first of all, before you start reading/looking through my post, I would like to warn you that this is a 60+ picture post. and also the pictures are tuned to high saturation so the real thing might not be as colourful as what you will see later on but it’s nonetheless very beautiful =D.

so, shall we start the tour?

IMG_7731 copy

you shall know your tour guide of the day, JAMIE SSI!

Yonsei is a HUGE. I repeat, HUGE University. one of the hugest here in Seoul. walking from one end to the other would take more than 30minutes. and they have a shuttle bus for students because it’s just too big to walk around.

IMG_7693 copy

say hi to spring! it’s a wonder how flowers could bloom in such a short span! and it’s not ALL bloomed yet!

IMG_7695 copy

the path I walk everyday to class. it takes 20minutes to walk to the Language Institute building from the main gate. so I guess you have a picture of how huge Yonsei is yes?

IMG_7698 copy

my view on the way =D.

IMG_7699 copy

and those very pretty shortcuts. when it rains it’s quite disgusting to walk through here though. but Yonsei is like on a hill hence walking around is VERY VERY tiring U_U. but at least it’s very beautiful so you would feel a little encouraged to walk through it even when you’re already tired.

IMG_7701 copy

and we are near!

IMG_7703 copy

welcome to Yonsei KLI =D.

IMG_7704 copy

how our classes look like. we have a tray below our seats to put books/bags! how cool is that hehehe.

IMG_7708 copy

the student. (Joseph Lee if you are reading this : YOUR BOTTLE!!!)

IMG_7711 copy

we had to do presentations and here’s Tom (Korean American) reciting his presentation to Lyn (Viet). mine’s next week. the topic is “the person I would like to meet” gosh, really, there’s nobody I would like to meet for a good reason. it’s always like superstars just mainly because they are hot T_T.

IMG_7712 copy

I wasn’t the only one taking pictures.

IMG_7716 copy

our very pretty 읽기 teacher =D.

IMG_7715 copy

Mundura from Zimbabwe!

IMG_7860 copy

here comes my favourite two. Sally (Korean Austrian) and Kemal (Turkey)! they are so adorable hahaha the top is supposed to be the action for BOING BOING. it actually doesn’t really mean anything >_>” just a boink boink sound. like pigs I guess? haha. and the cat claws. I can’t help but to notice how adorable Chisa (Japan) laughs behind. xD.

IMG_7871 copy

Kemal! he came here to study Korean (and is very awesome in it. also our Monitor) because his girlfriend he met while studying in China is Korean! how romantic U_U.

IMG_7869 copy

Megumi <3. she’s as cute as she is named. her name and her face are like directly proportional in my opinion haha. a girl whose cuteness projects from the inside till the outside.



IMG_7898 copy


IMG_7900 copy

the very adorable Megumi. =DDD.

IMG_7896 copy

how my study table look most of the time. =D. and my notebook. tsk tsk very messy notes.

IMG_7897 copy

I like how they still uses the blackboard. so vintage U_U. it’s like almost extinct in KL. or at least at the schools I went to.

IMG_7721 copy

my camera hates me. but I only look good in pictures which blurred me out well because.. you cannot see my imperfections haha. this is the ALTERNATE route from the main road to the KLI.

IMG_7723 copy

but because I am an awesome tour guide I took the more tiring way (with a lot of hills) home so that I could show you the beautiful flowers.

IMG_7725 copy

ain’t it pretty? at this junction is where the Shuttle Bus normally stops. I got so lazy these days I took the bus for 2 days straight already. =S.

IMG_7729 copy

and the walking route. ahhhhhh greenery. finally. it is getting warmer now. thick winter jackets are already in the luggage under my bed U_U. and I’ve only worn it a few times T_T. brought 4 thick coats which would easily fill a huge luggage bag and now I can’t use them anymore =(.

IMG_7735 copy

hills. this road leads to the dorms I think. had never walked up. too huge to explore =S. I bet students whom have studied in Yonsei KLI for a year wouldn’t have went through this road as well. haha.

IMG_7736 copy

I guess this is supposed be some river during summer =D. behind’s the pathway (shortcut) for us KLI students to walk.

IMG_7742 copy

the office buildings.

IMG_7744 copy

more. absolutely love this picture. my favourite of this post. I took it on the election day (Wednesday) and hence there wasn’t many people around since it’s a public holiday. just that we foreigners don’t get any holidays haha.

IMG_7751 copy

this is actually the pretty building BEHIND the famous Yonsei building. but I think this is prettier.

IMG_7758 copy

they also planted flowers! <3. my mom would go gaga if she’s here haha.

IMG_7752 copy

look at that white tree! this is so Hogwarts I don’t know why.

IMG_7749 copy


IMG_7763 copy

and the popular main building where people recognize. =D.

IMG_7766 copy

weird because the main building doesn’t have floorings haha. I couldn’t deny the fact that Yonsei is the prettiest Uni (well, only these two parts) among ALL the Universities! so I felt other than the Urban Ewha University which is very central and easy to find, Yonsei is a MUST visit as well.

IMG_7770 copy

these are not Sakura’s. Cherry Blossoms here aren’t really pink U_U. but since there were a lot of flowers I love this place =3.

IMG_7780 copy


IMG_7785 copy

an uncle saw me camwhoring and thought it must be difficult to hold on to such a huge and heavy camera with one hand so he came and offered to take a picture for me U_U.

IMG_7790 copy

walking halfway another man came and told me he would take a picture for me knowing that I am a foreigner mainly because I had a hugeass camera =S. so nice of them U_U. but instead of thinking I was a foreign student, he must’ve thought I’m a tourist hahaha.

IMG_7774 copy

the huge Yonsei stage.

IMG_7798 copy

there was only 1 bloomed Cherry Blossom tree in Yonsei T_T. and it’s in front of the Samsung Library.

IMG_7797 copy

even though white, it’s still so pretty =3.

IMG_7799 copy

camwhore phail.

IMG_7793 copy

guess these pink flowers are the most photogenic. =3. by the way, you have to walk for perhaps 5 minutes from the main gate to get to that pretty building. good thing is that you just have to walk STRAIGHTTTTTTTTT.

IMG_7794 copy

get the picture of how it’s like?

IMG_7795 copy

the Samsung Library. will show you one day about how magnificent this 7 floor library is. there are 24 hour study rooms and even rooms for group discussions and all which looked similar to a company’s discussion room. totally hotel-like. I would give it 7 stars! also, you have to REGISTER your place and you can only use it for a certain time limit. it’s mad. MADDDDDDD. there are plenty of computers (heard that there are dual screened ones as well) and a section with HUGE touchscreen screens for you to browse through newspaper from all over the world. not to mention, a mini museum. amazing much?

IMG_7803 copy

messy but creative! =D.

IMG_7804 copy

that’s the Student Lounge where you can go to if you have any inquiries and also below it there’s Woori Bank, Korea Post and HUGE canteens (a few of them!) and shops for you to buy Yonsei souvenirs.

IMG_7806 copy

walk through here every. single. day.

IMG_7809 copy

have always noticed this traditional looking gate. so I decided to pay a visit to it =D.

IMG_7810 copy


IMG_7811 copy

the inside. actually, there’s nothing much in it =S.

IMG_7812 copy

just these.

IMG_7817 copy

and these. which I really like. haha.

IMG_7818 copy

the Eagle represents Yonsei. it’s like Yonsei’s trademark.

IMG_7819 copy

shuttle bus stand! whenever you see this you know you could wait for a bus. =D. for free! but there’s a time frame for it so don’t wait there dumbly haha. check the time schedule.

IMG_7820 copy

see that awesome bridge? they have one awesome architect for it.

IMG_7879 copy

at random parts of Yonsei hahaha.

IMG_7874 copy

Margaretti! she’s so very pretty yes? ^_______^. she’s still the nicest person I’ve met here.

okay it ends here for now. =D.

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12 years ago

Tour me there please lol

12 years ago

Wow, your university seems to be even bigger than mine! You may have told us this already, but how many students does Yonsei have? You will get lots of exercise on those crazy hills! I don’t know how your classmate Sally gets around in those heels. Maybe she has a friend drop her off at the building!

12 years ago

wow….really a very beautiful university!! I wish i can study there too!! But im too old for it =p treasure your time there, lucky gurl =)

tunimaal @ Gaijin in Japan

Really nice photos… But you go to school just to take photos or d you study sometimes LOL???? And I love the Sakura, they are beautiful 🙂

12 years ago

Universities in Seoul are all very impressive..

12 years ago

hey jamie, I am heading to Seoul tonight, may I know is the sakura blossom yet? planning to go Yunjungno Cherry Blossom Tunnel these two days…

12 years ago

Been reading blog posts about Yonsei but yours is the prettiest! So happy it’s open for public. Definitely hope to stop by when I’m there 🙂

Nostalgia Ninja
12 years ago

Wow, brilliant flowers Jamie, is this like a school route for you? Very scenic.

messy? I like being messy with my books too^^.

this uni is even bigger than UJ. Woooooaah! Hectic lifestyle though.

Loved the blog, can’t wait for the next^v^

12 years ago

T.T omo x 20 …. the picture all very beautiful .. sigh … makes me have the urge to abandon everything here in Malaysia and just go there for studies ( too much of K-Drama poison ). Everything there seems to be nicer , ermm or what people always said , grass always greener on the other side XD

Is the a age limit for studying the language classes or applying visa for studying abroad in Seoul?

12 years ago

yeesss!! thanks for this post! (some parts of) Yonsei looks like Yale. ^^
i have a question. do you have to show your ID card or something when you enter the gate? i mean, can non-enrolled people visit/enter/take a tour? i have a thing for pretty(?) universities. 😀

12 years ago

may i noe what type of camera u r using now??? or the type in this post???

12 years ago

jamieee sweet heart~~ blog 에 예쁜 사진 많다~~~ 내 사진도 있네 ㅋㅋ 나도 너같은 좋은 친구를 만나서 너무 좋아!! 시험 끝나면 많이 놀자: )))

Zhi Shan
9 years ago

The white flowers are plum/apricot blossoms, not cherry blossoms hehe. you can tell from their petals. cherry blossoms’ petals have a slight dent in the middle of a petal :3

9 years ago

How long did u need to go to korea before courses started