I didn’t know Insadong and Samcheongdong is actually just 10minutes walk away and the last time I took a bloody subway for it. pffffffft.

just so you guys don’t get confused too, I am here to tell you how.

but first lets take a look at Ssamziegil!

IMG_6682 copy

this is one of the restaurants in Ssamziegil; a place for le artsy fartsy people. =D.

IMG_6685 copy

and oh, REMEMBER TO BRING A PEN!!! (another of my mistake. sigh. but I can go there anytime =D!)

IMG_6694 copy

short Jamie.

IMG_6687 copy

giant stalk of rose hahaha. roses are called jang-mi 장미 in Korean.

IMG_6688 copy

the yaangssss. sheeps and goats = yang 양. similar to the Chinese one aite?

IMG_6698 copy

the tree-pole.

IMG_6703 copy

a map of Insadong! if you noticed, all the shop names are written in Korean in Insadong. even Starbucks! something about keeping the traditional feel of this traditional street =P.

IMG_6706 copy

angmoh band is pretty good. they had quite a crowd too. my lens couldn’t fit them all tsk tsk.

IMG_6709 copy

the smaller lanes of Insadong is worth a stroll too!

IMG_6710 copy

like how they display the jang-mi‘s outside =3.

IMG_6713 copy

so back to topic yes? the landmark of where you should start walking to Samcheongdong is this brush. and up ahead (across the street) you should be able to see a road with many people.

IMG_6726 copy

this one. =D.

IMG_6728 copy

such a pretty road that I must have a picture with it teehee.

IMG_6734 copy

along the road you’ll find a lot of interesting little cafes as you walk. until you see another road, STILL KEEP WALKING STRAIGHT. (and into another small lane again..) and in no time, you’ll be in Samcheongdong =D.

IMG_6736 copy

these costs from 4,000won if I am not wrong.

IMG_6738 copy

famous Jjambbong 짬뽕! seafood noodle soup. Joseph was telling me how much he missed Jjambbong but I have yet to try it yet since my friend here doesn’t like seafood pfft.

IMG_6737 copy

entertainment for the kids (or not) while the parents eat in the restaurant. hahahahah. just thought these arcade machines look quite cute because they are so short hahaha.

IMG_6741 copy

initially Wai Kit and I were just chatting away until I suddenly freaked out because I got frightened with the LEG in front of me. madness. this thing almost gave ma a heart attack FFFFUUUUUUUUUUU.

IMG_6744 copy

we went two rounds in Samcheongdong. so if you turn left on the first wider road, just keep walking and you’ll see this. cross the road, walk up until you see another road turning to the right and that’s Samcheongdong for you =D. but I still feel that the other road is much more interesting. and it’s shorter.

IMG_6745 copy

A WOMAN RUNNING ON THE ROOF! nahhhhhhh…… Seoul has plenty of these wacky mannequins so look up the building!

IMG_6746 copy

my first Korean love, Song Seung Hun <3. was always in love with him since I watched my first Korean Drama when I was 8. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH………………..


IMG_6753 copy

and we got bored so we hiked up Bukchon Hanok village.

IMG_6764 copy

we really did. hahaha.

IMG_6762 copy

tada! back to the place where you can see both old and new. was like a complete tourist haha.

IMG_6768 copy

another cafe.

IMG_6776 copy

but we decided to stop by at Yoonbi’s SALON as they have the cheapest waffles! 3,500won for one with cream and fruits. other places costs at least 10,000won. but of course they differ in size too. hehe.

IMG_6775 copy

but basically dine in waffles are more expensive. many shops here have take-away waffles which only cost 1,000-2,000won. 1,000won for the normal waffle and 2,000won for the Belgian waffle.

IMG_6770 copy


the cream looks like it’s too much but to my surprise, it wasn’t actually really sweet!

IMG_6778 copy

ain’t this shop beautiful or what?

IMG_6681 copy

Sterling Grey contacts from Fresh Look.

IMG_6673 copy

Seoul is not only the Kimchi land, but it’s also the socks land. you can easily find socks here. and the prices ranges from 500won – 3,000won! =D. but at most touristy places it is at least 1,000won.

if you’re wondering why I did not elaborate on Insadong, Samcheongdong or Bukchon, you should click on them << because I’ve already posted about them =D.

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9 years ago

Hye Jamie…

I think you’re korean girl but u are malaysian chinese isn’t??…
You’re face look like korean girl..
That’s why i get confused when i read you profile..
hehehe ^_^
Wow.. I really2 love korean…
Nice place..
And nice to see your blog…

9 years ago

Hi Jamie, was linked to your blog from reading Natalie’s more than 1 year ago, have been enjoying reading your blog since =)
Looks like you’re having a good time in Korea (albeit the cough…get well soon ^ ^), I’m so looking forward to travelling to korea again this year, hope I will be able to grab cheap airtix soon.
삼청동 is such a great place rite? really love their cafes =) and btw, i took a same pic in front of 은나무too!
Hope to read more about your life in Korea ^ ^

9 years ago

Hey ger, any idea who is the ger in the caffe bene ad? I saw another one that looks like ssh with Kim tae Hee but I’m not sure.

Love bukchon and samcheongdong the most, my Fav place in Seoul.

9 years ago

You look nicer and more korean-ish with shorter hair 😀

9 years ago

Don’t be surprised, Im sure there are alot of ‘hidden’ readers out there who have been reading your blog way longer than me =)
I understand what u mean with the price, that’s why my friend who was on exchange programme last year told me that she was always ‘forced’ to only eat in the university, slightly cheaper than the outside food.
Oh, btw, the gal in the Caffe Benne ad, I think she is 한예슬 (Han Ye-seul), who acted in 스파이 명월 (Spy Moon).
Anyways, hope u get better soon, 화이팅! ^ ^

Da Feng
Da Feng
9 years ago

She’s not Kim Tae-hee. She is Kim Ha???? I forget her full name. Not yet meet any actor or actress since you study there?

9 years ago

owh..Are u study at Korean??

9 years ago

Jamie!!!!! I’m jealous.



9 years ago

Ahhh Korea is so beautiful =(

Joyce Teng
Joyce Teng
9 years ago

Hey, i just happened to read your blog and may I know more about your Korea Program?
As in how you get there and apply and all??

Are you currently a student??

9 years ago

Hi Jamie.. nice blog u have here…. love the details u put into your blog esp those posts abt Korea..may I ask what is weather like currently in Korea? I’ll be going there next Sat (31st Mar) not too sure what kinda clothing I should bring along.. 🙂

9 years ago

Thks~ Aiks.. that’s really cold *brrr* do u tink long john would be necessary? With this kinda weather, I think my chance of seeing the cherry blossom is down the drain 🙁

9 years ago

Lol. If I go there I wanna bunk with you. Then you shall intro to me le hot housemate.. 😛

9 years ago

Haha.. It’s a joke! The part about staying at your place, not the intro part.. Haha.. YOU go approach him! If you know wat I mean! 😛

9 years ago

Hi Twiss! Owh.. u flying on 31st Mar too? But my flight is during Sat night 🙂 I going by tour coz lazy to plan.. teehee..

9 years ago

🙂 true true its just a 10 min walk indeed – we met with some extra nice policeman (due to demonstration and etc) and they were guiding us to walk from Samcheongdong to Insadong, the cold weather was great for walking . I love samcheongdong – found a great store call maki located in one of the small alleys 🙂

will have to visit in 2013 for the nude museum opening 🙂 – your blog and pictures brings back great fun times in seoul 🙂