to follow them out fishing at least once in my lifetime pfft.

IMG_4328 copy

can’t pick, so posted both.

IMG_4334 copy

the OTHER side of Busan. houses still very packed. facing the sea!

IMG_4337 copy

couple t’s are very very IN here.

FACT : Korean couples usually have the same pair of shoes. oddest I’ve seen was a guy wearing a girly pair of shoes to match his girlfriend’s. it was.. sandals. but usually sport shoes. then, for those who want to have more things a “pair” would use the same bag, jacket, hat, and nowadays, glasses. I’ve seen this couple who wore the same TOP TO TOE. it was pretty funny because it looked like a uniform like that.

TRUTH : I want to do that too. like the same top T_T. or shoes. I find it cute pfft.

IMG_4339 copy

old school Korea.

IMG_4354 copy

look at that fishing rod. super long.

IMG_4358 copy

the view that got me in love with Busan. need to be taken from a tall building though. doesn’t look that nice in this picture. oh well I am a lousy photographer =(.

IMG_4361 copy


IMG_4362 copy

these fishes scares the crap outta me close up.

IMG_4364 copy

how they dry their fishes.

IMG_4365 copy

ILLEGAL GAMBLING!! haha not sure if it’s illegal here but they are playing go-stop. but it looked like they were really having fun. gosh I wanna live in Busan when I grow old and play go-stop with ajosshi’s. =P.

IMG_4370 copy

another view to die for. minus the vans.

IMG_4373 copy

wonder if they are 3 different type’s of squid or just 3 different way of drying it.

IMG_4374 copy

GORAEGOGI 고래고기 means whale meat. *hate.* and SANGGOM JANG-EO 산꼼장어 means live eel. as in you cook it while it’s alive. to show it’s freshness I guess but it looks damn evil eventhough I think the eel is already dead. here’s a very disturbing video of it so watch it on your own risk!!!

but this dish is very famous. and that shop above wrote that they are the specialty store for it.

IMG_4375 copy

and even weirder, we have the Shark intestines. can you imagine how big the shark must’ve been for them to get such a huge piece of intestine? =S.

IMG_4395 copy

the Busan slang of come, see buy! o-ii-so, bo-ii-so, sa-ii-so! 오이소, 보이소, 사이소!

overall, I would still recommend you to come here. because I felt the real Busan here. and it is next to Nampo-dong. right opposite. very near to PIFF. just walk over!

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11 years ago

no shark/whale for me… and now, thinking twice about eels 🙁

but yes, those shells crabs & squids 😀 Jalgachi or Norangjin better? i dont see no sashimi

11 years ago

the octopus O.O IS SO FAT!

Choi Yen
11 years ago

Anchovies in all sizes, so cute~ XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL lol

11 years ago

This looks so familiar..
is this one of the scene they used in running man?? =D

11 years ago

omg! i love Busan! [and Busan 사투리 too lulz] been there last year. roaming around jagalchi market and gwangbok-dong fashion street. ;p

11 years ago

Hi Jamie! I’m currently reading through your archive. 🙂
This post is super drool-worthy. I love visiting markets in different countries.
Really wish to go Korea!!! Looks so beautiful. 😀

10 years ago

I also love visiting markets in different countries.
Really wish to go Korea!!! Looks so beautiful.