so spring is here and beod-kkot 벚꽃 or Cherry Blossoms bloomed here at Yeouido 여의도.

IMG_8088 copy

the view from Yeouido =3. with a balloon stuck on the tree. here you would see helium balloons getting stuck on trees very often.

IMG_8090 copy

and the view from above. just get off the train at Yeouido and head on to Exit no 2. but if exit no 2 is jammed with people just take exit no 3 like what I did and turn back haha. it ain’t that much of a difference just don’t understand why everyone MUST go in one direction which was already all jammed up.

IMG_8043 copy

this is Hangang. what separates Yeouido from the rest of Korea. and that is Yeouido on the right. can you spot the 63 building? the third from the left. that gold one.

IMG_8046 copy

this is what I meant from not TOO FAR. look at the front glassed box. that’s exit 2.

IMG_8049 copy

the amount of people here is crazy since it was a festival. if you’re in Korea and you are reading this blog on the 17th of April, I am glad to tell you that you can go TODAY because the festival is still on if not just go for the flowers because I felt that there’s nothing much for the festival except Shinee and some other groups performed on Saturday. not a fan so =S.

IMG_8050 copy

the bad thing about travelling during a festival is because humans on the backdrop will DEFINITELY spoil your picture. you’ll get what I mean as you read on.

IMG_8051 copy

so just head on to that building. =D.

IMG_8055 copy


IMG_8056 copy

right. one thing about Koreans that we Malaysians have never ever experienced is probably PICNICKING. I’ve never been on a picnic or do I know anybody who even own a picnic basket. and from the moment I saw these cute little picnic basket/tupperware. I have made my #1 must do in Korea to PICNICKING HERE. but first, I need to find someone who can cook very well. haha.

IMG_8059 copy

Tom said they planted flowers because the natural ones aren’t enough hehehe.

IMG_8061 copy

this is not the Yoeuido Park. instead, it’s actually the National Assembly building.

IMG_8065 copy

and couples picnicking around =3. such a beautiful sight.

IMG_8066 copy

the architecture is very english cum korean. hence a different experience for me.

IMG_8070 copy

not ready.

IMG_8075 copy

do not worry about the crowd because there are more than enough land for you to go picnicking there. all you need is a picnic mat and food. usually they have chicken with beer. most of them do. you can opt for champagne with grilled chicken if you’re the higher class type hehe.

IMG_8080 copy

funny how the guy is in six pax and the girl all wrapped up. haha. but beautiful sculpture anyway! =D.

IMG_8083 copy

err… meet Tom? my classmate. I like how pathways like these are. they are just.. so.. IN THE WOODS. well since the grass is always greener on the other side I felt that everything’s special when they couldn’t be found in Malaysia.

IMG_8087 copy

PRETTY HANOK!! there were actually a lot of stuff below spoiling the look of it but the colour of the building is still pretty =3.

IMG_8095 copy

the person who could actually reserve that day must be really rich. it is NO WONDER that the wife is so beautiful =P. sorry because I seldom make my pictures enlargeable =P.

IMG_8100 copy

where the performances are. I don’t know if they are famous but it’s alright. haha. I’m more into indie/bossanova/emo songs.

IMG_8102 copy

and finally we made our way down here! ahhhhhhhh. the row of Sakuras/Cherry Blossoms =3. and also a bunch of especially brought-in flowers.

IMG_8104 copy

the sad thing is that on the MAIN road, Cherry Blossoms are only available on ONE side of the road. but if you walk in the pathway on the left then it’s both sides =D.

IMG_8105 copy


IMG_8114 copy

City Hunter fans, don’t you think this look familiar? but unfortunately the insides is not like how it is filmed haha.

IMG_8120 copy

so Nichkhun and Victoria took their cruise here. =3.

IMG_8126 copy

overexposing a picture is my favourite style since it hides most imperfections fml.

IMG_8129 copy

and this is how I look in an underexposed picture.

IMG_8131 copy

another stage. but when I was there this stage was occupied by little kids =/. still so many audience haha but the kids was really cute =P.

IMG_8132 copy

they set tables and tables for people to eat at but it just wasn’t enough. food were alright but slightly more expensive than what it should be.

IMG_8136 copy

Tom’s housemates who were really enjoying the sun. but I hated it. I’m one more tone darker again. le sigh.

IMG_8138 copy

you think I look fair? well, that’s just a lie because I’m most of the time alone in pictures.

IMG_8156 copy

when you compare me with a true Korean, I’m so much darker U_U. and Lily ain’t exactly a very fair Korean either. ㅠㅠ. I get tan really really easily. I was very fair back in Malaysia because I’ve NEVER been walking around. in fact, not even in Malls.

IMG_8139 copy

like because I look thin on the legs. but fat on the face. but whatever it is, SKINNY LEGS! though it’s just an illusion.

IMG_8140 copy

anyone interested in biking? or a couple bicycle?

IMG_8143 copy

=3. Cherry Blossoms on the 15th of April.

IMG_8145 copy

don’t know what they are supposed to perform but I just took their pictures anyway =D. Koreans have a thing about people taking their pictures by the way. will explain about it in my future post but they certainly do not like it.

IMG_8150 copy

Tom was apparently trying to photobomb me. but how is this a “photobomb” shot? haha a phail photobomb.

at least standing next to Tom makes me a little fairer. =D.

IMG_8153 copy

AHHHH <3. 2012 Yeouido Cherry Blossoms for you. =D.

IMG_8161 copy

Cherry Blossoms here are very different from those in Japan. they are.. more towards a very very light pink or usually just white. I’ve only seen one as pink as Japan’s pink Sakura tree so far. forgot where but ONE!

IMG_8163 copy

I guess this is that famous shooting place for Yeouido Cherry Blossom’s as I’ve seen it a few times before when I googled before coming here.

IMG_8165 copy

the inner lanes.

IMG_8172 copy

why is every good picture not perfect. that is why you shouldn’t come during a weekend T_T.

IMG_8173 copy

and the better picture has an awkward 9gag Mr Bean smile.

IMG_8187 copy

we then gave up and decided to just walk away when we saw these pretty trees here so…. PHOTO TIME!

IMG_8189 copy

Tom and his 7D. very very jealous. I’ve always wanted a 7D. but now that I’ve tried playing with it I came to a conclusion that it’s a bit too heavy for a girl. haha.

since Cherry Blossoms are Japan’s national flower. we went to eat Japanese food. =D.

IMG_8191 copy

MY FIRST JAPANESE FOOD SINCE I’VE BEEN HERE OMAIGAH. U_U. LONG TIME NO SEE, WASABI. I mean, taste. haha. their Tenzaru Soba has shaved ice in their dipping sauce. D=.

IMG_8192 copy

they even have ice in the bigger bowls. I guess it’s just a Korean thing. but their wasabi was really fresh so I didn’t regret paying that 7,000won at all. in fact, it’s one of my most satisfying meals ever since I’ve been here =3.

IMG_8194 copy

I hate fried food but since I’ve been here I forced myself to try fried food and it actually isn’t as bad! I hated how it’s always oily but fried food here other than fried chicken doesn’t feel that oily! =3.

IMG_8198 copy

prefer the weather better when I went back. =D. but too bad we were ALREADY leaving when it wasn’t as sunny. pfft.

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Da Feng
Da Feng
8 years ago

Did you went to the waterfall in Malaysia? Some people have picnic along the river near with the waterfall or somewhere. Who tell you that we Malaysians have never ever experienced is probably PICNICKING? I had picnic together my friends at the lake park but this was not bad for me. Perhaps nowadays Malaysia people rarely picnicking. Malaysia climax is too hot.

Cherry blossoms there look less than cherry blossoms on few photos through Internet. Seeing much cherry blossoms bloom heavy might become beautiful.

Nostalgia Ninja
8 years ago

You didn’t picknic before? You sure missed out on a lot of fun childhood memories for picknicing. Ahh… Good times.

More scenery!!! \_^w^_/ I like these sakuras… So fresh and lively

8 years ago

I also just went picnicking recently and it was fun, especially with kids around.

Btw, that building is becoming more famous eh? I also saw that in ep. 3 of Rooftop Prince.

8 years ago

may i know what type of camera you’re using now??? or the type in this post…

8 years ago

Sweet~ Enjoyed reading your blog. 🙂

Yea~ less M’sian will picnic here, due to the hectic weather.

I do miss those time sitting on the wide green grass when furthering study in UK. 🙂

8 years ago

Will be there in Seoul in May.
Hopefully the cherry blossoms will bloom heavily by then. 🙂

8 years ago

hey thr! Love your blog! Wanted to ask if there will be tiny buds of the cherry blossoms during late March? I’ve been to Seoul during April in 2011 and managed to catch the cherry blossoms in full bloom. But next year, Im heading there during mid-march to end march. Will the trees be very bare?

Felix Khor
Felix Khor
8 years ago

Hi Jamie, I’ll be in Seoul on 8th April 2013. May I know where is best place to see cherry blossom that season?

8 years ago

Hello! I have seen your blog 🙂 Just want to know when is the best time to go in Seoul for the Cherry Blossom? is it between 8-15 April 2013? Please advise. And specific place in Seoul only for the Cherry blossom 🙂 Thank you.