I gathered information online on what day is it on every 14th since I heard from my friend that they celebrate something each month on the 14th and it has something to do with love.

January 14 – Diary Day/Candle Day. couples gives each other a diary. Candle symbolizes warmth and hope for the year.
February 14 -Valentine’s Day. girl gives guys chocolates or any other sort of confectionery.
March 14 – White Day. guys give girls gifts in return. flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and from what I see selling across the street outside convenience stores like 7 11 and Olive Young, even huge boxes of lollipop. lol.
April 14 – Black Day. where singles gather to eat jajangmyun.
May 14 – Rose Day/Yellow Day. couples give each other roses. another way to make money tsk tsk. single ones gather for curry and apparently, wear yellow.
June 14 – Kiss Day. people kissing randomly on the streets. just kidding. this is a day where couples er….. kiss the most. HAHAH.
July 14 – Silver Day. friends exchanging gifts made out of silver and they shall then announce their relationship to their friends and couples can also get money from friends just to go on a date. I am staying home on this date. absolutely. >=(.
August 14 – Green Day. couples wearing green to walk in the woods while the lonely single ones console themselves with a bottle of green soju. haha.
September 14 – Photo and Music Day. couples take pictures, obviously and then go to Noraebangs (Karaoke) with their friends or night club. whatever it takes to show others that they are in a relationship (ahhhhhh. seriously?).
October 14 – Wine Day. drinking wine is famous on Autumn. and the rest speaks for itself.
November 14 – Movie Day. couples going to the movies.
December 14 – Hug Day. and couples hug since it’s winter and it’s cold. >_______>”.

there are other dates like the Apple/Sa-gwa Day and Pepero Day too. Apple or Sa-gwa, which also means apologize in Korean falls on the 24th of October where you can give an apple to anyone you want to apologize for your past mistakes. and Pepero Day is on 11th of November. 11.11 looks like Pepero’s yes? originated from girls giving pepero (Korean Pocky.) to other girls in hope that they will become tall and slim.

plus, they also give forks to their friends right before an EXAM to “fork” out the correct answers. if you get what I mean =D. they wrap the pretty fork nicely with a ribbon and all. I am serious.

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Da Feng
12 years ago

Unique. Give forks to their friends right before an exam is a weird idea. I want to kiss on 14 June but still haven’t any chance. Hehe

Nostalgia Ninja
12 years ago

Ahh… So your hunch was right. Pity most of it is to make moneys and celebrate relationships. I lolled at the fork suggestion… Next time I go to college i’m gonna give my friend a fork before his exam, just for good luck.

12 years ago

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